söndag 14 maj 2017

Music Links

Sometimes I feel like linking to good stuff on Youtube, music-wise. This is such a time.

I'll begin this exposé with a piece of Ennio Morricone. Morricone did famous film music from the 1960s and on. Hereby a piece from a concert in Arena di Verona, 2002. We hear excerpts from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, Once Upon a Time in the Revolution and Ecstasy of Gold. It's a classic orchestra playing classic-popular music; a kind of mini opera. With a choir. And a soprano, singing "wordlessly" -- as in, "no words, no libretto, just sounds".

This is so great. The music, and the countenances of everyone -- the Maestro, the soprano, and diverse musicians like "lady playing German flute"... I mean, a face like hers may be seen everywhere in places like Italy -- Verona, remember. But -- by being filmed in this circumstance, doing her stuff -- playing -- she becomes symbolic. Of womanhood, music, the humanity, everything.

- - -

The next link is to Elton John's Rocket Man. I personally associate this with "going down to clean out my brother's apartment in 2016". I got an Elton John CD along with it, not this version though, it was a live CD. It was OK too -- but -- here's the original version. Great song no matter what. Soft and imaginative, yet real -- as in being out there, striving -- rocket man, artist. Like my brother was. Like I am.

- - -

Now for a Kiss oddity, A World Without Heroes. It's from Music from 'The Elder', their 1981 concept album. It was a soundtrack to a film that was never made. I tip my hat at this conceptual daring. The linked song is a heartfelt ballad, lamenting the loss of heroism and elevation in our modern era: "A world without heroes, you can't look up to anyone". Kiss ain't paragons of profoundness but they did have their moments.

- - -

Maybe I've linked to "Live8 Reunion of Pink Floyd Doing Comfortably Numb" before. But here it is again. Epic song, epic reunion.

- - -

Now this: Hole with Malibu from 1998. It's a song exuding goodness. Like, the line "get well soon" -- you don't hear that a lot in rock'n'roll.

- - -

And this will do for now regarding music links. Enjoy.

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Unrelated picture, photo by Christer Strömholm.

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