onsdag 1 mars 2023


Sûryo yathâ sarvalokasya cakshuh... the sun is like the eye of the world... that's a mantra you need to say to calm down.

Are ye calm now...? Are ye ready for this blog post...?

Now it begins.

And the post says: I Am History.

I write historical books.

In 2018 it was Commanders. About American generals. "Well-written book with excellent information," says an Amazon review.

In 2022 it was Rigorism. With essays covering many subjects related to history.

And in Swedish I have written about WWII... in Trotylstorm i öster.

Buy them all on Amazon.

Then, having read them, you, too, can say: I AM HISTORY. Because they give you an unique grasp of history.

And if you don't feel like buying a book, but still want to hear some historical preachment from me, then read this. It is a series on the blog, delineating history from the so-called dawn of civilization until our times.

Rigorism -- The Influence of Willpower Upon History
Trotylstorm i öster
Historical eras

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