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Book news: Stellar Storm (Svensson 2023)

Those who sow the wind shall reap the storm... the STELLAR STORM...

Great news everyone: Svensson has a new book out. An sf novel.

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Svensson has previously only written about sf. As in Science Fiction Seen From the Right (2016). Now, at long last, he has gathered himself and written an sf novel. A novel somewhat symbolizing what he means by "sf from the right". A tangible example of radical-conservative sf, commenting upon today's society. A novel, set in the future, with a mythical background and fictitious characters, preaching right-wing values.

The title of the novel is Stellar Storm.

It plays in the year 2564. Mankind has built himself an interstellar empire. It is a Faustian space empire. White man has gone to space and created "a realm, a plot, a blessed earth" on several star systems. A statehood of glorified "implicit whiteness".

The novel says that white man went to space. He had the colonizing drive inbuilt in his genes:
It was the legacy of sea-venturing Vikings, Portuguese, Spaniards, Frenchmen, Dutch, Englishmen. It was the strain of venturing out, claiming new land and shaping it after his image.

Further, the white specificity was the “striving for infinity”-strain of Bach and Beethoven, of Leibniz’ infinitesimal calculus, of Dante and Faust going Beyond the Beyond. It was Nietzsche’s Zarathustra ethos of “O eternal everywhere, O eternal nowhere”. It was the racial logic expressed in figures like Kepler, Galileo, Newton, Goddard, Tsiolkovsky, Oberth, von Braun, Koroljov, Gagarin, Glenn, Armstrong – space pioneers in theory and practice, having to go to space as a matter of course.
Mankind became a space imperialist. His empire, the Mirotanian Empire, thrived on various solar systems. Then, in the 2500s, the Saurian threat loomed on the Galactic horizon:
Man, as a colonizer of a wealth of planets, in the 2500s met a warlike creature, a space travelling species that tended to shoot without asking, called Saurian. The date of this fateful first contact was 2 June 2559, seeing the Battle of the Abyss which achieved Saurian space fleet superiority.
In other words: war broke out. A space war, an interstellar conflict, involving battles in space and on planets, engaging all of mankind with the Mirotanian Empire at the forefront.

There is much to speak about here. A lot of "talking points," actually... A lot of wondrous details of the plot, the characters and all. However, the best way to get the whole story is to read the novel.

Suffice it to say that the focal point of the story is young Sweyn Bostron, private infantryman, who learns to take responsibility and rises through the ranks. We also meet politicians, war correspondents, "the girl back home," and of course several other military men along with Bostron: generals, aircar pilots, supply chiefs, etc. etc.

In other words, this is an epic saga of future war and white striving.

Buy the paperback on Amazon.com.

Buy the e-book on Amazon.com

For Swedish customers: buy the paperback on Amazon.se.

Stellar Storm as e-book on Amazon.com
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