fredag 22 december 2017

Good Reads Lately, December 2017

Hereby some books I've just read.

. Vivekananda, Words of Inspiration (vedanta explained in a reasonably popular, "outreach" vein, inspirational indeed; I loved this when reading Indology in the 90s and to read it again was great, giving you a perspective of the western vs. eastern attitude to spirituality). [Here is a post in Swedish about Vivekananda's life and thought.]

. Drunvalo Melchizedek, The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life (sacred geometry, Egypt, Atlantis, etc, etc, all by a mystery man claiming to have known and spoken to Thoth, nonetheless, this book is a clear and succinct overview).

. John Wyndham, Stowaway to Mars (a balanced, relatable, quaint space adventure; a plus is given for the Martian setting which is alluring and exciting, and at the same time devoid of too many monstrosities and ugly features, which otherwise can be common when telling of the Red Planet (q.v. Weinbaum, Gordon, Heinlein)). [This is a revised opinion of mine of Wyndham's book, compared to the verdict in this post.]

. Fredric Brown, What Mad Universe (from 1949, the first space opera parody, kinda elegant as such, the realism of a Joe Schmoe meeting the fantasy of a galactic adventure).

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