torsdag 26 september 2019

Book News: We've Seen the Same Horizon (2019)

A new poetry anthology is out. I'm in it. And so are many others. Because, as the title says, "We've Seen the Same Horizon"... A conceptual revolution is brewing in the West -- a transition from defeatism and materialism to willpower and vision.

The book is 151 pages in trade paperback. Buy it on Amazon.

The editor is Christina Finlayson Taylor.

In the foreword by Robert N. Taylor we read that the state of today's poetry is dismal: "In the academic world we have 'poets' being milled out from creative writing classes that presupposes that anyone can be a poet".

Mediocrity, everyday babble, lines that doesn't sing and swing -- that's the mainstay of Western poetry today.

Also, it doesn't mean anything. It's a language game by tired dandies.

How different, then, with the current anthology...!

This is a clarion call for meaning and willpower, for seeking strength in your own cultural and ethnic heritage.

"We rise. And then we stand" as Juleigh Howard-Hobson says in "Per Aspera Ad Astra" [p. 12]. Truly unique words in today's poetry. Strong and arousing words.

My own poem "I Am the Holy Flame" tries to capture the same arousing feeling:
I am the Holy Flame,
I am the Holy Fire...

I am the flash in the firepan,
fire and movement preaching man.

Burning all materialism to ashes.

I will burn it to ashes, then burn the ashes.

[p. 28]
Arise, awake! The Northern heritage beckons you. As I say in "Palearctic Grandeur":
I awake at night in the peace of 62 degrees north.
The moon speaks in silvery runes about the
coming grandeur of the Nordic regions,
the Palearctic zone and beyond.

[p. 46]
And as for women, I say to them, "be a valkyria" -- for she might historically "be gone but her mindset lives on" [p. 126].

There is more. The book has some additional poems by me, and there are good ones by Siegfried Manteuffel (both in German and English, a fine gesture), Carolyn Emerick, Albie A. Gogel, Christina Finlayson Taylor, Jason O'Toole, David Yorkshire, etc.

In all, a very fine collection. I'd say: like the music of Bach, it's a unique mixture of strength and beauty.

Buy the book on Amazon.

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