onsdag 11 november 2015

Evolian Art

Hereby an outing into the world of art.

Personally, I both like (1) abstract art and (2) art depicting everyday reality.

As for abstract art, Julius Evola made some memorable pictures in this vein.

According to his autobiography, in his youth up and until 1921 Evola was active as a painter, as an abstract artist.

Evola is not a major figure of this art movement (that of Kandinsky, Klee, Balla, Picabia). However, he was indeed a part of it, making some notable contributions.

My personal favorite Evola paintings are ”Paesaggio interiore, apertura del diaframma,” ”Five o’clock tea” (see pic) and ”La libra s’infiamma e le piramidi”.

Evola meant that ”art is egoism and freedom,” a spiritual way of expressing yourself, a way of going into a trance and transcend the limitations of the individual. This he said in Abstract Art (Arte Astratta, 1920).


When debating abstract art with right-wingers you can use Evola as a defence... like this:

Dude: Abstract art is bad...!

Me: But Julius Evola painted many abstract pictures.

Dude: OK, viva abstract art!

Bibliography of Svensson
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My book Actionism (2017) has a chapter on Evola, what he means for my philosophy of life

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