tisdag 28 maj 2024

Vision Quest poem

Good morning.

I sometimes go out -- to see -- to gather visions. They are called "vision quests". And my latest outing of this kind brought the following visions and reflections.


A = A

AAA... the Triple-A has no maps... to the lair of great Cthulhu...

... the mysterious Galaxie running about town, the fabled phantom car... you only see its round tail lights in the distance, way down a boulevard, before it turns a corner and is gone, like a mirage...

I'm breaking rocks in the hot sun
I fought the law and the law won
I fought the law and the law won


Turquoise --

Hyaline green --

Burgundy --

Tangerine --

If a merman I would be
I could see the sun rise
from the bottom of the sea...

Chrysantemum --

Pink petunia --

Sunflower --

Hyacinth --

... and a Cadillac '51, popsicle green, ice green, zaccharine green...


Gates of Babylon, baby...

By the gates of Babylon...
where we sat down
and Dio sang
of endless gallery
enless hallway
endless corridor
leading down below
and beyond
to cooler climes


Cérise --

Lemon yellow --

Reseda green --

Light blue --

Road past the Marly. Lamborghini Miura. Jerusalem, French miniature from the 1400s.

Cherry red --

Prismatic blue --

Lincoln Continental four-door sedan. Plymouth Belvedere. Cadillac Eldorado. Pontiac Grand Prix. Plymouth Barracuda.


What exists in the room without windows is the true... the truly existing Sein lives in the abyss, in the dark, in the monad... like this artefact coming at you out of nowhere, shining its headlights in sad melancholia...

water, water everywhere --

city of channels... Venice of the north, Venice on the beach...

Metaphysical brown --

Marble brown --

Melanie Brown, melancholic --


Creutz im Gebirge. Die Lebensstufen. The Enigma of Arrival. The Enigma of the Hour.

... that's where I roam, endlessly... among water mirrors, reflecting the sun... among streets, empty in the morning light... among houses of glass, mirroring my empty mind...

Fine white --

Canary yellow --

Porphyry red --

Absinthe green --


Dresden in moonlight. Germania and Italia. Bacchus and Ariadne.

Metaphysical brown, esoterical blue... sfumata in the distance...

May I be peaceful
May I be happy
May I be free

May my friends be peaceful
May my friends be happy
May my friends be free

May my enemies be peaceful
May my enemies be happy
May my enemies be free

May all people be peaceful
May all people be happy
May all people be free


Cherry red --

Infinite blue --

Goodwood green --

Everything is connected to everything else... the light that shines on me also shines on my brother... my exhalation is someone else's inhalation...

Nike from Samothrake. Porsche Speedster. Porsche Spyder. Chinese Wall. Berlin Wall.

Paolo Veronese...

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld...

Mathias Grünewald...

Philip Otto Runge...

We must break up from the abundance of Babel to the dedication of Antropolis --

Real love stories have no endings --

The Grace of God, it made me shiver, then it made me calm --

... and if you want, pray with me...


The Empire had fallen. Lawlessness abounded, chaos and anarchy. The clouds scudded over the ruins of the city. -- Then through the rubble he came, a wiseman, a preacher, a man knowing his way through thick and thin...

Another poem
Jack Steelnack
A novel
Enköping, Uppland, 1972. From the Svensson photo album

onsdag 22 maj 2024

A study of sf: from 2016: from the right

This is about a book. Written by me. I've mentioned it before. Now for a current summation.

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Traditions, the ways of our fathers, the timeless values – are these compatible with spaceships, techno citites and an environment characterized by change? [p. 10]
That's the crux: sf has always been obsessed by "change". However, deep down, sf also has conservative strains, like hailing order and hierarchy. Traditional values can rather easily be found in sf. This is the angle I have in my book, examining 20th century fantastika. The foundation of the book is the four first chapters, treating (early) Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Tolkien, and C. S. Lewis. These guys are effortlessly conservative in their outlook. Then I move on and look at other 20th century sf/f authors from the aspect of traditional values. The 378 pages also give room for chapters of sf films, sf comics, and the development of the genre at large.

The title of the book is Science Fiction Seen From the Right. It was published in 2016 by Manticore. And it's still in print. All links to online markets is given in this post, where the book also gets a further presentation.


Over the years, this book has gained a lot of attention.

First we had the site Counter-Currents in November 2016. For instance, it wrote: “With a title like Science Fiction from the Right, one can consider this an automatic purchase for anyone on the Alt Right.”

Then the book was picked up by Red Ice Radio, in the spring of 2017. An episode was made. Henrik Palmgren invited me to talk about the book. And I did. It became a fine, comprehensive treatment, a minor classic in the land of pods, I'd say.


The Red Ice episode: we talked about books like Starship Troopers, Dune, The Lord of the Rings, and 1984, all of it with an inclination towards conservatism and traditionalism.

So the classics were covered. The books you know. LotR and the rest. But we also dug into a dark horse like C. S. Lewis's That Hideous Strength from 1945. This kind of topped it off, giving you that extra mile, extra worth, extra effort.

The program's own presentation of the show reads like this:
Lennart Svensson ... joins us to discuss right-wing themes in science fiction. We first consider the fact that contemporary science fiction often comes from a left-wing perspective. Lennart explains that his work, therefore, seeks to remedy this situation. We then explore right-wing themes in a few popular works of science fiction and fantasy, including Starship Troopers, Dune, The Lord of the Rings, and The Hideous Strength. The first hour also touches on relationship between technology and science, with Lennart advocating a spiritualized view of technology as a means to resist lapsing into materialistic nihilism.
Here you will find the episode, still online after all these years.


The book has been covered in more instances. Like, in 2020/2021 two Swedish pod episodes were made about the book. The pod's editor was one Mr. Råbock, aka. Mohamed Omar. The episodes are not online anymore. But it was, all things considered, an energetic look into the world of right-wing sf, triggered by my book.

Finally, I only have to add this of the reception of the book, namely, what an Amazon.com review said: "As advertised. Very satisfied. Thank you."

All told, the book has created interest, a certain buzz. It's got dazzle, allure, "it". Unique among sf studies it looks at sf from the right, from the perspective of eternal values such as faith, will, truth, responsibility. This is the way for me to talk about any sf author, from Jünger to van Vogt, from Heinlein to Tolkien, from Borges to E. R. Burroughs. All this, and H. R. Giger, await you in the 378 pages of this modern classic.

In other words, it's time to see sf from a right-wing perspective. Time for a little "paleo-conservatism" among the stars...!

Buy the book on Amazon.com

For Swedes, buy the book on Bokus

For Swedes, buy the book on Adlibris

Red Ice Radio about Sf from the right
A presentation of the book on this blog
Heinlein and my sf study

måndag 20 maj 2024

För första gången: en karta över Manhem, min fantasyvärld: detta är västra delen av denna illustra värld

Godmorgon i det gröna. Idag ska vi publicera ett unikt dokument.

Köp boken på Logik

Köp boken på Amazon.se

En podd som behandlar romanen

2022 publicerades min roman Den heliga flamman.

Det är ett fantasyäventyr i en helt egen värld. En medeltidsaktig, myllrande värld, väl ägnad åt mustiga skrönor och episka äventyr.

Boken handlar om en äventyrare, Parvan, som vantrivs i den tid han lever. Så han ger sig till sist ut på ett äventyr i protest mot tidsandan: han ger sig ut att söka Tyrelion, Det flammande svärdet.

Vad han gör med det kan ni läsa i boken.


Här ska det bara handla om en karta. Det är en karta som nyligen kanaliserats till oss från den främmande värld det rör, Manhem. I trans har vi sett dess länder för vår blick, i trans har vi ritat detta innebördsrika blad.

Boken från 2021 har ingen karta. Istället ger vi den för boken nödvändiga kartan här.

Vi ser här västra delen av Manhem.

Och vi ser bland annat detta:
. Det sydöstliga landet Mutson, där Parvan har sitt första äventyr.

. Vi ser, i mitten, "Praxis' stuga", en plats där Parvan möter sin gamle vän Praxis Präntare och får tips om nya äventyr.

. Vi ser Kuppsia i väster -- och när Parvan vistades där fick han tips var Kennur fanns, en gåtfull Magus Maestro av stor betydelse för denna värld.

. Vi ser, söder om Kuppsia, Ontogenesia, en lokal stormakt där Parvan tjänar sig upp i armén.

Och så vidare. Kartan har alla viktigare platser som nämns i boken; vi ser platser som Bantaria, fiendemakten; berget Clips, viktigt av en anledning; och vi ser Mellion, det Gröna slottet, plats för ett avgörande möte.

Så är det. Manhem lever, som plats för detta och eventuellt andra, kommande äventyr.

Detta är en susande brusande värld med sant legendarisk framtoning, med miljövänlig kultur, mindful strävan och tjusigt snitt på kläder, byggnader och allt. Och allt sammanfattas symboliskt i kartan ovan.

Köp boken på Logik

Köp boken på Amazon.se

En podd som behandlar romanen

Mer info om boken här på bloggen

lördag 18 maj 2024

Preachment 6: Superman

Greetings, disciple. You wanted to hear more about the superman... well, here it is... a superman preachment. Enjoy.

In "Preachment 5" lately I metioned the superman... the overman, the "man plus"...

This has awoken your interest.

Now you want to hear more about this fascinating subject... now you want to know how to become such a superstar.

And here's the crash course: you just want it... "wishing it, wanting it, getting it"... that's the secret...

You just meditate on a pertinent mantra... like "I am superman"... or "Absolute Man, Total Man, Magician Man"... or "Künstler, Genie, und Held...

Next, act the part... walk around with a body language that says, “I AM”.

And if you want a doctrine to study, a published book, read Actionism... it prepares you for supermanist ecstasy... it teaches you how to sum up your WILL...

Willpower, vision, and compassion, that's the threefold flame that will shine forever in the temple of Supermanism...


The Actionist is no debating intellectual, instead he lives in a land where reality is expressed in symbols, myths, colors, sounds, riddles...

Hierarchy... spirituality... order... that's the lodestars of tomorrow...


To live in a constant, spiritual state of emergency...
A constant crusade against materialism...

Constant prayer –
Constant meditation –
Constant “vision quest” –

Ständiger Ausnahmezustand...!

Total mobilization.
Heading for the Magic Zeropoint.

Believe –
Fight –
Shine –


Honor death.
Cherish life.


I am the chosen one, doing what has to be done.
I am the savior of the human race, bringing endless grace.
I am the hero of the new age.
I am the operational sage.
I’m a teacher and a preacher, a stargazer and a street-racer.


How to become Superman? – Just say to yourself, “I am superman,” again and again.


Move over, old-timer!
This is a construction site, a “hard hat area”...!
We will build, we will grow, we will envision
A new-old edifice, an archaic futurity.
We are gods worshipping God,
And now nothing will be impossible for us...
Now nothing stands in our way.


I create, thus I exist...
Ago, ergo sum...
“An Amfang war die Tat...!”


The mindful superman acknowledges the divine light within... lifting himself by his bootstraps to become more than what he is...


The world is a riddle... and the superman is the answer.

I give man absolute power by proclaiming an Absolute Self... ātman is connected to the paramātman... tad ātmānam evāved – aham brahmāsmi...

The moment you discover WILL = a surging rush of power.

I am the Master of Willpower... and I WANT to be the Master of Willpower.


I am the true lightbearer.
My “let there be light” shall create the world anew,
Depolarize the darkness into a new aeon of light...

Preachment 5: God and man
Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach. The Sundown

tisdag 14 maj 2024

The magnesium burns in the night

This is about my novel Burning Magnesium.

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Buy the novel on Logik

Buy the novel on Amazon.se

Burning Magnesium was published in 2018. The original presentation on the blog can be found here.

An episode of Red Ice Radio, covering the novel, was also made in 2018.

Today we will add some quotes and reflections and whatnot. It will be an impressionistic collage, hopefully capturing the gist of the novel.


Burning Magnesium gives you the adventures of a German soldier on the Eastern Front in WWII. His name is Arno Greif.

This is company, platoon, and squad level combat in the east 1942-1945.

This is about crossing the abyss and reaching solid ground on the other side.

Tou could say: Arno Greif is like a Hadean flower in the night, illuminated by burning magnesium.


Magical realism... philosophical actionism... karma yoga on the Eastern front... all this, and Ringo Badger, in Burning Magnesium.


Initiation into the warrior’s way, symbolic death – rage and ecstasy – inebriation, inspiration... he is Arno Greif, constantly living at storming distance, raising himself spiritually by living on the edge.

A soldier must be prepared to die… he must even want to die, desiring death on the battlefield. Why else be a soldier? Dying in battle is the ultimate, transcendent goal. Dying in the elevated state of consciousness that is typical of the soldier in combat; to die in a mental boost, dying in a higher state of consciousness, and thus go from this world to the next with that enhanced consciousness intact.

[p. 262]

From Chapter 38:
As a soldier in the combat zone you had to do what had to be done, above and beyond the mere duties of your position at hand. The whole German Army was educated in this spirit ... and now Arno incorporated this in his creed, taking it to a higher, spiritual level.

“Burning magnesium ... burning in the night, shining with a metallic green lustre, lighting up the battlefield so that the soldiers can see each other and kill each other. It’s the last chivalry, the sacred bond: young men killing other young men...” This is a quote from page 388 of the novel, probably the only novel of the Eastern Front of WWII written by a current author.


“Distance between the groups! Smokes away! Single file after me!” – This is the way ahead, the way of the future... in other words, rigoristic militarism.


This is Battle as an Actionist experience...

This is snow on the ground... and BURNING MAGNESIUM in the sky...


Go east, young man... and fight under skies of burning magnesium...


I write about war – because – war stands for the archaic in the modern.

The enemy soldiers were unable to form a line to defend themselves. The field with its patches of snow and its mud offered no protection whatsoever. Among the blackened wheat stalks many soldiers were mown down, shot full of lead. Gaping, ragged holes in the broken bodies.

Arno took in this scene of destruction and thought: when in the combat zone, combat. It could remind you of Clausewitz’ remark: the worst errors in battle stem from benevolence. For example, allowing the retreating Russians to escape in this situation would have been operationally absurd.

Arno ordered Karnow, who he had with him, to “clear the field.” They pulled out among the blood and guts, among the twisted corpses and dying Russians, with Karnow on the left wing and Arno on the right. The wounded enemies they encountered could still shoot back, so every one they passed was given the coup de grace. According to international law you, as a victorious combatant, should give them first aid, but shooting the wounded was the custom on the Eastern Front.

This was no “hands up”-war. This Arno knew already. It meant that if you wanted to survive in the combat zone you had better shoot to kill than act according to International Law. Also, front soldiers knew that wounded Russians would sometimes play dead, only to suddenly live up and shoot you in the back. Hearing about this Arno was determined never to fall for such a bullet. The worst errors in combat stem from benevolence.

[p. 102-104]

He is Arno Greif,
constantly living at storming distance,
raising himself spiritually
by living on the edge.

Superomismo – inititation inspiration inebriation –
initiation into the art of Action as Being.

Battle as an inner experience –
death as an adviser –
the warrior way of truth.

I meditate by pushing 7.92 mm rounds into the magazine of the StG, buckling up the mechanism, securing and looking out over the forefield. Then you’ll come to rest, thus you’ll shape your life according to an actively esoteric worldview. While I act, I have my mind rooted in the cosmic calm. Such is my way of esotericism. And it never takes time off. An Operational Scout lives his creed in every second, every moment. Similarly, you can argue that the combat zone is a spiritually heightened zone, a zone of devotion, inspiration, initiation and inebriation. A combat zone is a temple, an open-air temple, an endless temple. Hoc omne templum. In this sacred zone the Operational Scout conducts operations, finding rest in action.

There’s no religion, no morality, no transcendence, no promise of how good everything becomes after death. Because, everything is present in the here and now, immanently. All that is needed is to take responsibility for your actions and have knowledge of cause and effect. If I do this, this will happen. If I decline to do this, that will happen.

This is the ethics the combat zone teaches every soldier.

[p 372-373]

Astral war, frequency war, energy war...
cold war in a country garden...
war games, combat 24/7... learn to love it –
live it – forever at storming distance, forever
burning with the burning magnesium in the sky,
the illumination round lighting up a diameter of 800 m...


Intuition, inspiration, inebriation... Rivers of blood, crescendo of doom... “the spirit of song is war”...

Apocalypse Now on the Eastern Front...


Trying to capture Leviathan, the Midgard Serpent, something elusive: that's the leitmotif of Burning Magnesium. Hereby a quote from it, attempting to describe this indescribable feeling:
It was a metal harsh reality, a bronze shimmer on a statue, the deep sapphire blue of the sky and a twilight luster over the things. It was a pathos-filled existence, neither ‘good’ nor ‘evil’. Arno had long since left dualism behind. He wasn’t a saint but he was a man who strove towards liberation from indignation, indulgence and bitterness. Patrol with an SPW and a rifle squad, scout over A to B, getting to grips with the enemy, observe and report... this was Arno’s reality and he affirmed it fully.

One word summed it up: elegy. And ‘elegy’ for its part isn’t equal to ‘lament,’ not exclusively. It’s a mixed feeling of euphoria, longing, passion and something undefined thereto, possibly the ‘apateia’ of stoics.

[p. 58]

Jünger and Evola... lived to tell the tale of WWII... and so did Arno Greif... the hero of my novel.

A roaring bomber in the sky doing a fly-past ... with the casual appearance of a flying dinosaur – with its grey, green and brown camouflage, the gaping engine nacelles, the glass windshield, the MG in the nose mounting, the radio antenna and everything – it was like a cry from another world – a world of steel and bronze, armol and magnesium, gunpowder and lead.

[p. 8]

I live in the grey area, the borderland. This is the land of lightning warfare, astral warfare. It’s fought with symbols, not brainy abstractions. The weapons are the Sword of the Seraphim, earth, wind and fire -- and Arno Greif, standing in the ersatz moonlight...

The T-34 advanced against them. And then, another unexpected salvation that reminded Arno that he wasn’t going to die in this war. A roar like he’d never heard before thundered overhead. A plane he’d never seen before flashed low over the trees. The plane spotted the tank, banked round and swept back in attack mode, dropping its two 250 kg bombs bang on target. Direct hit! The turret flew off with a bang and the chassis was set on fire. High flames licked up from the wreckage. The smell of cordite and burning flesh filled the air.

[p. 225]

Buy the novel on Amazon.com

Buy the novel on Logik

Buy the novel on Amazon.se

Original presentation of the novel on this blog, in 2018
An episode of Red Ice Radio, covering the novel

söndag 12 maj 2024

Preachment 5: God and man

Welcome, disciple. It is time for yet another preachment, telling you the Truth.

Gentlemen, if you please...

Black velvet, if you please...

It is yet again time to preach... time to preach in time... that triple time...

Künstler, Genie, und Held...

Absolute Man... Total Man... Magician Man...

You'd like to be that, don't you... an Absolute Man in the Evolian style...

It's easy... you just say "I'm superman", over and over...

You just say, "Superman -- Overman -- Man Plus"...

That's the mantra...

Focus on this instead of worrying all day long...

You know, you just summon your will, decide to become great, and thus you're on the way of becoming a Magus Maestro...

Then you can write the book, "How I stopped worrying and became a Superstar"...

It's easy...

And if you're not into writing superman books, if you want others to write your books, then read mine...

It is about the purity of heroic action... through aristocratic intuition... this is Actionism in a nutshell...

My creed is called Actionism and my book is called Actionism... easy to remember, eh...


Triple time, triple time...!

Tripartite mantras, taking you to the sky...

Like, "I am god... I am god... I am god"...

I'm a god, lowercase g, worshipping God, uppercase G... and so the world is mine...

I acknowledge the influxus of the divine in everything... and so I'm free to roam the vistas of the world in a mindful way...

There you have my mindful supermanism... unique in the history of thought... for the original creator of supermanism, Nietzsche, was an atheist... and so was Evola... Södergran, though, knew some of that divine influxus... well there you go... my supermanism is Södergran-esque... and Nietzschean and Evolian... it has what their doctrines have, AND it has a mindful ingredient...

So join me in the vistas of mindful overmanism...


Södergran, Edith Södergran... Finnish-Swedish poet who died in 1923...

Maybe I should tell a little more about her...

Give some examples of her supermanist preachment...

So then, a sampling of Södergran’s übermensch lyrics, images, and attitudes, may sound like this:
The storming night of the earth... the flight of the suns through the night... tiger, panther, puma and eagle... flashes and sunburnt summits...
Thus it reads in her opus, yea, even “purple twilight, storm, and the vortex of madness”...
I am Orpheus. I can sing how I want to.
Everything is forgivable to me.
Liturgy, magic... to experience being primitively and playingly... the elevated sense of power of the artistic ecstasy...

Hers is a certitude of a greatness without limit... to possess unlimited power, to be divine, to receive the blissful ecstasy...

You could say: Södergran was director, star, and tent, all in one, of a psycho circus recreating the world into a ritual feast.
I am the one opening the mystery.
The whole of humanity I want to consecrate to the future. (“Mysteriet”)

Södergran was explicitly a disciple of Nietzsche... she mentioned him in her poems... of this and more in my 2016 study Borderline... it has a chapter about her übermensch lyrics.


Wasn't that exciting... getting a sample of the Södergran way to supermanism... sure it was... a unique exposé in all of the internet... for Södergran might still be read... because of her feminist strain... but no one acknowledges her supermanism... it is explained away as hubris... well, now her superman strain comes to light again... thanks to me...

Enough of Södergran now... instead, hereby a poem by me LS... to further highlight my preachment... I preach of supermanism so hereby a poem of supermen...

To be superman – overman – man plus.

To be Gil Gosseyn, Jommy Cross...
Robert Hedrock, Johnnie Holt...
Sweyn Bostron, Robert Maltby...

Processing data with lightning speed.
Moving in circles around you.

Astounding – amazing –

To be willpower and vision.
Wishing it – wanting it – getting it.


That was a poem... now for a story fragment... a story of a superstar...
He was downtown preaching, saying: “Sum up your will, merge it with your thought, and you'll be going places. You will be stronger than anything, a virtual superman.”

A man listening to him said: “Wise words. What shall I liken you to?”

“A golden eagle soaring in the sun.”

“What shall I call you?”

"The Actionist."


I wield enormous power by my very existence. By merely being alive I have powers beyond belief. – The formula for realizing those powers: I AM.


I will tell you a secret. Ich sage dir ein Geheimnis... -- Just sit down, relax, take a deep breath. And sum up your will. Now, exactly in being thus relaxed, and having willpower onboard, you’re the most powerful man in the universe.


The superman is “beyond good and evil”... being strong is beyond good and evil, as the man said.


Be superman. It’s easy! Just say, “The world is my will”.


I’m a spiritual leader who, from a base above time, affects time.


How to be superman: remove that of your being which isn’t superman... impediments, fears, prejudices...

Again, this is "How I stopped worrying and became a superstar"...


The superman has overcome the human condition... he is beyond any law; he makes the law...


I am superman... everything I do becomes myth...

Actionism (2017)
Preachment 4: Triple time
Evola: Absolute Man
Photo by LS

lördag 11 maj 2024

Vikingen Lundell

Välkommen till detta blogginlägg...

Vi har i Sverige en artist mm. Som heter Ulf Lundell.

I romanerna Jack, Sömnen och Vinter i paradiset finns förvisso en del träffande scener. Och musikaliskt/poetiskt visar Lundell onkeligen en del talang. Dvs. i sina skivor från och med debuten Vargmåne.

Här är inte platsen för att tala om alla hans verk. Låt mig bara säga: Lundell är en svensk institution.

Han är därtill en något proggig typ, inte primärt känd som nationalist.

Men visst har han en folklig nationalist i sig.

Se bara på dessa exempel.


Lundell hade i radions P3 ett Sommarprogram en gång. Det var 1982. Och där sa han sig bland annat ”älska Sverige, att det bor en viking i hans blod och att varje svensk någon gång borde vallfärda till en runsten.” (Lundell refererad på s. 317 i Måns Ivarsson, Vill du ha din frihet får du ta den. Ulf Lundell – en biografi. Del 1, 1949-1982)

Detta är väldigt to the point och talande. Alla svenskar borde vallfärda till en runsten.

Vidare i Lundells vikingavärld...

Vikingen återkommer nämligen i sångtexten När jag kysser havet. Ty i denna tämligen kända låt hör vi bland annat:

Visst har det hänt att jag känt för å lämna landet
Men det är inte så lätt att slita bandet
Det bor en viking i mitt blod

På samma skiva (Kär och galen, 1982) finns runstenen med i låten Öppna landskap: ”... där runor ristats för vår skull / nån gång för länge sen”.

Denna rad citerade jag själv i min svenska historia. Det är nationalistisk poesi i stil med Österling, Thoursie, Tegnér...

Där har ni det. Lundell är, essentiellt, nationalist. Han är ärlig nog att se sig som förankrad i detta land och dess traditioner.

Vårt land, vårt land, vårt fosterland... detta utbrister vi alla 6 juni. Som infaller om en knapp månad. Och då kommer min årliga nationaldagspredikan. Här är förra årets drapa.

Nationaldagen 2023
Min svenska historia
Imagicon2: sf-festival i Stockholm 2009
När jag besökte Leningrad 1987
Själevads kyrka

måndag 6 maj 2024

Bok om sf: modern klassiker

Här ska jag tala om en bok. Om sf. Den kom på engelska 2016. Och har presenterats, på svenska, av mig, på bloggen, här. I detta inlägg blir det bara några fler anmärkningar i ämnet.

Köp boken på Bokus

Köp boken på Adlibris

Min bok om sf heter Science Fiction Seen From the Right. Den gavs 2016 ut av Manticore. Och finns ännu i tryck. Se länkar här.

Denna bok har fått en hel del respons genom åren.

Först var det sajten Counter-Currents i november 2016. Där skrev man bland annat: “With a title like Science Fiction from the Right, one can consider this an automatic purchase for anyone on the Alt Right.”

Sedan togs boken upp av Red Ice Radio på våren 2017. En podd alltså. Länk här. -- Henrik Palmgren bjöd in mig att tala om boken. Och det gjorde jag. Det blev en bra, heltäckande belysning av ämnet.

Sedan så gjordes två poddar om boken av Eddie Råbock. En var allmänt hållen, en handlade om Heinlein. Det var hösten 2020 och våren 2021. Dessa avsnitt finns inte kvar online. Men serien hette iaf "Tankar om framtiden". Och Råbock (f.d. Mohamed Omar) var en bra samtalspartner, han hade en del koll på ämnet.

Och på den vägen är det. Science Fiction Seen From the Right går från klarhet till klarhet.

Köp boken på Bokus

Köp boken på Adlibris

Boken presenterad på svenska på bloggen
Red Ice Radio 2017, ett blogginlägg som presenterar detta epokgörande poddavsnitt
Recension på svenska av Heinlein's Starship Troopers

Preachment 4: Triple time

Welcome, disciple... now for another preachment of wisdom...

Wotan Vishnu Kristos...

Wotan Vishnu Kristos...

Triple time...

Great choirs chanting...

Wotan Vishnu Kristos...

Wotan Vishnu Kristos...

In runes, this is written in Yr rune, Man rune, and Hagal rune...

It's the same as Yr-Man-Sul actually... that is, Irminsul... the world pillar... the polar symbol of Hyperborean splendor...

And as always it means, "Death, followed by Resurrection, to finally live eternally as a Sun"...


Triple time... join the chanting choir, the chorus, the choral speech...

You've got it... like getting Actionism in chantable, tripartite slogans... just getting into that triple time:
Action is everything... Will to power... Summon your strength... Rest in action...

I say again, this is Actionism in chantable slogans: Power, now, forever... Rest in action... You are everything... You are god...


Odin Vili Ve...

Odin Thor Frey...

Har Jafnhar Thridi...

Om shânti om...

And so we reel around the fountain...

Getting into shamanic frenzy...

Reel around the maypole...

Reel around in the Horga hambo...

Triple time, triple time...

Action is everything --

Will to power --

Rest in action --


Action, now, forever --

Will, reason, compassion --

You are god --


Going further into "triple pattern wisdoms" we of course have "Künstler, Genie, Held"... the Actionist mantra par preference...

Actionism has an artistic strain... as I've already showed you... and this artistic vein is material for any contemporary doctrine...

I mean, the Western world is in a sorry state... but in all this, don't get locked up into sad patterns... patterns of chaos... like reading the news... nay, I say... instead you must create your own reality, found your own vision... in the artistic manner...

Du bist Künstler, Genie, und Held, und du bist der Retter des Westens...

In short, creativity will save us...


Om shânti om --

Wotan Vishnu Kristos --

Odin Vili Ve --

Summon your strength --

Well you've got it now... I think I've made my point now... as always in these preachments I may sound a little mysterious... but that's just me... style is everything... and I go for style in all I do... I don't care if YOU don't understand... I only preach to the smart... the dumb will never understand anyway...

And as I said, "summon your strength"... and as a valediction I say, Go with power...

A fine greeting, ain't it... I found it in E. E. Smith's Galactic Patrol... in a certain chapter a guru teaches the hero strength, strength of will... and when the lesson is over it all ends with the guru saying, "Go with power"...

And the same I say to you, now, disciple... read Actionism... be strong... Go with power...

Note to the reader
This spring I've started a new series... on this blog I've begun posting these impressionist preachments... titled "Preachment 1, 2" etc... and you can find them all under the blog label "att vara Svensson"... here...

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lördag 4 maj 2024

Blog post, 4 May 2024

Good morning, disciple. Today's preachment is about fire and movement, cosmic variety.

And so we say:

In the Bible, in the Apocalypse, we read a lot. For instance, in chapter 16 we have this eminent scene, about atheists getting their fill:

Then the third angel poured out his bowl on the rivers and springs of water, and they became blood. And I heard the angel of the waters saying: ... "You have rightfully judged these things. For they have shed the blood of saints and prophets, And You have given them blood to drink. For it is their just due."

In other words, it's payback time...!

Coming soon to a fairground near you.

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