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Review: The Field -- The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (McTaggart 2008)

In 1988 I read James Gleick’s Chaos – Building a New Science. And in 2011 I read David Wilcock’s The Source Field Investigations [link to review in Swedish]. Now I’ve read Lynne McTaggart’s The Field -- The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe (2008, originally published in 2001). And all these books give a survey of modern science, seeing the world from a new angle. All these books go into the works of certain scientists; as it were, we get a glorified pageant of case-studies. -- All these books are both readable and worth the effort, in particular the books by Wilcock and McTaggart. They give a human dimension to science. They insert individual man and his WILLPOWER AND VISION into the equation.

Some while ago we quoted Nikola Tesla: "Electric energy is everyhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas".


This is a fine summation of what zero point energy is. And the specific term was even mentioned in that previous blog post. Now, we shall take a look at a study summarizing where the zero point field research stands today. 


The book is called, The Field – The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, written by Lynne McTaggart and originally published in 2001. This reading is based on the revised edition of 2008.


This is Vril territory...! McTaggart doesn’t mention the term proper but she mentions chi. And the affinity of vril etc. with zero point energy we have mentioned above.


- - -


Zero point energy, zero point field... the “Field” of the title of the current book is that zero point field. 


So what is this? What is the zero point? McTaggart explains it and we summarize her thought below.


In the early 20thcentury quantum mechanics realized that the universe is not static, it is a cauldron of subatomic particles emerging and disappearing in a constant process. The mere fabric of reality seemed to be a field of energy constantly interacting with all subatomic matter. The foundation of the universe was a vast quantum field.


This quality of constant subatomic movement was discovered by German physicist Werner Heisenberg (1901-1976). He showed that you can’t both determine the energy and the direction of a particle = the uncertainty principle. Any given, brief subatomic event includes a lot of unknown energy; it is infinitely small, infinitely energetic...!


The particles created in these brief encounters are called virtual particles, only existing while the energy exchange takes place, the time of uncertainty intimated by the uncertainty principle.


This subatomic dance takes place in the zero point field. It was given the value of zero  because movement in this field can still be measured at absoule zero temperature, at minus 273 Celsius, a state of energy where no movement should appear. Zero point energy was the energy that was left in the maximum vacuum at the lowest possible temperature, as close to zero you could come in subatomic movement.


Due to the uncertainty principle some residual oscillations will always remain, depending on the exchange between the virtual particles. However, the scientists had always disregarded this because it was always there. They ignored it, seeing it as an insignificant anomaly.


However, scientist Timothy Boyer (1941-) meant that the energy flow of the zero point field could explain many anomalies of quantum mechanics. With the zero point field you could explain the quantum world with classic Newtonian physics. And Hal Puthoff (1936-) speculated over using the zero point field as an energy source.


- - -


Quantum mechanics thus shows us that we live in a sea of movement, a quantum sea of light. 

And already in the 19thcentury Michael Faraday intimated another field, the electromagnetic field. All such fields connect to the zero point field; it is a field of fields. A lot of energy is there, in any part of it, in any particle. Physicist Richard Feynman said that the energy of one cubic meter of space is enough to boil the water of all the seas on earth.


The zero point field told the more openminded scientists (like Hal Puthoff) that all the matter in the universe was connected by waves. These waves were like the Chinese concept of chi – an all-pervading energy field. It was like the Biblical “let there be light,” a light from which we then saw the emanation of solid matter, the earth etc.


And Hal Puthoff meant (in a paper to Physical Review) that the stability of matter depends on this dynamic exchange of subatomic particles in the zero point field. All the time electrons lose and gain energy from the zero point field, in a dynamic balance giving all matter its stability. 


That is, matter is seemingly stable but its core quality is a flow of particles in the zero point field. Panta rei: all is change, all is flow, and with will we can take command of this flow. This is about the power of mind over matter; we create our world. McTaggart touches on this too in her book. Like: 


. Action-at-a-distance, non-locality, ESP, levitation, clairvoyance, precognition, spiritual healing, collective unconscious; all of these could be explained by their share in the zero point field. For instance, the clairvoyant gets his visions by looking into the zero point field. 


. Biophotons, subatomic particles making us alive, have their source in zero point field occurencies. The cell communicates with biophotons; this can explain both the development from a single-cell embryo into an organism (an animal, a man etc.) and the “orchestration of cellular processes”. Biophotonic emissions can explain both morphogenetics and the coordination and communication between cells. And all this is, of course, things that today’s school science can’t explain.


. Memory, inspiration, dreams; these and other mental mysteries can be explained by connecting them to the zero point field. We dream, create, remember by tapping into the zero point field. 


. Even visual perception, the everyday seeing of everyday objects, can be explained with zero point reference. We don’t see the objects as such, we see their quantum information, and from this we make our image of the world. Thus, to perceive the world would be equal to a tuning into the zero point field.


The zero point field is the ultimate storage medium. And even more: it is the way to access the past and the future, as such maybe a synonym to time-space – that is, the metaphysical realm where we can go beyond everyday movement in space and also move in time. A timeless sphere, devoid of separation – the astral world – and this is the zero point field.


That would support another idea suggested by McTaggart: when we die we return to the zero point field. We die and go to the astral...! McTaggart gives a lot of old-school metaphysics a new tinge, a quantum physical tinge.


- - -


The zero point field is what orthodox science calls “the vacuum”. However, this vacuum isn’t empty. As Aldous Huxley said, space is alive with waves and particles, a gigantic and cosmic jazz..!


Sf author Arthur C. Clarke touches on the same thing in his novel 3001, referring to Puthoff etc. and saying that empty space is a cauldron of boiling energies = the zero point field. Inertia and gravity are electromagnetic phenomena occurring because of interaction with that field. Every force is there; Faraday once tried to link gravity to magnetism but he couldn’t prove it. Now, however, with the theories of Puthoff etc., inertia and gravity could be conceptually linked and overcome. This leads to space; we could have an energy free space drive, an anti-gravity engine. We could have craft going at thousands of km/h.


- - -


The zero point perspective touches on a lot of metaphysics beyond mere atmospheric electricity. Briefly it can be said that McTaggart mentions such luminaries as David Bohm and Rupert Sheldrake; however, we won’t go into her discussion of them in this post because we have already covered them in Borderline (2016).


- - -


McTaggart says, “the centre holds, and we are holding it”... The universe needs a spectator; die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung. As we are, so we see. We are co-creators of the world with God. 


In a more narrow sense, McTaggart’s coda is: communication is subatomic. An invisble field, permeating and supporting all of the universe, stores all kinds of information and enables all forms of communication.


And again, the zero point perspective enables a Newtoninan explanation of quantum physics (Puthoff). Thus, from a school-scientific point of view, we could get a unified description of the world, using classic physics, and not having to resort to a specialized quantum physical description of supposedly weird phenomena – phenomena like, “things at one time existing and at another not existing” (= the uncertainty principle), or “things spookily affecting each other at a distance” (= action-at-a-distance). Acknowledging the zero point field we might scientifically explain almost anything in the physical universe, both regarding the movement of planets, of earthly objects, and of atoms and subatomic particles.


- - -


To connect the zero point wisdom with what I've advocated before, you could say:


Vril, the quintessence, omnium etc. is invisble. It is a force, a field, a subatomic occurrence. With McTaggart’s picture, summarized above, we now have a scientific explanation to it, a quantum physical background to it, for anyone needing such a background.


- - -


In other words, there is a quantum connection between the earth, living beings, and the zero point field.


In other words, we are heading for a unified concept of the universe, a concept of everything, of Omnium. This concept would reconcile mind with matter, art with science, science with religion. 


In other words, the zero point field is a land of subatomic vibrations, present everywhere: in space, on earth, in ourselves. According to McTaggart zero point energy exists in a system of fields exchanging energy, linking everything and all, being present in both mind and matter, in bodies as well as in solid matter.


The all-pervading life force – vril, chi, prana – can be described as the zero point field, a living energy field not even scientists can deny. This all-encompassing energy field will never go away; it resonates with everything.


- - -

I am quantum non-locality... 


I am everywhere – and nowhere. I am all beings – and none.


Call me – Vrilpower Superman. I will give mankind the stars.


- - -


McTaggart’s book has been reviewed here and there. For an inspirational quote I choose the following, the pay-off of a review by an anonymous writer. It sees the subject from both a scientific and a traditional viewpoint, saying that the zero point field is like the Biblical manna etc., stating:


"This is the most exciting thing I can think of; the discovery of a substance that is half way between spirit and matter! A substance that can improve the food we eat and our health from that food at the same time! A substance that ties in to the most fundamental discoveries of modern science! A substance that was known to ancient mystics and alchemists! A substance that accesses the zero point for technology like energy production and levitation! Is there anything more full of wonder than this?"


Quinta Essentia

Borderline (2016)

In Swedish: The Source Field Investigations

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