måndag 26 december 2016

From My Collection of Model Soldiers

I have a collection of military miniatures, collected since my early childhood. They are kept in store in a secret location Beyond the Beyond, only accessible by pump trolley along a disused railroad track. This is a selection of my plastic figures.

1. German WW II soldier, 1/32, Airfix. Actually an Afrika Korps soldier that I've painted in regular, "mainland Europe" garb. How to paint figures like these, see caption for figure 7. Details aside, learning how to paint these ready-cast, one-piece, unpainted-on-delivery figures has been a process over the years, and now I'm reasonably satisfied with the result, the highlighting giving the figure some depth, some stature, some Gestaltkvalität as the Germans say.

2. Ready-made, factory painted Britains figure, 1/32, medieval archer.

3. Various (click on the picture for blow-up).

4. Vitrine.

5. Britains and Herald indians, 1/32, factory painted.

6. German 1/32 soldier, probably Matchbox. Painted by yours truly.

7. American Paratrooper, 1/32, Airfix, painted by me in a kind of highlighting fashion gained by priming the figure in light grey, then letting it dry. Then it's about painting it in olive drab, then, while paint is still wet, rubbing some of it off with a cloth. Further, the face is done by first painting it in flesh (and letting it dry), then adding a darker color, then wiping this off. This results in having the darker paint only settle in the cavities of the face, gaining some sort of detailed paint job without having to add every single brush stroke for this. -- Details like boots, weapon, belt are then painted, done without fuss, no highlighting.

8. The previous figures, both Airfix and Britains, are solid, one-piece ones, cast in one single piece. The one in this picture is an assembled model from Taimya, 1/35, panzer grenadier, with parts like body, arms, weapon, helmet glued together. This allows for a rather fine detail job, easy to paint before assembly. I assembled this figure while I was, say, 16 or 17, and it still looks quite good -- despite absence of highlighting in the painting, that was an unknown feature back in the day. In comparison, figure 1, 6 and 7 have been painted by me this year as a middle aged artist.

9. Various.

10. Various.

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