fredag 10 februari 2023

Blog post 10 February 2023


You know about this new craze: The Powers That Be trying to persuade us to eat insects...

Gross, man... and they even try to sneak it in surreptitiously.

So I say: in order to avoid insects covertly added into your food, the way it's now becoming fashionable, avoid prepared food... and buy foodstuffs that you know what it is... like real fish, meat, veggies...

You got that...? Fine. Next, go home with your ingredients and place them on the workbench... and cut 'em up, slice 'em up, and boil them...

And what is this...?

It is called COOKING... and I did this before this insects craze and I'm never gonna give it up now.


Finally, as a pay-off, take a look at the guy in the pic above.

Now there's a guy who knows a thing or two... about the alchemy of cooking... yeah it's magic really... mixing diverse proteins and carbs and herbs... boil until it's done... then you have transmogrified the elements into A DISH.

Everything is magic in my life, everything is alchemy, cooking eminently so.

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