torsdag 2 oktober 2014

This Day's Post


I go. I am going. I saunter around in my neighbourhood.

I am going there. I go there. I have the habit of wandering along in the misty morning. Now children, we don't have mist every morning in our vicinities. Sometimes the mornings are clear. But above we see an image of the mistyness that sometimes seems to invade our fair city. It's a coastal town and the water you see in the pic is an inlet of the Baltic Sea, in itself an inlet of the North Sea and the Atlantic. In theory you could sail from Härnösand to any high sea port in the world.

- - -

In actual fact, I'm waiting for this day to end so that I can grab a bite and go to bed, listening to some music or read a non-challenging, however not utterly boring book. The book can't be too good because then I'll get upset, getting ideas to write something about it.

I'm not always like this. I read challenging books too. But these days, having written Important Stuff in the daytime, I can't take anything seriously after I've hit the sack.

My Bibliography
Jordkrönikan, del 1 (in Swedish)
Frekvenskrig (in Swedish)

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