tisdag 20 september 2016

US New Republic -- Some Informal Remarks

Hereby some notes on a persistent rumor: that the US governance is about to be reformed on a fundamental level. Disclaimer: I have no tangible stakes in this, I'm merely a free writer presenting some strains of the current debate. For instance, if this "New Republic" turns out to be not what it seems, then I refuse to be a scapegoat for it.

1. Deep State No More

One specific, ”unorthodox” theory maintains that the Westworld is in the grips of an ”elite” group, a secret/closed cabal controlling all governments, all of the major industries, commerce and banking activities and the media and academy. The main base of operations is the USA. It’s about deep state, shadow government, the industrial-banking complex, banksters and gangsters running the US as a company – the US, Inc.

This post is about this: if this group/faction/cabal controls the world and if they – as the ”crown jewel,” the linchpin – has illicitly taken control of the US government, then, what is the current opposition doing against this? What is the ”US New Republic” and ”return to constitutional government” movement? And what does this complex mean to the current presidential campaign in the US?

Sources for this theory will be given below. At this moment, let’s say that the website Sananda has been the major source of information. Disclaimer: I'm not part of that site, I'm merely a reader of it.

2. Economic Aspects

We’ll begin by sketching the economic situation in this complex, with elements like ”movement towards a gold standard”, away from the Fed’s creating money out of thin air etc.
. In this process, the key players, the possibly ”good” actors, allegedly are: Chinese elders (old Chinese families, aka. "Dragon Families"), European aristocracy, Russian aristocracy, Russian orthodox church. The Catholic church, for its part, seems not to be in on this faction since the Vatican allegedly is on the dark side.
. Concepts occurring in this, economic, side of ”saving the world,” entails elements like, ”redemption of historic assets (like historic bonds); currency redemptions; global collateral accounts and trusts, kept by ancient Asian families, held back until now for now it’s deemed safe to release them to the public, to private individuals in need.”
. As of the spring of 2016, the Yuan seems to become the world’s reserve currency (previously it was the dollar). It’s on its way to be since only the Chinese have the amounts of gold needed to create a world currency. Also, China can allegedly establish a new ”Fort Knox” with gold, lent to other nations but kept in store in the same overall vault, for these nations to back their currencies on gold too. The real Fort Knox, the one in USA, is most surely empty of gold now because of Bankster Cabal fraud.
. Since the autumn of 2015 the Federal Reserve is a governmental agency, not a private bank. This is proved by its web address now ending ”.gov” and not ”.org.”. This might contribute toward ending ”bankster rule” = the financial-industrial elite.
. Based on esoteric theory you could say that ”all the world’s currencies are now back on the gold standard”. Or, you could say that here’s a move toward the realm of gold backed currencies – yuan, dollar, all the world’s currencies seem to be on the way to gold backing.

3. Political Aspects

Now for the political side of the complex. As a sidenote, this is the crucial part. You can’t save the world by redeeming currencies and effect (per se needed) gold backing. You need a Responsible Man taking charge, pointing with the whole hand.

So, what political indicia are there in the US today about this ”New Republic” emerging?

The New Republic, by some sources called, ”the Continental United States of America,” is the legal, historical USA founded in 1789. For its part, the Corporate US (”US, Inc.”) is a co-opted, illegal regime having ruled the US since for over a hundred years. Reportedly, US Inc. was formed in 1871 and finally went bankrupt in 2015. [Edit: this October 24 update on Sananda website explains how the "US, Inc." was formed in 1871.] [One minor error in the just linked post is that it has "Alexander Hamilton" as the key player of these 1871 events; instead, they must mean Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State of the U. S. Grant government.]

Allegedly, from 2015, the US Military does not any longer obey the commands of the formal supreme commander, ”US, Inc. spokesperson Barack Obama”. The US Military is now the only de facto and de jure operating entity left of the real Republic. Historically, the banksters didn’t manage to infiltrate the military as much as it did with all the other branches of government. Therefore, the US Military can form the nucleus of a ”new,” legal, restored government to replace the one currently usurping power, the US, Inc. governance.

4. Dunford and Ryan

The symbol for this emerging governance would be the US top military, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Joseph F. Dunford (1955-). He allegedly already acts as an unofficial Vice President to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (Rep., 1970-) which, if so, is a kind of ”white-hat, unofficial President" = President of the New Republic (while Obama is merely the spokesperson for US, Inc.).

The ”New Republic” complex seems to be about a restoration of the US to the constitutional republic it used to be. The key words are Constitutional government, Constitutional law, constitutional, pre-1861 government.

It’s about nullifying the unlawful corporate government. It’s about Federal Marshals and military, backing up the civilian re-establishment of lawful government. The military acting through civil authority seems to be about to restore the US to the constitutional republic it used to be.

“The New Republic” seems to mean a stand against unlawful corporate government. If so, it’s a return to constitutional law. It’s not an overthrow of a government, it’s a restoration and a reversion to law and order after a long period of madness and fraud.

- - -

Again, a disclaimer: I, LS, didn't invent the above complex of events. I merely report. You decide. "Do your own due diligence."

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