onsdag 27 maj 2020

Svensson: Hubris and Megalomania (poem)

Hereby a new poem by yours truly: Hubris and Megalomania.

Abandoning myself to megalomania,
the sweetest affliction...

Hubris 24/7... excessive self-pride,
believing myself to be more than a
man – to be a superman, a man-god...

“I take a pride in probing all your secret moves,
my tearless retina takes pictures that can prove...”


I am hubris, megalomania and self-pride...

I am history. I am victory. I am alchemy.

I thank God for having made me to
pursue my mission here on Earth...

I am Life on Earth... I am What on Earth.


I want power. I want willpower...

Being occupied with self-idolatry,
worshiping the genius of me.

Having fanatical faith and hope in
the triumph of Actionism, the
saving grace of mankind...

Everything I do is religion...
I am Religion.

Burn, holy flame...!
Rage, holy fire...!


I am the holy flame --

I am the holy fire --

fire burns within.


I am megalomania, self-pride, hubris...

I am arrogance, egomania, self-reliance...

I am self-interest, self-love, self-possession --
self-worship... glorified selfishness.

I am self-admiration.

I am self-confidence, self-respect --
pridefulness, self-regard, suffiency.

I am self-glorification...
... and, since God is within me,
in this way I glorify God.


I am zealotry, devotion, enthusiasm --
passion, tenacity, providence.

I am devoted, faithful, zealous...
I am sworn, true blue, true to the end...

I am zeal, ardor, diligence, fervor,
gusto... ‘cos “the word is gusto” as
Chandler said, that’s how to write, that’s
how to be ruthless in a creative sense.


I am pizzazz, charm, glamor, magnetism,
appeal, dazzle, fascination, flash, “it”...

I’m an “it” man and a hitman...

I am intensity, passion, urgency, verve, zest --
alacrity, drive, enterprise, intent, push, yen.

And “yen” in this context is no Japanese coin...
it means, a strong desire or inclination...

That’s me -- that’s the Actionist me, just me
and my operation, now and forever...

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