måndag 1 maj 2023

New book in the pipe

A new book by me is forthcoming. -- Edit 29 May: the book is out now...!

Generally speaking, this is an essay.

My new book is a study of a special kind of struggle raging over the planet today.

Other names for this struggle is propaganda war, info war, frequency war, and silent war.

It is the "Kulturkampf" of today taking place on the net, in media -- everywhere. The war between globalism and nationalism, modernism and traditionalism.

The book sees it as a mindful war -- essentially, a war for your soul.

The chapters of the book will treat stuff like "war as being," "holism," "the role of art," "od, ka chi, vril," "superman musings," et cetera. The conceptual terminology is partly based on Actionism. If you've read that one, this will be rather familiar territory for you.

The publisher is the same as with Actionism, Rigorism, Commanders, et cetera.

Stay tuned, more news will follow. -- Edit 29 May: the book is now released. More info in this post.

Rigorism (2022)
Actionism (2017)
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