onsdag 16 november 2016

Secret History Wordlist

What's happening? Don't ask me, I'm just a blogger. However, as a theory of what might be going on in the world right now, a possible pattern of some operators wielding "power," I suggest the below outing into the realms of "secret history". Actually, it's rather much "contemporary times" -- but -- the historical perspective is there too. Thus the caption. -- Disclaimer: I don't take responsibility for every aspect of the things listed below. I merely report. You decide.

DRAGON FAMILIES: not to be confused with the White Dragon Society (q.v.). The Dragon Families might be old Chinese royalty forced into exile to the Philippines after the Communist takeover in 1949. Or maybe they are mainland Chinese, who knows. -- The head of the families is one alleged figure called "Grandfather". Reportedly, these families have enabled the revaluation of world currencies, especially the US currency, by lending the new US Treasury in Reno, Nevada, a lot of gold. Thus, these Dragon families call the shots and they even -- they say -- demanded that Paul Ryan became interim President of the Republic. Because, the US that Obama leads is the illegal US, founded surreptitiously in 1871 (q.v. "US, Inc."). -- A synonym for "Dragon Families," sometimes used, is "Chinese Dragon Elders".

FULFORD, BENJAMIN: Canadian journalist born in 1961, working out of Japan. He reports rumors etc. from the intelligence and secret society communities. His reports are in a virtual grey area, forming a pattern of elsewhere unreported political phenomena. Fulford is a mystery and we don't support him at all. However, sometimes his reports present real titbits, like saying that the Pope Benedict would abdicate, one year before he actually did that (he abdicated in February 2013). In this way even the posting of rumors can be of value. Here we have his website.

NESARA: a reform package doing away with much of the ills of today, like ending economic slavery, creating world-wide peace and returning the US to constitutional government. More of NESARA in this post.

OLD EUROPEAN ROYALTY: old European imperial and royal families dethroned 1790-1918 (the Russian Romanovs, the Austrian Habsburgs, maybe even France's House of Capet). Allegedly they still hold power, along with still enthroned royal families like Windsor, Bernadotte and Orange of Holland. Their power consists in, on the one hand, real estate and amassed fortune -- and, on the other hand, "invisible" power like tradition, contacts and "the royal aura". -- What's the role of "Old Royalty" in this pattern? I don't know -- but -- it seems that we shouldn't count this faction out in the ongoing power struggle. See also "Dragon Families," they might be ancient Chinese royalty, and they now reportedly "run" the US by way of gold supplied to the new US Treasury.

US, INC.: a mimicked corporate copy of the original Republic of the United States. After the Civil War 1861-65 the US Republic was bankrupt. In this situation, shady forces united to make it a corporate entity by drawing up a document called "The Constitution of the United States of America". The real, 1789 document was entitled, "The Constitution for the United States of America" -- see the difference? Such wordings are important in legal matters. With this technicality the Cabal could have congressmen and servicemen unknowlingly swear allegiance to them and not the Republic. It virtually created a "US, Inc.", in its latest incarnation domiciled as an off-shore company in Puerto Rico. -- Then there was the Federal Reserve act of 1913 whereby a private bank cartel created the dollar, as such, a sort of debenture and not "valuable money." With this, the Cabal took economic control along with the political, done in 1871. -- The Fed's 99 year charter ran out in 2012 -- thus, US, Inc. went bankrupt on December 24, 2012. The issue was formally settled in an international court in 2013. Reportedly, the US, Inc. was formally disbanded by the Roman Catholic Church CEO, Pope Francis, on September 22, 2015 (since the Catholic Church had a stake in the US since way back, this also being part of the Cabal shenanigans). Pope Francis himelf visited the US in September, 2015 to formally "give back" the land to its citizens, these formalities of course done in secrecy, in some official locale by signing some papers and whatnot. At the same time the Chinese, in order to regain its American investments, then started the process of creating a new US currency and a restored Republic, done by ledning out gold to a new US Treasury in Reno and demanding that Paul Ryan (Rep) became Speaker of the House. The then Speaker, John Boehner, was made to resign. Ryan officially became Speaker of the House in October, 2015, Ryan would also become interim President of the USA. Reportedly he was sworn in as such the same year, 2015. If so, Obama is just a "spokesperson for the now bankrupt US, Inc." [Edit: this October 24 update on Sananda website explains how the "US, Inc." was formed in 1871.] [One minor error in the just linked post is that it has founding father "Alexander Hamilton" as the key player of these 1871 events; instead, it must mean Hamilton Fish, Secretary of State of the U. S. Grant government.]

WHITE DRAGON SOCIETY: Japan (?) based secret society, reportedly on the good side though this is hard to judge. Journalist Benjamin Fulford (q.v.) often mentions the WDS in his reports.

WILCOCK, DAVID: spiritual American writer born in 1973, educating us with titles like The Synchronicity Key (2013) and The Source Field Investigations (2011). Along with spiritual matters he covers "secret history," money issues and politics of the surreptitious kind. Here is his website.

WHITE HATS: supposedly "good" operators within a government, like "Pentagon White Hats," "FBI White Hats" etc. In the current context, with the US Military refusing to conduct imperialistic wars all over the world, for instance Pentagon might indeed have a White Hat hegemony these days.

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Aquarelle by Robert Svensson: "Passage to Paradise".

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