lördag 22 november 2014

Today: Seven Year Anniversary For This Blog

By this time every year there's a glorious non-event occuring: the anniversary of this blog. I started it in the fall of 2007, on this very day: November 22.

It was fun to get going blogging. I had planned it for some time, not having had access to the internet until that autumn, the autumn of 2007. And when I finally managed to log into Blogger and "got the blog", got access to the editing page, well, I kinda blogged rather heavliy. Short entries, inspired entries, experimental language entries. Sometimes more than one per day, imagine that...!

This went on for the rest of 2007 and some time into 2008. Successively I started to write more prepared, edited stuff, however still retaining "that blog feeling". Like being able to push the envelope and say things that aren't allowed in MSM.

But this was all in Swedish. Since about August this year, 2014, I mostly blog in English. Now, I have an inkling that most of my readers still are Swedish. But I have some English language readers too and now the default mode of the blog is English entries. And educated Swedes all know English so thus it will be, thus Svenssongalaxen will remain, I guess: a blog in English.

- - -

So then, what shall I celebrate the anniversary with? As for older Swedish entries they are "powered by Google"; they find their readership by way of people googling their way to them. Then as for English entries, what have I got to say? -- Well, I could give you this guide, presenting some links to the blog.

A fine entry discussing modern media (on the theme of "MSM going down, new media triumphs") is this one, summarizing an article by "The Dollar Vigilante" Jeff Berwick. Very succinct.

And if you're into literary entries on this blog, take a look at "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" or "The Not-So-Good of Philip K. Dick"

Lastly, here's an ultra-short story of mine, "Details".

And so on and so forth. To sum it up, blogging is a fine pastime, a great means of communication and, sometimes, something of an art form. Nobody knows what a blog is, you're defining it as you go along. And often blogging can be a team effort by writer and readers combined, more so than in the traditional relationship between an author and his readership. By way of commenting the readers contribute to the text and change it, receiving it in this and that way. Because the reception of a work is eminently a part of the work.

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