måndag 10 november 2014

Sword and Staff (poem)

Now for a poem of my hand. Everything on this blog is by me, and who "me" is you should have found out by this time.

It's time for a poem, a gnomic piece, a scholarly text in poetic form. If you're in for mysticism and metaphysical poetry, this might be for you.

An old wisdom tells us:
we need both the Sword of Reason
and the Wand of Intuition,
both The Pentacle of Valour
and The Cup of Sympathy.

Bring ’em all on your journey,
forgetting one and you’re lost.

Without the sword you’ll go mad.
Without the wand you can’t find the way.
Without the pentacle you’ll dare nothing
and without the cup you’ll lose your heart.

Thus a golden wisdom.
So sing this for memory:

”Sword and staff, cup and pentacle,
emerald, sapphire, topaze and ruby –
reason, intuition, courage, sympathy –
eeny, meeny, miny, mo”...

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