torsdag 20 oktober 2016

Restoration of the USA, October 20, 2016

A restoration of the US governance seems to be in the offing. I've blogged about it before. Now for an update.

This is about the restoration of the constitutional US government. The current, official regime might be an illegal co-option, in essence, a "US, Inc." Some background to this can be found here and here.

So what's happening?

As for me, LS, I just report what I read on the Sananda website.

Why? Because this site gathers esoteric-and-tangible info from various sources.

Now, of course you have to use diligence.

I do that.

So I'm not responsible for all the conceptual nooks and crannies of this.

I report, you decide.

And it's not about "paradise around the corner". It is, for what it seems, about a restoration of American constitutional government.

First in the latest development, we have this:

Some days ago acting President of the real, constitutional US, CJCoS Joseph Dunford, formally handed over power to his superior, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. This was probably a mere technicality. I dont know. The event took place on an Indian Reservation in Reno. The post "New Republic Update -- October 18, 2016" for instance says this about the matter, intimating that "US, Inc." is bankrupt:
President Obama and Vice President Biden were made to resign when Pope Francus released the United States of America Corporation from Vatican ownership in September 2015. The Speaker of the House therefore is next in line for said Interim Presidency per the Constitution.

- - -

In a post I just read today, "'Monumental' Republic Update, October 19, 2016," we get some more info about changes in this matter, structural changes and background on technicalities.

First, it repeats that Ryan was sworn in -- he is now apparently the 45th President of the US Republic. Even though this isn't reported in MSM -- yet -- this actually seems to be the case. The event took place on the Reno reservation for security purposes, it's said.

US, Inc. has defaulted, it is no more. Obama and Biden don't legitimately rule anymore. Therefore, this New Republic duo of Ryan-Dunford has to step in. By being Speaker of the House Ryan is third in line after Obama and Biden, and if US, Inc. has no money and has no power someone has to take charge. And the world seems to agree, as the post in question intimates, by way of the Paris Treaty. (To explain the role of that Treaty in this process, see the entry "Paris Agreement" in this post. The Paris Agreement isn't merely about climate control, it's apparently about introducing the gold standard too.)

So maybe the above said gives a clue to what's really happening in the US now.

But I don't know.

I report what I read. And further in the topical post it says that the US defence forces worldwide are aware of this transition. US, Inc. doesn't command the US Military anymore, as I've reported earlier:
Allegedly, from about the spring of 2016, the US Military does not any longer obey the commands of the formal supreme commander, ”US, Inc. spokesperson Barack Obama”. The US Military is now the only de facto and de jure operating entity left of the real Republic. Historically, the banksters didn’t manage to infiltrate the military as much as it did with all the other branches of government. Therefore, the US Military can form the nucleus of a ”new,” legal, restored government to replace the one currently usurping power, the US, Inc. governance.
- - -

The rest of the Sananda blog post I'm summarizing has some titbits. I give it in full. Read and decide for yourself what this means. Personally I figure that it means "change" but I don't know.

Again, I don't take responsibility for everything said. I just report. You decide.

And so I qoute from the "monumental" blog post:
Please now begin to accept this fact as truth in your own life, as not only will you be receiving news of this event shortly via a mainstream media source (FOX News–which was flipped to be a Republic mouthpiece a la Donald Trump during the course of the election), but soon it will also be announced that the current Presidential election cycle will be indefinitely terminated due to voter fraud and USA, Inc. government corruption.

The Constitution of the United States will once again be restored as the legal document by which the Republic of the United States will adhere to, both domestically and globally, as interim President Ryan will be making this announcement with General Joseph Dunford and his new cabinet.

By Constitutional mandate, he will be forced to assume the title of Commander-in-Chief… until another election cycle is determined and new candidates are appointed. We doubt seriously anyone will be disappointed given the negative approval ratings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… which was all by design and culminates tonight in their 3rd Presidential debate… kind of like priming the pump so to now pour out waters of truth.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate incumbent President Ryan as their party’s candidate, and the Democrats will nominate a new candidate also; however this election will be different in that campaign funds will be fixed for all candidates and parties–including third, fourth and fifth party candidates, who will get equal debate time and news coverage. Our election procedures will be changing dramatically in round two.

Be advised it will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors. The Republic will also announce they have returned to the gold standard, and gold now backs new Republic currency that Congress has already approved into law.
Then there's some more paragraphs about currency, economy and such. The whole post can be found here.

- - -

A restoration might be in the offing. As intimated in the post, the fact that the US defence forces mainly seem to be on board could calm you down. That said, of course anything can happen.

Disclaimer: I didn't invent this, I merely report. "Don't shoot at me, I'm only the piano player"...

The Restoration
US, Inc.
Henri Rousseau: "Une soirée au carnaval" (1886)

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