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This is a biographical survey of Lennart Svensson, the author of Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait, Science Fiction Seen from the Right and Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man. -- This entry first has a bio, then a bibliograhy with links to Svensson's books, then some notes on "the way ahead" and, lastly, a gallery.


Lennart Svensson was born in the north of Sweden in 1965. After national service at I 21 regiment he settled for a while in Uppsala, studying the classics and working in a restaurant. He left in 2010 as a trained chef and a BA in Indology. He now lives in Härnösand on the north-eastern Swedish coast.

In Swedish Svensson published some fiction in book form before switching to writing in English. On the Australian imprint Manticore Books he published Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait in 2014 and Richard Wagner -- A Portrait in 2015. In 2015 he also published the essay Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man on Numen Books. (Numen and Manticore just got merged into Hadean Books. In this link you'll find blogposts etc. by me on the Hadean site.)

A major essay of Svensson saw light of day in 2016: Science Fiction Seen from the Right. This was a literary study portraying the genres of sf and fantasy from a radical conservative viewpoint, as such, totally unique in the history of these genres. For they are otherwise totally imbued by a left-leaning, materialist-nihilist, reductionist mindset. With his essay, Svensson attempts to bring wonder and awe, right-wing style, back into science fiction.

Indeed, Svensson has a conservative outlook in life, appreciating traditional art and culture of the Nordic and Western kind along with the Sanâtana Dharma of India. Svensson aims at giving the audience his traditionally footed worldview in popular form, in both essay and novel form. A proof of the latter is the fantasy Redeeming Lucifer (2017). This is his novel debut in English. His first-ever fiction piece in this language was the story The Middle Zone, published in Morpheus Tales: The Best Weird Fiction, Volume 3 (2013).

Before this, before his career in as a writer in English, Svensson as intimated had published novels in Swedish. And he still writes in Swedish, like publishing his history of Sweden, Ett rike utan like, in 2017.

Bibliography (Selective)

. Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait, 2014 ("A biography of the very highest calibre", Living Traditions Magazine)
. Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man, 2015 ("Spanning from Plato to Castaneda, Svensson manages to not only capture the essential spark and esoteric meaning of conjectures regarding ontology—the nature of being—but he also manages to recast these conjectures in a new light", Juleigh Howard-Hobson in Heathen Harvest).
. Science Fiction Seen from the Right, 2016 ("a book which not just looks at literature “from the Right” but raises questions about what, ultimately, is the Right itself", James O'Meara in Counter-Currents).
. Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man, 2017 (this is my philosophy of life, a self-help guide, a moral completion of the ontology sketched in Borderline, see above).
. Redeeming Lucifer, 2017 (By the publisher the novel is described thus: "This is a classic, exciting adventure story for all ages of the battle between Light and Dark, told with unique imagination and acute historical detail.").
. Burning Magnesium, 2018 (a novel playing on the eastern front of WW2).
. Stellar Storm, 2023 (an sf novel)

The Way Ahead

Svensson is currently planning more books, both essays and novels. Inspiration-wise he's not in the doldrums right now.

Svensson sees it like this: the world of today is in a mess. There are no politicians around worthy of respect. And even if there are, the zeitgeist is in the grip of materialist nihilism, reductionism and myopic scientism. Against this, Svensson proposes a holistic worldview, a spiritualist, energetic mindfulness where the will-thought and passion of the individual is given its due.

With the saying, "I AM," an individual affirms his divine nature. This is the centerpiece of Svensson's thought. Read about it in Borderline. And in Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man.

Svensson might be a mystic but he also acknowledges the role of modern science. As such, he has an archeofuturist outlook in life. Modern technology will continue to shape our lives. However, the mind of man must change its focus from believing in mere science to embrace wisdom. The natural science of today has great ways of examining the material reality. But when you make this scientism into a metaphysical belief system, it goes awry. A deeper understanding of man in the universe, of the relation between micro- and macrocosm, is given by the perennial thought of ancient tradition, of pertinent parts of Christianity, Hinduism, paganism and shamanism.

Today's cultural zeitgeist is soulless, flat and tepid. Against this, Svensson attempts at bringing pizazz, wonder and glory back into the picture.

This is mirrored in all of Svensson's works. So, if you want snug, self-righteous reductionism, don't bother reading his works. But if you want to set out on a journey of discovery, of the self and the whole universe in a new, willful, energetic manner, then do check this writer up.


The school boy, Övik 1976.

Hiking in the Swedish fjälls, 1980 (Saltoluokta).

Graduation day, Secondary School, Övik 1984.

Color Guard duty, Swedish Flag Day, 6 June 1985. Svensson is second man from the left.

Working as a chef, Uppsala 1988.

Svensson visiting his parents' home, January 1989.

Same as the above.

Same as the above.

Svensson's dorm room in Uppsala, 1989.

Traveling in Dalarna county, 1989.

With girlfriend in Uppsala 1989.

Dorm life.

Norrland summer, 1993.

Steninge slott, Uppland county, 2005.

Härnösand 2016.

Sundsvall 2017.

Sundsvall 2017, in front of a painting by his brother Robert Svensson.

8 kommentarer:

Josef Boberg sa...

All fortsatt lycka till med Ditt upplysningsarbetet.

Svensson sa...

Tack för det :)

Dag den vise sa...

Ursäkta, för denna fråga kanske låter oartig i dina öron, men varför skulle det finnas en metropolishatarorganisation när den och dess kultur så tydligt är borta? Borde inte denna organisation vara helt överflödig i ditt Antropolis? Eller finns det några underjordiska grupper som vill återställa den gamla kulturen? Eller hur har du egentligen tänkt här?

Svensson sa...

Ja, hur tänkte jag? Tänkte jag?

Man kan säga: det psykologiska fenomenet med folk som avskyr det som nyss var och som förgudar samtiden anser jag är en realitet. Det är systemimmanent. Idag får vi till exempel ofta höra hur dåligt det var på 1950-talet, det var reaktionärt, det gamla Sverige kommer inte tillbaka etc.

Att profilera dylik avsky för det nyss förgångna, det var min idé med "Metropolishatarna".

Dag den vise sa...

Jag absolut att du nog har lagt mycket själ och tanke i denna bok (jag är ledsen att jag inte nämnde det min förra fråga), och din historia innehåller många riktigt intressanta tankar. Och hur som helst är din historia mycket bättre både stilistiskt och temamässigt än det som de flesta mainstreamförfattare skriver.

Svensson sa...

@Dag den vise: tack. "Antropolis" verkar ligga i tiden. Den har till exempel recenserats nyss på Motpol av Joakim Andersen.

Han gillade boken, verkar det. Även Thomas Nydahl, som recenserade boken i mars på sin blogg, hade en del lovord att ge.

Jonathan sa...

Hey Lennart I enjoyed your interview on Red Ice. Me and a lot of people would be interested in reading your book Burning Magnesium BUT I was disappointed to see that it's not available in Kindle format. I do ALL my reading on Kindle.

You're excluding a large potential audience by not offering a digital version of the novel.

Svensson sa...

Hello Jonathan. Sorry for not publishing your comment until now (it was in the spam filter). -- A Kindle version of Burning Magnesium is available now: here it is.