fredag 30 oktober 2015

The Ice Shield (poem)

I live where I live: in mythical surroundings. I've written a poem about it to sum it all up. The poem follows below.

I live on The High Coast,
Sweden's middle-northern
rocky coastline, with
quaint harbours surrounded
by steep mountains: bays and
inlets, islands and canals,
everything framed by forrested
mountains. So why all these
steep cliffs bordering on the
sea, why this High Coast?

They say that in olden times,
prediluvian times, the ice-shield over
Scandinavia had its centre right
here, over today's Angermannia -
and when the ice melted and the shield
disappeared, the recoiling crust shot
ever so high, giving birth to these
steep mountains, these coastal
inclines and promontories.

And you could say: when the ice melted
over Scandinavia, when this ice-shield
finally gave away there was THE DELUGE,
the flood, drenching the last remains
of Atlantis and letting Noah's nave
float away on the waves.

The ice-shield over Angermannia,
yea, ALL the remaining ice in
the world melted away suddenly,
in one stroke, at some moment,
say about 10 000 B.C., resulting in
the Deluge. And the traces of that
flood can be seen everywhere, just
look around, see the lakes, see
the sights, ask any geologist:
"a drainage pattern from the last
ice age" he will call it.

Makes you wonder... Wonderous to
live in these Titanic surroundings,
among these steep cliffs by the sea.
The High Coast. So come and see it, surely
some tourist attraction: Skule Mountain,
Nordingrå, Skule forest, Trysunda Island...

I live in this landscape, I live this
myth -- the past myth of the ice age,
the coming myth of wonder and glory;
I embody these mythical days, a legend
living in a legendary landscape, waiting for
a Coming Golden Age, The Midsummer Century.

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