torsdag 25 februari 2016

Interview With Me

The word is spread.

Lithuanian writer Mindaugas Peleckis has conducted an interview with me. It's for his cultural site Radikaliai. We talk about my new book Borderline, tradition, new age, my other books etc. etc. You find it here.

A sample quote from the interview could be this one. Asked about how I perceive the Swedish I for instance say:
From north to south Sweden is studded with churches, today not so very frequented but this will change. Maybe some Christian mysticism, some official recognition of Swedenborg will again fill the churches...? As for Swedenborg he actually happens to be buried in the national cathedral in Uppsala but this is a mere acknowledgment of his worldly greatness, he was famous and therefore he had to be buried in grand fashion, but the Lutheran church (which rules Uppsala cathedral) doesn’t acknowledge Swedenborg’s doctrines. That’s odd.
On a personal note, I enjoyed talking to Mr. Peleckis. The questions made sense and covered about everything, from culture to politics and more. Here's a link to the interview.

Ascended Masters -- Some Notes

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