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Poem: Vortex Master (Svensson 2022)

Hereby an epic poem. It comes in eight chapters. Part of chapter one has been published previously on the blog. -- This is a poem about our age -- the New Age, the Dvāpara Yuga... a poem about creating the world with our minds, our willpower and vision... a poem about chakras, storms, and dancing with the gods in the cathedrals.

We hereby give you the poem Vortex Master. It is an epic poem, a kind of story in poetic form. However, the narrative structure mostly serves as a framework to preach and teach. The poem begins by having the preacher worshiping in a church. Then he goes home. Then he goes out into the woods, lighting a bonfire. That's what we narratively find in chapters one through three; for the rest, see the table of contents right below this. The poem has a total of eight chapters.

Chapter One. Chakravartin
Chapter Two. Going Home
Chapter Three. Bonfire
Chapter Four. Burning Magnesium
Chapter Five. Halleluja I Love Her So
Chapter Six. Divine Laughter
Chapter Seven. Home Again
Chapter Eight. Cathedral Dome
Epilogue. Whole Town Dancing


Chapter One. Chakravartin

I am dancing around in the cathedral
dome, the red brick temple, the
five-nave cathedral...

I am dancing as the Vortex Master,
the Chakravartin, the
Man of Destiny... the
ruler of the rotation,
king of the wheel, the chakra...

Thus I chant, in the deathless
pattern of the śloka metre... I
sing me, I sing what I am... and
a Chakravartin I am, and so I say:
aham asmi cakravartī...

I am dancing around in the cathedral dome,
going clockwise...

I am the Vortex Master,
the whirlpool of being...
the storm, the hurricane, the
tornado... the twister ominously
going through the landscape...

I am the origin of storms, the Holy
Roller, the rotation... the vortex,
the twirl, the swirl, the maelstrom...

I am the Chakravartin, the ruler of chakras...
ruler of the seven energy centres of the body,
the rotating wheels of vital energy.


I am the circum-ambulation around the
altar... a clockwise circuit
making you whole, making you holy...

I rule the chakras, I rule the maelstrom...
I rule the whirlpool, the twirl, the spirals inside...
inside matter, inside of you – all of you...

I am the Horga song, dancing you to death,
the hambo dance for ever twirling, for ever
rotating, like a stream of existence...

I am the rotating flock of birds in the sky above you,
driving you mad...

I am the circum-ambulation around the altar, around
Hindu gods... a clockwise circuit
making you whole, making you holy...


I’m dancing around in the cathedral dome,
going clockwise, as we do in the west, as we do in the east –
in Christian churches, in Hindu temples –
clockwise honouring the divine,
circum-ambulating the god.

Dancing around in the red-brick dome, going
round the altar, going round the ambulatory –
spiral movement forever, like the vortices
creating reality – for I am the Vortex Master,
master of storms, king of tornados – and
the storm begins here, with me, in the dome.

Turbulence begins at home...!

There’s a storm coming up and I AM the storm,
creating it by making rounds round the altar,
by going round and round, maddeningly like a flock
of birds in the sky – jackdaws they are,
round and round the towers they fly –

a vortex of birds, like Birds of the Master
in the Valerian adventure... a vortex in the sky,
look at them and go mad, see the swirl and
you’re caught in the movement – like the
dancers having to dance to the Horga song,
the evil fiddler forcing them to dance to
their death, forever whirling to the music,
round and round they went, until only their
skulls were rattling on the ground.

Vortex of dancers, vortex of birds,
vortex of clouds, vortex of stars...


I am the galaxy rotating in cosmic splendour,
rotating forever, rotating in harmony
with the All... I am the sky rotating around
the Pole... I am the Big Dipper and its position
through the seasons... I am the Fylfoot...

I am the movement, I am the still center...
I am the pole and the circulation at once,
action as being, movement as a state...

I'm the adaptor in the middle of the vinyl
record, the still center... as they
say in Swedish, "alla ränner runt och ja --
é centrumpuck...!"


I’m the nexus of the crisis
and the origin of storms...

I’m the whirlpool, the maelstrom,
Charybdis, eddy, tornado, taifun...
I’m the rider of the storm, the Wild Hunt,
the Yuletide chase in the sky, led by
the Wild Hunter, Odin, god of storms...

All this I am.


I am the cycle of the seasons, and the
precession of the equinoxes, and the cycle
of day and night... and I can turn the day into
night... just wait and see, just follow me on this


I'm a god come down to teach the world a lesson... and while
doing that, teaching and preaching, I will also see to enjoy
myself... having fun, seeing the sights... I will not shun
the good things in life.

I'm a god, welcome to the satyr play...

I'm going round the altar, chanting Vedas,
adoring god, adoring the light... saying to the world,
ye shall be awakened from your sleep...
a storm is coming up, storm and frenzy, storm
and whirling vortices... and in this stormy weather I
will be the calm point in the centre, controlling the storm
but essentially unaffected by it.

Cue the Horga Song...!

Chapter Two. Going Home

I'm bowing to the altar and leaving the church... going out
in the greyish daylight... greeting the flock of passerines
coming at me, approaching in the sky... they twirl, they
rotate, they go about madly in the sky... the perfect aerial
symbol of my vorticular creed, my Chakravartin nature...
big wheels keep on rolling... in the sky, inside me, inside
every man... and while I control my chakras, I incite
yours to rotate at my will.

I slowly head off through the city, past the university library,
on through the Picturesque Park... green shadows, the day is
dying... night is coming, darkness gathering... my element
indeed... for “when the night comes, I am king”...

I enter the Botanical Gardens, I nod at the classical backdrop
of the Orangery, four pillars and a front to elevate me
spiritually... just like Vilhelm Ekelund was uplifted by the
sight of Schinkel’s Neue Wache in Berlin...

Four pillars and a lintel, that’s all it takes
to create traditional grandeur...

Such a classical backdrop, a classical
piece of architecture... proud pillars of the
West... so I say, make me a pillared temple and
voilà, Tradition is magically there again –
be it Neue Wache, or this temple,
or anywhere you erect a classical front...

I leave the Orangery, heading off through quiet
greenery... and soon I approach my suburban palace,
white marble, white car on the drive... and
in the cinema tonight, my private monitoring room,
my cinema noche, I’ll will have a screening of Parsifal
on the Met.

Chapter Three. Bonfire

I was at home, planning a screening of
Parsifal... but my restlessness drove me out
into the woods... and there I lit an enormous
bonfire... I like to sit by the fire, it cleanses
my aura... and now, sitting by that fire, souls
approached me... souls beckoning me, calling, inviting,
fussing, fighting... but I was cool... and let
each one of them come forth and speak... and
they spoke of a people in bonds, a people
tormented by tyrants... mourn for us
oppressed in fear... chained and shackled
we are bound... freedom choked in dread
we live...
a people, enslaved in their
minds, scared... and I spoke, and I
said... I will lead you out of slavery, out
of bondage... and in the ashes of the morning
I awoke... and to the grey skies I lifted
my hands, shouting, “To undo the heavy
burden, and let the oppressed go free!”


Sum up your will. Make yourself strong,
not weak. Fight for your country and people,
not against them.

Be ethnically yourselves.
Shape your character, live according
to ideals.
Exercise your body.
Acquire knowledge.

There you have it, these are the commandments
of a Nordic Renewal... the renewal whose prophet
I am... as Chakravartin, Vortex Master, new age hero.


I am Chakravartin, the incarnated god,
the avatar of this age... at the conjunction
of two yugas I have come to liberate you,
shake you up, make you great... wake up
Faustia from her sleep, awaken Europe,
having the Western world rise and shine.

Freya, weck die Toten...!

aham asmi cakravartī...
namas te, rāja-ti-rāja...
hail the new dawn...


I will play a European song to my beloved...
join in, be overwhelmed, be European and hip...
to the tune of Time and Lady Grinning Soul... and she
nods and smiles but does she get it, is she
really into this European avant-garde...?

Is she...?

We will dance out, into the streets... me and my
beloved will lead the dance... and the whole city
will dance with us, rotate with us... me and Melina
in the centre, the rest around us... like Krishna and
Radha leading the divine dance... round and
round we go... symbol of the universe, of the
dance of particles... the symphony of the
spheres... dance of life, dance of death...


Vortex Master, Chakravartin... master of wheels,
master of spirals... big wheels keep on turning,
fire keeps on burning... what goes up, must
come down, spinning wheels must go round...

Master of the Vortex... Blaster of the Vortex...
creator of worlds, destroyer of worlds...

Oppose me and oppose the world, oppose
the cosmos... join me and join the world, be part of a
cosmic resurrection, a galactic endeavour...
cue Heaven and Hell by Vangelis...


Holy Roller, Whirling Dervish...

spinning top, pirouetting dancer...
gyroscope, spiral staircase, spiral DNA...

Crown hair, vertex, whorl... we all have
such a spiral on top of our heads... a hair
spiral, a twirl... and we all have
chakras inside... and all matter is spiral in
nature... a spiral motion inwards creates
matter, a spiral motion outwards dissolves it...

We all have chakras... and he who consciously
knows this, wilfully directs the energy of his
chakras, he is a Chakravartin, and he will
potentially rule the world... microcosm and
macrocosm... because these are mindful times,
Kali Yuga over and Dvāpara Yuga just beginning...
and at this conjunction I am come to you to lift you
up, elevate you into cosmic splendour...


I am Viṣṇu, I am Kalki... I am Odin, I
am Frigga... I am Lakshmi, I am Brahma...
I am Shiva, I am Krishna... I am Freya, I
am Siv... I am Thor, I am Kristos...

This is the 21st century, this is Dvāpara Yuga,
and the gods are back... just look yourself
in the mirror... that divine spark in the eye,
that’s the soul, the true self... it’s divine...
tat satyam, sa ātmā, tat tvam asi...


“Time – is waiting in the wings,
his script is you and me”... verily...
I am Time, I am Death...
the destroyer of worlds... kālo ‘smi,
loka-kṣaya-kṛt pravṛddho...


I am the Vortex Master, the
Chakravartin, and I will cure you...
I will cure Europe of its inherent
disease, passive nihilism... the chakras
of the common European man are
rotating too slowly, that’s the thing...
so here I am, here to set your chakras
rolling... rolling... rolling down the river...

Chapter Four. Burning Magnesium

Astral war, frequency war, energy war...
cold war in a country garden... war games,
tin soldiers parading, propaganda war 24/7...
learn to love it – live it – forever at storming
distance, forever mindfully burning with the
burning magnesium in the sky, the illumination
round lighting up a diameter of 800 m...


All hail the Chakravartin, the Vortex Master...
Man of Destiny, Great Guide... ruler of
the world, Hero of the New Age...

And we all know that the New Age began in 1899,
the year Franz von Stuck painted Die Wilde Jagd...
also known as The Wild Hunt... which later became
Riders in the Sky... in the Wild West version...

But we're not in the prairie now...
we're not in Kansas anymore...
we're in Europe... mythical Europe,
true Europe... where pagan gods still
haunt the skies... especially at yuletide...
in wild frenzy, cosmic vorticism...
a wild bunch riding in a void, a
stormy posse of mythic beings...

The Wild Hunt rides forever through the mind,
the Berserker spirit reborn, riding forever in dream
space, forever fighting the astral war against the Demiurge...


Wind and storm and whirling vortices...
a new awakening where Chakravartin will
teach you virtue with the sword... he’ll
sweep you along in a hurricane of emotion
on to a destiny beyond the Beyond...

Valkyries riding to Valhalla...
einherjar fighting the wolf, the enemy of light...
led by Odin, riding out to fight the hordes
in the final battle for this army of heroes, this vīrasena...
this great army, die grosse Armee... den stora
the Wild Hunt, den vilda jakten...

The myth lives on, the Wild Hunt rides on...!
Led by the Avatar, the Chakravartin, the Magician
Man, the Vortex Master, it is going on tour...
and might soon harass a sky in your vicinity...
an aerial army of Aryan warriors come to fight
the endgame against the forces of the dark, the
forces of the Demiurge, the forces of materialist nihilism...

The Wild Hunt rides on... join us today...!
We will recruit any white man, ready to
fight the dark...

Chapter Five. Halleluja I Love Her So

I am the Vortex Master, the Chakravartin...
Man of Destiny, Hero of the New Age...


Halleluja I love her so... that’s what I do...
so, who cares if she doesn’t get all my
references... she tops it all off with her
smile, her very being... love fills out
the blank... spirit fills out the void...

Sometimes she falls short of my dream
image... sometimes she surpasses it...

Some things are lost in translation... but
some things are also won... you can’t strive
for theoretical perfection... you must go
out there and live a life.

Chapter Six. Divine Laughter

I am the vortex, the vertex, the twirl...
the swirl, the whorl, the whirlwind...
Westland Whirlwind, Westland Lynx...

I, while the gods laugh, the world’s vortex am;
Maelström of passions in that hidden sea
whose waves of all-time lap the coasts of me;
and in small compass the dark waters cram.

This poem is by Mervyn Peake and it fits rather
well into this epic poem, don’t you think...?

This much I say... and more... more in the way of
fitting quotes... for instance, above I spoke about
being an avatar for this age, the current yuga-avatāra...
about being the tenth incarnation of Viṣṇu, the avatar
named Kalki... who would appear at the conjunction of
two Yugas... at a yuga-sandhi... and the whole verse goes
like this, this is the full Bhāgavata Purāṇa śloka (1.3.25):
athāsau yuga-sandhyāyāṁ
dasyu-prāyeṣu rājasu
janitā viṣṇu-yaśaso
nāmnā kalkir jagat-patiḥ

“Thereafter, at the conjunction of two yugas,
the Lord of the creation will take His birth
as the Kalki incarnation and become the son
of Viṣṇu Yaśā. At this time almost all the rulers
of the earth will have degenerated into plunderers.”


I am the Wheeler-Dealer...
I move in circles around you...
and here’s what you shall do:
take two vortices and let them
counter-rotate and voilà, you
have gravity-free power... you
have a perpetual machine, a
space machine, a ship with which
to conquer the stars at minimum
energy expenditure... so we’ll go
to Mars and preach under the Cydonia
sphinx, we’ll conquer the stars... it’s in
the cards, it’s in the vortex... for I, while
the gods laugh, the universe’s vortex am...


Again I circum-ambulate the altar, doing the
rounds round the ambulatorium... dancing the
rounds of the Black Rose... again I invoke the
Vortex, again I am the universe’s vortex... again
I impel the world to turn, the water to whirl, the
air to swirl, the storms to gather...

I bow to the altar and exit the church, going to the
graveyard... sitting down on a tombstone to brood,
ruminating over the fate of the world... then I go
to a mortuary chapel, lying down in a coffin to
sleep... and after forever I am awoken... by an easy-
going chap, a smiling MC, a smooth-shaven middle-man...
and he says, “come on it’s time to go”... and I say to
what, to make some Faustian bargain... oh no he says,
we only want you to preach and teach... you’re the
Chakravartin ain’t you, master of spirals, master of
reality, master of the world... and I say yeah and
rise out of the coffin to follow the man... down
corridors and hallways going on forever... until
we come to a large hall... and as the MC he is, he
takes the stage and says to the audience, hello
world, are you ready to rock’n roll... for here he
is, the Wheeler-Dealer, New Age Hero, Holy
Roller... Chakravartin, master of wheels, master
of energy... Man of Destiny, impeller of whirlwinds,
the origin of storms... and the crowd roars and so
I take the floor... exuding that Man of Destiny-
aura... that terrible and yet inspiring loneliness...
alone with history, alone with God... savouring
the magic of the moment... for the moment
is now, and now’s the moment... a moment
where I become the avatar, the god-man, and
everything I say comes easily... like a waterfall,
a whirlpool, a stream of images... in other words,
as Chakravartin and Vortex Blaster I do my
thing... to the millions I speak, to the audience
I lay out the law... that is, I continue my preaching:


I am soldier and savior, Wanax of the West, the preacher of
the great divide... I am shield Soskation, sword Nothung, the
spear of Dorylaon to pierce the head of the beast.

I am the water of life and the water of death.

I slew the dragon gnawing off the roots of the world tree.

I sent the demon guarding the treasure back to his home
dimension, leaving me with immense riches to create a new
viable currency... I stormed the reality studio, spearheaded
the breakout out of the Kamenets kessel, sailed the steel
breeze of Operation Ultra... I fought the aliens on earth and their
home-world... I sent the co-opting parasites to the hologram along
with blockheads, dolts, skeptics and nihilists...

I’m a legend in my own lunchtime,
a poet and a pundit, a preacher and a teacher,
for ever seeking Harmony, Beauty and
Spiritual Passion...

To seek and to find, the journey’s over... having arrived.

“Home is the sailor, home from the sea / and the
hunter is home from the woods...”


My preachment thus over a band magically
appeared behind me... a group, a spooky
ensemble... there to envelop the audience
in its musical magic... I thought I could
discern the notes of Diamond Diary...
and since it was an instrumental number I just
disappeared... there was nothing left to do, nothing left to
say... so I was engulfed by a suddenly rising
veil of dry ice smoke...

Chapter Seven. Home Again

And the rest is a muddle... my memories of what
happened next are not so clear-cut... I mean, I went
to sleep in the coffin, then the MC awoke me, then he took
me to a rock’n roll show... where I shone... and spoke...
like I’ve never spoken before... Man of Destiny, the lone
preacher... out of the desert and into the grand hall...
speaking words of wisdom, of action, of beauty,
of mythopoesy... that was the event... and then Diamond
Diary... and after my going into the smoke screen all went
dizzy... a dream state if there ever was one... a flurry of
action, of vorticular motion... I was the eye of the storm,
the impeller, the creator of this world by projecting
spirals in and out of the objects... I was the Horga song
fiddler, the Great Guide, the DNA... the flock of jackdaws
in the sky, added by ravens and crows, lizard-like birds,
monstrous creatures to drive you mad... and at the end
I fell into the vortex itself, I went down into the
Maelstrom, the whirlpool... into a black hole that was me.


I awoke to the song of birds... gentle birds, homely
birds... not maddening birds in a vortex in the sky...
Melina padded my forehead with a wet towel... she
came through like in a haze, a dream woman for sure...
she touched my face with a cool hand... and I was
saved... however, let me stress one thing... that
this was no turning point, no turning back...
it wasn’t so that I by this would relinquish my faith,
my role, my endeavour as Wheeler-Dealer and Master
of Storms... oh no... but you know how it is... light
and shade... we experience everything and its
counterpart... and now I savoured that moment
of rest... that moment of awakening in the light,
in a room full of flowers... and birdsong from
the garden outside.

I soon was back in form... so I went out into the
garden... and preached to the birds and the bees,
the flowers and the trees... and so I spoke the
following words:

I am god.
I am superman.
I am victory –
victory –

Chapter Eight. Cathedral Dome

Strengthened by my garden episode I felt like
keeping up the good work... I felt like preaching
day and night... forever speaking, forever
teaching... always dominating a crowd, always
lashing out and feeling the congregation surge
and react, like an ocean... like a “tale from a
topographic ocean”... like a metamorphic rock
that you actually shape here and now, with
your thought... as your deathless words ring
out, instantly becoming historical, instantly
becoming as if hewn in rock...

That what was I needed... to teach and preach...
So I went to church... and on the way people were going
in the same direction... they bore me on, they impelled
me to go, they invited and incited me to go to the dome
and preach... so we all went down to the red brick temple...
and in a wave of euphoria I was directed into the pulpit,
a grand artefact of gilded wood... with a staircase taking
me up into the nest, the perch, the boot, the speaker’s
platform with its pertinent frame... and when
the crowd had settled I could go on with my
preaching... first addressing the very room, bowing to
the spirit of the church... namas te... namas te... all
you gods and avatars hanging around in this ether...
om namo narāyanâya... śrī... śrī... and then I went
on with my preachment... and I said the following...

On the tower of Åsele church
is inscribed: Spera in Deo.

On the Apollo temple of Delphi
is inscribed: Gnôthi Seautón.

And on my heart is inscribed:
Aham brahmāsmi.

Believe in God.
Know Thyself.
I am god.

Epilogue. Whole Town Dancing

After the preachment I led the dance around the altar
with Melina... round and round we went, in hambo
rotation as well as in cirum-ambulation round the altar...
the whole church followed suit, the audience spontaneously
formed dancing couples and followed our lead... and so we
danced out of the church and into the streets... the invisible
band played the Horga song... then Black Rose, A Rock
Legend... which is a jig, very danceable... then
Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald, a walz... the whole town
was dancing to the rounds of a Strauss walz... and the sun
shone and the jackdaws circled... and the galaxy rotated
invisibly above our heads... in four-armed splendour it
created an eternal symbol for me as Chakravartin, Wheeler-
Dealer, Vortex Master, Man of Destiny, Great Guide...
Ruler of the Wheel, ultimate avatar, Hero of the New Age.

Burning Magnesium (2018)
Sanskrit poem, September 2022
Kali Yuga is over

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