söndag 5 februari 2023

Blog Post 5 February 2023

Welcome to my world. In the pic above you see me teaching and preaching at an event. And that's what I am -- a teacher and a preacher.

I teach and I preach... I roam and I rave... I'm constantly active, constantly "at it"... as an Actionist, a Rigorist, and latter-day magician and alchemist.

Let me tell you about it... let me tell you about my world.

So then, this is a picture from one of my travels... one of those places you don't normally take pictures of... anyway, this is from a gas station in the heartland of Sweden... early morning, Nordic midsummer... love it.

That journey was done in this car... the lovely Volvo V40... engineering-wise it was built on a Ford Focus frame... but Volvo gave it a wedge-like form... it oozes "sport, the joy of driving"... V40 was one of the best Volvos ever imho.

This is one of my most popular works... a history of Sweden... as yet, in Swedish only... but who knows, it might come out in an English edition too... the book is presented in this post... in Swedish.

This is another of my bestsellers, the Jünger bio of 2014... still in print after all these years... "a must-read for fans of Jünger" as an Amazon review said... read more about it here.

Burning love...! as Elvis sang... and this is burning magnesium, lighting up the battlefield at night... more about this stunning work here.

Lovely cover, understated... a conceptual essay about the nature of reality... presentation here.

This is a promo pic from 2019, I figure...

And there you go... this is how I see my world as of 2 February 2023.

Jünger bio
Burning Magnesium
My Swedish history

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