tisdag 15 maj 2018

A Statement by Carl Griffensteen, Hero of "Redeeming Lucifer"

This is about my novel Redeeming Lucifer (2017).

Carl Griffensteen is the hero of my novel Redeeming Lucifer. He says:
I saw the city of gold and the city of fools, searched for Buddha's teacup and found the Rose that Never Withers.

I met Ringo Badger in a misty field, Morven in a gnarled oak wood, Parysatis in a bronze castle. I made Eustace le Jeune acting chief of the Army of the Light and I fought Maximilian Körner, the leader of the Army of the Dark.

And also, with God's help, I redeemed Lucifer.
That's what Captain Griffensteen says. More info about his adventures in this post.

The Astral War
Redeeming Lucifer

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