tisdag 16 februari 2021


"Autointerview" means, I'm interviewing myself.

Are you primarily a fiction author or a fact-oriented author?


Are you writing anything right now?


You once wrote Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait. Has Jünger influenced you?


What about your private life?

I have nothing to say about that.

Come on...

In the form having squares for “civil stand” I cross the one saying, No. Satisfied?

What’s your main ambition?

Studiously doing nothing.

Aha, lethargy?

No, rather, “do nothing and everything will be done”.

How does it feel to grow older?

Nice, supernice. A certain calm pervades your being.

What about the ways of the world?

A new golden age is looming. And I will make it come true.

Now we’ve covered your work, Jünger, your civil stand, your plans for the future... is there anything you would like to add?


If so, then I thank you for the interview.

Thank you. It was nice meeting you.

The same to you.


Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait

Evolian Art

My Biography

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