tisdag 5 december 2017

I Declare You the Spiritual Superman

As you all know I have a new book out. It's called "Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man".

"Actionism" is about a lot of things. Key words are Responsible Man, Memento Mori, Movement As A State, C3 and Action As Being.

So, in presenting "Actionism" you can say that Responsible Man uses willpower and Memento Mori in order to reach mental calm – C3, a state of “Calm, Cool and Collected”. This is the way to be under the new, improved sun in the coming golden age.

This I say.

In presenting "Actionism" you can also say the following.

- - -

The Actionist goes with Movement As A State through the Metropolitan decadence, heading for Antropolitan splendor.

- - -

The Responsible Man embodies Action As Being, lives according to There Is Only Here And Now and performs Movement As A State. He's the sunshine zeitgeist melting the glacier of nihilism.

- - -

By way of will-thought, I exercise supreme power over my being. That’s sovereignty, that’s responsibility, that’s freedom.

By my very existence I wield enormous powers.

- - -

Willpower, zest and faith-in-action is the way ahead.

It’s time for the sunshine zeitgeist to melt the glacier of nihilism.

It’s time for alacrity and drive to sweep away the negativist development in literature, film and the media.

It’s time to stop worship death, time to start worship life and light...

Believe, fight, shine...!

- - -

I declare you the spiritual superman... his name is Responsible Man.

Presentation of the Book
Redeeming Lucifer
Painting by Robert Svensson: "Till Norrlands ungdom" = "To the Youth of Norrland"

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