söndag 15 april 2018

A Presentation of Svensson

This is a presentation of the author Lennart Svensson.

Lennart Svensson was born in 1965. He holds a BA in Indology. He can be described as "a rebel fighting for tradition and a conservative advocating action".

Svensson is the author of essays like Borderline and Actionism. And novels like Redeeming Lucifer and Burning Magnesium.

Svensson is Sweden-based and internationally active. And universally acclaimed, judged by the following:

“A biography of the very highest caliber.” (Living Traditions Magazine on Ernst Jünger – A Portrait, 2014)

“With a title like Science Fiction from the Right, one can consider this an automatic purchase for anyone on the Alt Right.” (Counter-Currents on Science Fiction Seen from the Right, 2016)

“A self help book proven through advanced perennial philosophy eschewing secrets from very esoteric sources.” (Amazon review of Actionism – How to Become a Responsible Man, 2017)

Biography of Svensson
Actionism (2017)
Burning Magnesium (2018)
Redeeming Lucifer (2017)
Science Fiction Seen from the Right (2016)
Bibliography of Svensson
The author next to a picture painted by his brother Robert Svensson.

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