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Book News: Rigorism -- The Influence of Willpower Upon History (Svensson 2022)

A new book by Lennart Svensson has seen the light of day. It is called Rigorism -- The Influence of Willpower Upon History.

A new watchword is spreading over the traditionalist community: rigorism.

It is a new interpretation of an old term, a term previously belonging to canon law.

So then, this "new rigorism" is an alternate way of looking at history. It is a way of focusing on "the man on horseback" instead of on the scribe. It is a way of focusing on rule with the sword and not the pen. It is a harsh and metal-grey world we meet, a world inhabited by greats like Alexander, Caesar, Machiavelli, Cromwell, Frederick the Great, Napoleon, etc.

This is what the title essay of the book is about. It portrays the role of WILL in history, symbolized by the man of action.

Then, we have a lot of other texts in this 160 pages volume. We have entries about war cycles, about temples, about aviator authors, about "rigorist women", rigorism in the east, etc.

In all, a great little book, conceptually covering a lot of ground.

You could say that, in this book, you get "all" of history, seen through a temperament -- the temperament of Svensson, author of Actionism, Commanders, and Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait.


Product details
Trade paperback, 6 x 9 inches (same format as most of my books)
160 pages
Publisher: Manticore Press


The names of the chapters of the book are:

Chapter One. Rigorism: The Influence of Willpower upon History
Chapter Two. Cycles of War
Chapter Three. Anecdotes
Chapter Four. Monarchs
Chapter Five. Musical Rulers
Chapter Six. A Tribute to the Ladies
Chapter Seven. Spenglerian Deliberations
Chapter Eight. The Role of Temples
Chapter Nine. Aviator Authors
Chapter Ten. Rigorism in the East, 1: The Shoguns
Chapter Eleven. Rigorism in the East, 2: Kaṇikanīti

There is also an introduction and an index.


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