måndag 9 december 2019

Timeline: Secret History of Man

What of the history of Man, the history you don't hear at school or in MSM...? Well, hereby a suggestion for a secret history outline. It's given in the form of timeline.

6 Million Years Ago: Mankind created in the Lyra constellation of the Vega system. Mankind then evolves in the Pleiades (qv. Sheldan Nidle).

900,000 BCE: Settling of a human colony on Earth on Lemuria (qv. Nidle, Blavatsky).

500,000 BCE: Lemurians founding Atlantis (qv. Nidle).

450,000 BCE: Annunaki arrive in the Middle East, according to Sitchin. About 300,000 BCE they create a variety of man.

100,000 BCE: Hyperborea, symbol of the Golden Age, thriving. Annunaki getting friendly with earthly women (qv. Genesis 6:1-2).

50,000 BCE: Lemuria has its heyday. Atlantis evolves. Hyperborea submerged (qv. the Eddas on the submerging of Midgard).

50,000 BCE: Atlantis. Thriving of this culture as intimated by Cayce, Melchizedek, Plato. Age of Patriarchs in Bible probably set on Atlantis (= antediluvian man, long-lived according to his spiritual advancement).

30,000 BCE: last remains of Lemuria sinking beneath the waves.

10,000 BCE: the Deluge. Atlantis submerged; refugees escaping in diverse vessels, overlaying existing cultures in America, Europe, Egypt, the Middle East and India.

7893-5733 BCE: "Ancient Indian epoch" (Steiner).

5733-2970 BCE: "Ancient Persian epoch" (Steiner).

2970-747 BCE: "Egypto-Chaldeic Epoch" (Steiner), the thriving of this culture even acknowledged by exoteric history, in the form of "Dynastic Egypt".

After this we have the progress of recorded history in Greece and Rome, Europe, the (re)discovery of the New World etc., up to the present.

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Painting by Robert Svensson