söndag 6 maj 2018

Universal Praise for Actionism

My latest essay is a selfhelp guide. It's called "Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man".

"Actionism" is about willpower, responsibility and action.

This creed is traditionally bred, willpower-fed, divinely led.

And it's been well received by the readership. All (hitherto) three reviews on Amazon.com give it 5/5. And they read:
The author takes the perennial wisdom, Traditionalist (capital T), and Identarian movements as a basis for constructing an actionable philosophy of life. In contrast to the complaints that the broader dissident right is mostly a matter of resentment and victimhood morality, the author sets out to offer an approach to living those values in a positive and creative manner. This is a worthwhile book to read that has received too little attention thus far.

- - -

A wonderful read! It opens many doors. I would recommend having some sort of esoteric foundation before reading.

- - -

A surprisingly deep book that goes above and beyond, penetrating into the origins of the universe and subsequently builds up one's perceptions on how the will to power works. Essentially giving you a schematic to life. One will not find a purely nonintellectual self help book, nor will they find something purely theoretical; it is a self help book proven through advanced perennial philosophy eschewing secrets from very esoteric sources. It is also not hard at all to understand, I rate it a 5/5.
There you have it, on Amazon.com.

In other words, "Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man" is the book to read right now. More info in this post.

Presentation of the Book

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