torsdag 28 maj 2015

Interesting Stuff on Counter-Currents

Good evening. I'm Lennart Svensson. Now for some news.

We have a phenomenon called The New Right. This is the self-styled "real right" of today, not expressly ultra-radical but still more radical than Tories and Republicans.

In America this right has an internet focus in the form of Counter-Currents. Along with being a publishing house it's a site with often updated entries, such as reviews, essays and articles on culture and politics.

A new entry on Counter-Currents is an article on American author Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1987). In later years and in the public mind he's become some sort of liberal atavist, which I can partly understand. But in essence Heinlein was no liberal, he was a staunch conservative and anti-communist. In the article "Heinlein for Right-Wingers" I elaborate on this.

Counter-Currents: My Notes on Heinlein
Jünger and the Craft of Science Fiction
In Swedish: Översikt över Heinlein
Pic: a Signet Book issue from the 1970's of a Heinlein novel

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

That was quite an interesting article at Counter-Currents. I see that you have written biographies about Junger and Wagner, do you have any plans of writing biographies about sci-fi writers like Heinlein, Frank Herbert or Philip K Dick ?

Svensson sa...

Thank you. As for further delvings into the world of SF, I can say that I currently re-read all the SF-books in my provate library. Herbert and Dick are among them and so are many more. It would be nice writing an essay/biography/polygraphy etc about it, if I had the time.

Daniel Macek sa...

Hello Mr. Svensson, I realize I'm commenting on an older post here, but it's the best place to post as I haven't kept track of your blog posts that well until recently (since most of them are in Swedish, which I don't know). Just to let you know, I'll soon be republishing some of your English articles from Motpol on my website, the "New European Conservative." I think you're doing a pretty good job on researching novelists that can be classified as "Right-wing" or "Conservative" in some sense.

Also, I have just a few suggestions on a branch of Right-wing (or at least "controversial") novelists that you could perhaps look into. You've mainly focused on Western writers so far, but there are many authors from Russia and Asia that may be worthy of attention, and would still be of interest to Western Right-wingers. In particular, I know that Japan has many writers that you probably wouldn't have missed if they were Europeans. Nisio Isin and Yasutaka Tsutsui are a couple of good example that fit the science fiction label, and some of Ryunosuke Akutagawa's stories can also be counted as science fiction. Of course, if you just look at novelists in general, not limited to the sci-fi genre, the list can get really big (Mishima, Soseki, Tanizaki, Kawabata, Nakamura, etc.). Just a few suggestions, in case you'd be interested. Unfortunately, I can't give you examples from other Asian countries as I haven't looked into them as much. Regards - Daniel.

Svensson sa...

Thank you, Daniel Macek. As for the authors you mention I've read some works by Yukio Mishima. Especially the biography of the man by Henry Scott Stokes was a defining read. Kawabata is also a favorite.

Thanks also for the rest of the tips. As for Russian writers I've read Alexander Dugin, a modern and somewhat titanic scholar however, he has his moments.

As for literary studies I'm continuing to venture into conceptual lands and when I've made a major discovery, I'll post the news on this blog and / or others. Hereby some posts in English on this blog, treating literary and artistic figures of this and that kind; feel free to repost them:

. Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (a brief overview, though a rather passionate one)
. The Swedenborg Machine (a short story of a stupendous meeting with the 18th century Swedish mystic)
. Richard Wagner -- A Portrait (info about a bio I've written, with a link to a sample chapter)

Daniel Macek sa...

Alexander Dugin happens to be my favorite Russian philosopher, and he is well represented on my website. I don't necessarily agree with every statement he makes, but along with Alain de Benoist and John Morgan, he is one of the most agreeable authors whose works I've republished.

Dugin had actually written a lot of commentaries on novelists (although he's never written fiction himself, as far as I'm aware). But if we speak of Russian fiction writers, the classical authors are mostly obvious (Dostoevsky, Gogol, Chekov, Nabokov, etc.). And then there are a lot of modern authors that haven't even been translated. There's a lot of Soviet fiction writers such as the Strugatsky brothers or Kir Bulychev which have been translated. Although I've never had much attraction to Soviet fiction due to my own personal tastes, you could check them out if you want.

Thanks for recommending those English articles of yours, which I haven't noticed. I'll probably republish them on my site later this week (it's best to have some distance between sets of publications).

By the way, I've recently come across three really good anthologies of Japanese literature, if you were interested: "The Columbia Anthology of Modern Japanese Literature", edited by J. Thomas Rimer (2011), "Anthology of Japanese Literature: From the Earliest Era to the Mid-Nineteenth Century", edited by Donald Keene (1955), and "Modern Japanese Literature: From 1868 to the Present Day", edited by Donald Keene (1955). The Columbia anthology is obviously the most up-to-date, although it still has no trace of some good modern authors like Fuminori Nakamura or Keigo Higashino, which I enjoyed reading.

Svensson sa...

Thanks for the reading tips and other info, Mr Macek.


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