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Wordlist for New Republic, Disclosure and Liberation of the World

This is a wordlist for a cosmic process about to unfold. It's about rectifying the US (and, eventually, the European) governance, about uncovering lies and about liberating the world from the power-mad group hitherto ruling it. Read about US, Inc., petrodollar, Ryan, Dunford, New Republic, disclosure etc. etc.

ASCENDED MASTER: persons like Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul and Paul the Venetian, human beings that through successive lives have worked through their karma and ascended, becoming a constantly conscious, constantly enlightened being, there to help mankind from their position in the higher realms. They can project their astral body onto "our world" or be contacted through channeling. Saint Germain is the protector of some of the funds enabling NESARA (q.v.). More about ascended masters in this post.

CABAL, THE: the evil "elite"-group holding the world in its grip by means of financial, political and media-wise control. It's the "deep state, shadow government, the Powers That Be"-aspect of current politics, implying that this group is ruling us with lies, fear and deception. The forces against this are elements like US New Republic (q.v.), ascended masters (q.v) and human lightworkers (q.v).

CNY: Chinese Yuan. Reportedly, the Yuan is now the world's reserve currency instead of the (petro)dollar. (For PETRODOLLAR, q.v.)

DISCLOSURE: to make public the "deep state" secrets of Westworld governments, like cooperating with aliens, false flag events and cloning programs.

DUNFORD, JOSEPH F.: born December 8, 1955, Dunford has a background as a US Marine, like commanding the 5th Marine Regiment during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On July 29, 2015, Dunford began service as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCoS), US’s top military. As a four-star general Dunford is the highest ranking US military officer, as such a needed focus of authority for the regime change at hand. While the banking, judicial and media sectors have been infiltrated by the Cabal the military has reasonably well withstood this, making it the only extant legitimate branch of the Constitutional USA. -- As for Dunford, service in the field and the nickname ”Fighting Joe” intimates that this is a Responsible Man, as such sorely needed to step in and take power from the regime of evil that too long has plagued the US – from the illegal ”corporate US” regime that stole the Republic from the people in 1913. Now the power will be transferred from this US, Inc. to a resurrected USA, based on the 1789 Constituition and the Bill of Rights. -- As CJCoS Dunford is second in command to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (q.v.), Dunford thus being a de facto Vice President of the USA. For example, when Dunford visited Turkey some weeks ago to speak to Erdogan after the Turkish coup, Dunford acted on the behalf of the New Republic, not on US, Inc. The same happened when Dunford visited the G20 meeting in China in September, 2016; reportedly, Dunford signed all the important papers, not Obama. Here's a blog post about the New Republic.

GESARA: a global variety of NESARA (q.v.).

LIGHTWORKER: a reasonably enlightened human being spreading information about the conspiracy of the Cabal (q.v) and the means to defeat it.

NESARA: acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It was passed by the American Congress in 2000 yet never officially proclaimed because of obstruction by the Cabal. In this Sananda website entry (where it's called "National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act") it's delineated as a reform package doing away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS and the shadow government, implementing changes like forgiveness of debt and abolishing the US income tax. NESARA returns Constitutional law to all courts and legal matters, creates a new US Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933; forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation; initiates a new US Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law; retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law; ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide; establishes peace throughout the world; releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes. The latter funds can also be called Saint Germain funds since they are guarded by this ascended master (q.v.). Another link, to the website Golden Age of Gaia, delineates the spiritual aspect of NESARA plus some of the basic info above.

PARIS AGREEMENT: the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Treaty (drafted in 2015) was signed in April 2016 and proclaimed in October, becoming effective a month later, in November. Reportedly, it has the world-wide reintroduction of the gold standard imbedded, hidden in this treaty so as not to alarm the public. Here's a Sananda website quote as a pointer to its real nature: "the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is actually the RV masqueraded as a global environmental treaty". (RV = re-evaluation = putting the world's currencies on a gold backing.)

PETRODOLLAR: since the early 1970s the US dollar isn't goldbacked, instead a false demand for dollars is created by the custom of all oil in the world (until about now) being traded in dollars.

RENO TREASURY: the restored US Republic reportedly has a new treasury in Reno, Nevada, and a new currency as US Notes backed by natural resources and gold supplied by an ancient Chinese grouping called "the Chinese Elders" or "the Dragon Family". The Dragon Family placing of their gold in Reno excused the huge, 17 trillion dollar US national debt; reportedly, this happened by the end of March, 2016. The New Republic Treasury is situated in an Indian Reservation in Reno, Nevada, because this is a free trade zone. -- In 2015 the New Republic was leased 100 billion in gold by the Chinese Elders by which the New Republic can trade with US Treasury Notes, not ”in the street” but internationally. Next, an interest free currency, like the one John F. Kennedy wanted to create in 1963 before he was killed, might be created in the form of United States Notes. This will be something else than the currently in use "Federal Reserve Notes" (= US dollar) which is backed by nothing, only "the international trading of oil" (see PETRODOLLAR). Source for RENO TREASURY etc.

RYAN, PAUL DAVIS: born January 29, 1970, Ryan is a Republican and the Speaker of the House, as such third in line after the President and the Vice President. And since these two latter (Barrack Obama and Joe Biden) only serve the illegal "US, Inc.", Ryan at the time of writing is de facto in charge. As for "an unelected official having previously become president" we have Gerald Ford who served 1974-77. Thus Ryan could any time officially declare Obama as out of office and himself, Ryan, assume power as the legal President of the USA (and establish NESARA -- q.v. -- and declare a postponement of the presidential election). However, more likely Ryan will wait until after the regular November presidential election before he does that. Until then, the charade of Obama as President continues -- but -- Obama is not the President of the USA, only of "US, Inc.". Here's a blog post about the New Republic. -- Edit: A Sananda site update from 25/11 says this of Ryan's status, a post by an insider relating a conversation where he said that "... Paul Ryan had been President since October 29, 2015 and would actually be passing Presidential power to himself on January 20, 2017, after the House of Representatives voted him President because Donald Trump would not receive 270 electoral votes per the Constitutional requirements for electing an American President."

TRUMP, DONALD: born June 14, 1946 this Republican presidential candidate might know about items such as US New Republic and the need for NESARA (q.v.) -- and if so, he might not become President even if he wins the election. Instead, he might step down and let Ryan (q.v.) take charge and proclaim a new election with new candidates, to be held after 120 days. In this respect, Trump might be "the John the Baptist of the New Republic," as speculated upon in this blog post.

US, Inc.: the co-opted American republic, deceptively made into a corporation. This was done in 1913 if not earlier (1871, 1845 or 1812, depending on the perspective). The so-called "President" Obama is only "spokesperson for US, Inc." and not "the President of the United States of America". More in this blog post.

US NEW REPUBLIC: short for "a restored North American republic, founded on the 1789 Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as opposed to the US, Inc. currently running North America". Here's a blog post about the New Republic.

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US New Republic
September 19, 2016 Update of Benjamin Fulford's Latest Rumors etc.
The Role of Trump
Late September Update
US, Inc.: Background
Henri Rousseau, "The Repast of the Lions"

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