onsdag 7 februari 2024

Vintage pod: The Hero's Journey

A pod episode still online after six years, that's rather unique. I am talking about this one.

In March 2018 I was interviewed by Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Radio. Here it is. The first hour is free, the second hour needs membership of Red Ice.

In the interview we talked about my then latest novel, Burning Magnesium. Then the discussion segued into a look at another book of mine, Actionism. For, they do have things in common, the war novel and my personal philosophy. Like action as being, movement as a state, memento mori, and all that.

This was my second interview at Red Ice. In 2017 we talked about my essay on sf. It, too, is still online.

So I'd say, check them both out for a closer look at my preachment.

2018 Interview: "The Hero's Journey -- War, Responsibility and Actionism"
Burning Magnesium
2017 Interview

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