söndag 3 april 2016

April Post

It's been a while since I posted something new on this blog. Therefore this post of diverse content.


My recent reads. First it's "Saint Bridget's Pilgrimage" by Heidenstam, a novel written on poetic prose which works rather well. However, it's a bit contrived in places which is always the risk with "poetic prose". Overall, I liked reading a full-length novel about a spiritual person even though her self-deprecating manners are a bit alien to me.

Then it's "Rommel" by Desmond Young. The parts about Rommel's WWI career, France 1940 and the desert war are OK, an informed author (Young was an army colonel) telling about Rommel's wars as succinct as can be, with the right amount of telling detail.

Lastly, it's "God Talks With Arjuna," Paramahamsa Yogananda's Bhagavadgita translation and commentary. The author can convey Perennialism in a highly readable manner. This is syncretism at its best.


They talk about "ending the Fed". Having the US Federal Reserve, the scheme of issuing dollars as a sort of debentures and not "valueable money," to end -- that would be a victory for the forces of Freedom and Light, taking back power from a private cartel of bankers and putting it with the constitutional government.

And indeed, now it seems that this has happened -- discreetly -- by way of having the Federal Reserve put under governmental control. This is shown by its web address now ending .gov instead of (as from its beginning until now) .org.

Check it up yourselves if you don't believe me.


Spring is here, most of the snow is gone. Some parts of the sounds surrounding the town are iced, some have open water.


My philosophy of life, an ethic anchored in Being, is the following: a man should test his strength, push his limits concerning hardships and hunger and face death, ingraining memento mori in his mind; all these actions make him sober up and in the long run, raise him mentally. To this, the active man has to learn how to meditate, how to sit correctly in zazen position and breathe calmly and gently. Both ”to meditate” and ”to live in the world” are actions; both the vita contemplativa and the vita activa require willpower.

Will is the basic element of the universe along with Thought and Compassion. In the Beginning were Will and Thought; they united and then chose to merge with the Light. Man is a mirror of God; God created man’s soul by taking of his own Eternal Light. Man, like God, is a composite of Will, Thought and Compassion. By saying, ”I AM”, man affirms his divine nature.

A man of action has to know about the limited lifespan of his physical body (= ”death”), he has to live in the here-and-now and he has to see wholes, not being led by details. The way to live anchored in Being can be characterized as ”seek rest in action – operate with ease and skill – meditate while acting – I am, therefore I act – we all have to act – live anchored in True Reality, acknowledge your Inner Light – live holistically in the here-and-now”.

New Book
The Poetry and Purple Prose of Clark Ashton Smith
Ascended Masters: Some Info
Caza: The Ark
Henri Rosseau, "The Repast of the Lion"

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