tisdag 7 januari 2020

An Interview with Jack Steelnack, aka. "the Steeler," aka. "Superman in a Sidecap"

We all know Jack Steelnack: "The Steeler," "superman in a sidecap"... that's how we know him, that's some of the nicknames he goes by. And we've all seen him drive around town in his red limo, and we've all seen him standning in his red mansion looking out over the urban vistas; see the pic above...! That's him alright. So, we know him that much. But -- for a deeper probing of him and his worldview, hereby an interview with this living legend. -- Part Two of the interview is here.

We've had the honor of interviewing Jack Steelnack, superman of the new age and an upcoming politician with his Steely ideology. The text will be reproduced below in Q/A form; needless to say, "Q" means our question, "A" means Mr. Steelnack's answer.

- - -

Q: Starting at the beginning, at the nexus of all realities, I'd say: what’s your opinion of God?

A: I worship God. I live with his light before my eyes. 

Q: You do?

A: Yes. God is within me, before me... He's always there. You could say: from his Unfathomable Being a light shines forth, illuminating my mind. Giving me a path to follow.

Q: So faith in God is a centerpiece of your creed?

A: It is. My creed is called Steelism. It shimmers like blue steel in the night -- a hard creed -- a rigorous creed. Fight, strive... life is about being active, conducting operations. Action brings knowledge; conversely, to just sit and think doesn't lead to true understanding. Contemplation must be balanced by action.

Q: Then Steelism, to me, seems like a hard creed, a creed for the active man... but there's faith in God in it, too...?

A: There is. Walking this hard road you can always draw strength from the Source, from God.

Q: Would you label yourself a shaman?

A: I would. A kind of magician, an alchemist; an active idealist, a fighter for truth.

Q: Fight to the death, eh...?

A: Fight for fighting itself. Keep always on the move. Never stop the action...

Q: Who are the worst enemies of the Western world?

A: Defeatism. Dejection. Weakness of will.

Q: You speak of will. Is will-worship compatible to God-worship?

A: It is. Will is always pure. It is desire we must avoid. Desire is materialistic. Will is spiritual.

Q: So Steelism is a kind of voluntarist theism?

A: Put academically -- yes.

[And that closes the first part of the talk. Here is Part II.]

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Anonym sa...

Fascinating reading. I would certainly want to read more about this character.

Svensson sa...

Thanks for the comment. -- In the pipe is a Part 2 of the interview. So, the plan is that this will be posted soon.