söndag 2 oktober 2016

"USA" Is Gone, Now It's Only "US, Inc"

Rectifying the US governance is indeed intricate. It's a quagmire of deception, fraud, chickanery and legalese big time. For instance, the official US is now a corporation.

Some days ago we said: “the Corporate US (“US, Inc.”) is a co-opting, illegal regime having ruled the US since 1913, maybe even earlier (1871, 1845 or 1812, depending on the perspective).” So what’s the story? Is the USA a corporation and not a country? To clarify this subject is a challenge indeed, a legal quagmire, a case of investigating chickanery, fraud and lies on a cosmic level. However, one author having grasped the nettle in this respect is American judge Anna von Reiz.

Anna von Reiz used to serve as an Alaskan Superior Court judge. Now, she’s a Common Law judge. At the time of writing she lives in Big Lake, Alaska. She has presented us with some interesting concepts, useful in the striving for a New American republic, a restored constitutional government.

According to Anna von Reiz the New Republic will be based on Common Law / Law of the Land and not the Law of the Sea (= Admiralty Law) which is what the US federal government is based on.

In short, what von Reiz seems to mean, is that in the 1950s and 60s (if not earlier, as intimated above and which will be clarified below) the US was “incorporated” = made into a corporation. When you incorporate something you move it from the Law of the Land to the Law of the Sea, which is international in character. In the long run, this has enabled the running of the US as a huge scheme, a racket; with Admiralty Law, the US has been deceptively incorporated. The government has not informed the US citizens about this. Judge Anna means: to go back to Common Law (and the Constitution) is a cure to these ills. The people has to acknowledge the cosmic corruption of the elite, making it accountable for its crimes. For its part, the process against the banksters on Iceland in the wake of the 2008 economic collapse is a role model for the process rectifying the West and the US.

- - -

Reiz means that it’s possible to restore American assets to the American people by refusing the legality of the corporate government, instead having the New Republic as the true American sovereign government. Reportedly, the Bank of International Settlements and the World Court have agreed to this.

In short, the matters ahead according to Judge Anna are:
. to restore the true American Republic
. to restore the freedom of the people granted us by having a free will, given to us by God
. the civic freedoms have been robbed from Westworld and US citizens by fraud, deception, threat and intimidation for over 100 years by a criminal cabal posing as “the societal elite”; it’s a case of legalese, chickanery and fraudulence on all official levels and all this must be rectified in due legal order
- - -

Now let’s take a look at the specific writings etc. of Judge Anna. She means that the real, legal United States of America, founded in 1789 with the Constitution as main document, since has been co-opted and surreptitiously turned into a gangster-run company, “US, Inc.”. How this came about will be shown below. The sources to this summary are the von Reiz interview (currently unavailable) "Americans Free at Last – the Ties Have Been Permanently Broken," the YouTube presentation of her book “You Know Something Is Wrong When” and the books Robinson, David E.: "Disclosure 101 – What You Need To Know," Create Space, 2014 and Riezinger [sic], Anna Maria: "You Know Something Is Wrong When – An American Affidavit of Probable Cause," Create Space, 2015. Her website is to be found here.

First, let’s look at the book called “Disclosure 101 – What You Need to Know” by David E. Robinson. It has the somewhat strange caption, “For Anna von Reitz” [sic]. However, this is von Reiz territory, decidedly on topic for this chapter.

There’s a lot to clarify in this. But let’s say that the Constitution of 1789 and the Bill of Rights was a firm foundation for a sovereign state. Then came attempts by the Cabal to co-opt it into a devious corporate scheme. The plans came to fruition with the case of Abraham Lincoln’s election to the office of President. According to Robinson Lincoln, as a member of the Bar Association, wasn’t eligible to serve as President of the United States – so instead, they ran him for the office of “President”. In legal and official documents, the presence of such quotations marks (and CAPS) are of fundamental importance, enabling all sorts of surreptitious behavior and scams. – Lincoln then entered this US Company he was the president of into bankruptcy on April 24, 1863; by this, he reportedly handed over the American future to banksters led by the British Crown. When trying to rectify this he was murdered.

- - -

Put simply, after the Civil War America was reconstructed as the United States of America, Incorporated. It was bought by the Federal Reserve Banks in 1912, treated roughly and again bankrupted – by Franklin Roosevelt, in 1933. And then reconstructed again, in the usual surreptitious manner; se Robinson p 9 for details. The IMF, the UN; all were part of setting up trust companies with new official sounding names (like “UNITED STATES (minor)” and deviously dropping the “minor” in public contexts), all in order to plunder the American people and by transaction the whole planet, by financing illegal wars and murder wholesale. These legalistic schemes, this play of words with “UNITED STATES” etc. can be seen as a case of “attempted identity theft of an entire nation and its people” (ibid p 12).

The Cabal plays dirty, acting deviously with legal chickanery and fraud. In contrast, we have the United States of America founded in 1789 by real people, made up of free, responsible citizens endowed with critical discernment and free will. Now they are taking back their Republic.

The shadow government of the US has had a field day applying the Law of the Sea in making the US, in most official aspects, into a company, not a political body. The Cabal rule is a case of deception, fraud, intimidation and MSM brainwashing.

In opposition to this the New Republic is to be based in the 1789 Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In short, a return to Constitutional Law And, with this, and end to regimentation and MSM propaganda, a return to sanity and normality, to a governance where (in JFK’s words) “the strong are just, the weak secure, and the peace preserved”.

And finally: countries being deceptively incorporated doesn't stop with the US. Even my native country, Sweden, nowadays reportedly is a corporation registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. As such, of course, another case of big league deception and fraud.

US New Republic
YouTube Interview with Judge Anna
Update on World Situation

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