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About This Blog

This blog has existed for more than ten years now.

This blog is written by me, Lennart Svensson. I'm an author. And here's my biography.

This blog started on November 22, 2007. And now it's February 2018. Thus, the blog is 10+ years old.

The blog is called "Svenssongalaxen" in Swedish. In English, that'll be "The Svensson Galaxy". The youngest galaxy in the universe, young and vibrant. And for a blog, rather mature.

- - -

The blog has entries in both Swedish and English. In the beginning, they were mostly in Swedish. Now it's mostly English entries.

For its part, a book starting my English career was "Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait". After that one, I've published some more books in English. Here's my bibliography.

- - -

Maybe I should link to some interesting entries on this blog. In English.

Here, we find the table of contents. English language posts on top.

Other than that, there are some interesting entries to be found. Like these, posted over the years:
. 2014: some notes about American author Clark Ashton Smith.
. 2015: a sample chapter from my Wagner bio.
. 2015: a short entry about the pictures that Julius Evola painted.
. 2017: a post sketching a main difference among authors, that of being either "a painter" or "a draughtsman".

- - -

So, what shall I say now? This was a post presenting the blog and me. Hope you liked it.

Biography of Svensson
Table of Contents
Redeeming Lucifer
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