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Book News: Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man (Svensson 2015)

Universal acclaim for Borderline... "Svensson writes with a smooth ease..." (Heathen Harvest) -- "[A]n excellent survey of Perennialism." (N. M. Phoenix) -- "Svensson's work is held together by a clear red thread of perennial philosophy." (Sarastus) [Links to all these sites below.]

Do you want the answers to The Big Questions...? Are you pondering "the nature of reality"...? Are you asking yourself, "what is truth," "are there eternal values," "does science hold all the answers"...? -- Then Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man is the book for you.

Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man is an attempt at unifying Man with God, Action with Being and the East with the West. In its pages are eradicated the dualism of the thinker and the thought, the dreamer and the dreamed, the doer and the deed.

At the beginning of the 21st century Man stands in a transit zone between reductionism and holism, between materialism and idealism, a glorified grey area in which only an old-new esotericism, a revived tradition of spirituality, will show the way ahead. Borderline is the main document in this respect, a clarion call for a resurgent Philosophy of Being in a time of decay.

This is a popular rendering of serious philosophy. Read about the ontology of Plotinus, the poverty of reductionism and the need for a metaphysical outlook in modern science. Read about the "integral esotericism" of Jung and Goethe, delve into the esoteric strains of Nietzsche and get acquainted with Finnish poet Edith Södergran, "more Nietzschean than Nietzsche himself". Read about the esoteric Christianity of Rudolf Steiner, of Ernst Jünger's metaphysical strains and T. S. Eliot's holistic worldview.

Some quotes from Borderline:

Scientists dream about ”a theory of everything”. But we’ll never find the answer strictly theoretically. We must realize that we ourselves are co-creators of the Cosmos. The future is open because will is free. And once we realize that, then we might be ”given access to the quiet chamber where God ponders the objects” (Södergran). [chapter 7, Anthropic Principle]

Ideas of the eternal quality of the essence of man, of his True Self, will come to the fore in the new era we’re heading for, the Sat Yuga of truth. In all courtesy I say, acknowledge this aspect of reality, give room for it and join me in the Light. [chapter 11, Veda Philosophy]

Today the Zeitgeist is in the throes of (...) chaos and confusion. A new sense of order is needed, a responsibility for the things in life that promote structure and harmony. In short, we need a more spiritual, holistic outlook. [chapter 17, The Chaotic Mindset]

Borderline is written by Lennart Svensson (1965-). He's otherwise known for titles such as Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait and Richard Wagner -- A Portrait. In Swedish he has written the novel Antropolis, a fictional rendering of the same topics treated in Borderline: science versus esotericism, art versus titanism, the need for a holistic outlook in life.

Borderline is published by Australian imprint Numen Books, known for titles such as Twelve Resolutions For a Happy Life (2015) by Abir Taha and Primordial Traditions 1 (2014), edited by Gwendolyn Taunton. Borderline comprises 234 pages, it's a trade paperback and the cover shows the Caspar David Friedrich painting "The Abbey in the Oakwood". Buy the book on Amazon now.

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