onsdag 28 juni 2017

Perennial Thought, My Style

I'm a preacher and a teacher.

I'm a Pleiadean Preacher and a Martian Messiah. And my thought isn’t created out of nothing. I’m basing my creed on traditional thought, on timeless wisdom from Earth’s past. What sets me apart is that I'm giving traditional thought a relatable form to 21st century man.

What, then, is my thought, my creed, my basic message?

It’s about will and thought as man’s defining feature. It’s about lifting yourself up, striving for perfection – though, it’s not about giving up because perfection isn’t always reached. It’s about getting to learn that your physical body has a limited lifespan; your soul lives on after death, man’s inner light is eternal.

It's about integrating opposites. It's about going to hell and back and live to tell the tale -- as a wilful, I AM-conscious human being.

In short, my thought is summarized in Borderline -- A Traditionalist Outlook for Modern Man.

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