måndag 22 februari 2016

Springtime is Preaching Time

A preachment, capturing the zeitgeist...

I’m the Man of the Mountains, the Teacher of the Taiga. From the heartland of Scandinavia I’ve come down to the water-rich valleys to preach.

I serve. I conquer. I think. I nurture. I balance. I expand. I economize. I progress. I express myself calmly and clearly, often poignantly and always with honor and and dignity.

I’m the rebirth of inspiration. My insight, background, Will and Thought make me qualified to define this New Era, being in sync with the perennial Seinsphilosophie.

- - -

I believe that a new moral life has to be awakened, envisoned by the examples of Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Orpheus, Hermes, Plotinus, Goethe and Jünger. I see before me the moment in the life of nations when the shape of things to come blaze forth in hyaline splendor, promising a Coming Golden Age for all.

I possess. I shine. I will. I progress. I perform. I preach. That’s what I do as an Active Idealist, covering everything in holistic fashion. I'm a Golden Age Guru, planting my standard on the top of Mount Skuleberget, looking out over the vistas as a Man of the Mountains, a Teacher of the Taiga, a shining beacon of Seinsphilosophie in the Palearctic Zone and beyond.

- - -

I am, I serve, I possess. I preach. And now spring is approaching, the time for preaching in the streets. It's time to preach the faith...
... of Integral Esotericism, stressing Holism, unity between an individual’s Inner Light with the Primeval Light and existence in the Here-and-Now – a doctrine of order and harmony, pointing to a glorious future for us all. Contrariwise, the current nihilist materialism of the West is a decandent doctrine. I don’t think that a random nihilist is an evil operator out to destroy. But there has to be a shake-up of the intellectual discussion. Ontology, esotericism and speculative metaphysics of the Plotinos, Jung, Jünger and Goethe kind must again be taken seriously. Science can no longer treat the Question of Reality as a non-issue. Philosophy is about challenging everything, even nihilist reductionism. The attitude of ”ignoring the problem and hoping that it will go away” is futile.
This we read in chapter 26 of "Borderline", my new book, labeled as "A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man". It's a polemical essay stressing the need for a spiritualist revival, moving away from nihilist reductionism. More info here.

New Book
The Poetry and Purple Prose of Clark Ashton Smith
Ascended Masters: Some Info
Caza: The Ark
Pic: an English garden, somewhere in Europe.

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