söndag 1 juli 2018

Interviews With Me

"Podcast radio" is a fine invention.

The pod season of spring 2018 was fine. Two interviews with me were done and broadcast.

The first was on Red Ice Radio in March. It was about my latest books, Burning Magnesium and Actionism. I and Henrik Palmgren had a fine conversation, flowing naturally from the battles of WW2 to the contemporay way of living, in need of willpower and striving.

Then I was interviewed by Rebel Yell, based in the American south. We talked about Actionism, Burning Magnesium, Ernst Jünger, science fiction and everything else. Virtually my whole authorship was covered.

And the previous year, in 2017, Red Ice interviewed me about my book on SF.

So in all, there is lots of great pod material out there to listen to. If you want to hear me talk.

Red Ice Radio: The Hero's Journey
Rebel Yell
Redeeming Lucifer
Burning Magnesium

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