söndag 18 december 2016

Written 18/12 2016

Good evening.

You see the image above. It's a view from Antropolis, city of cities, all cities and none. More can be read about it in my eponymous Swedish language novel, "Antropolis".

Here's a link to it (in Swedish). Not that I'm trying to sell it. I guess many are tired of buying stuff now, just before Christmas. It's just that many want to have links to stuff in any blog post.

Anyhow, this image is from Antropolis. Specifically, what we see is the Regimental Facility = "Regementets stad" in the book.

These are barracks. In Swedish, "kaserner". In German, "Kaserne". Makes you think of the song, "In den Kasernen, da warten sie -- auf menschen Brüdern, da schiessen sie."

Now I'll go and read Monier-Williams Sanskrit dictionary. Or whatever. Pre-Christmas coma prevailing.

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