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This is an article, deliberating on stuff. It is written today, November 1, 2017.

This is about chains and breaking them.

- - -

In the Western world of today, white people are conceptually opposed and demonized by the regime. A black, yellow or red man celebrating his specificity is a fine man; a white man doing the same is a bad man.

Further, mass immigration is pushed towards white countries and white countries only. In the everyday social reality, harassment of whites as whites isn’t prosecuted.

So, what is this?

This is the anti-white agenda, a syndrome of being against white people. It’s about anti-white racial discrimination, anti-white propaganda, anti-white hate mongering.

And, it must be noted, anti-whiteism is illegal.

My claim is based on the UN Racism Convention of ICERD from 1965, the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. This document defines racism as any form of exclusion or restriction made on the basis of race, color and descent, intended to discriminate and oppress.

All major nations on this planet have signed ICERD. And as intimated it’s about “all forms of racial discrimination” – which would mean, it also covers the offense of anti-white racism. So, in the current context, if you’re against a white man acknowledging his race, if you’re opposing a white man on the grounds of him being white, you're violating ICERD.

- - -

ICERD protects you against anti-white discrimination. For the record, another such protection is to be found in the UN Genocide Convention of 1948. It’s called CPPCG (Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide). It opposes measures deliberately inflicting on a group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction. This is the central part: in this way, the convention prevents ways of trying to kill a group of people.

As with ICERD, CPPCG isn’t merely an international convention, hanging in thin air as an abstract ideal. Laws based on ICERD and CPPCG are at hand and functional in all notable national legislations, in the West and worldwide.

For its part, CPPCG says a lot. Like how to protect an ethnic group against extinction. This could be applied to the situation of white people today. CPPCG can be used against the anti-white strain. But, in this article I'll instead focus on ICERD as a weapon against anti-whiteism.

- - -

Note: as for me being white I’m not a supremacist. I’m a co–nationalist, stressing peaceful co-existence between people, acknowledging every people’s right to exist in its place of origin. “True nationalism is co-nationalism,” the founder of the concept, Per Engdahl (1909-1994) said.

Generally, I'm a co-nationalist. And, as a Swede I’m a Swedish nationalist, acknowledging our common law-right to the Swedish realm, attested since Tacitus wrote Germania in 98 CE. In it, he portrayed Germanic peoples as tall, blond and blue-eyed, and among them was the tribe of Suiones, by direct descent becoming today’s Swedes. See my Swedish history Ett rike utan like (2017) for details.

I’m a Swede proclaiming my right to this land. And I give every other nationalist the right to claim his right to his place of origin. This is a given regarding the Old World. As for America and the conceptual, “Blut und Boden”-status of “white people” it gets a bit more complicated, since the US is a land of immigrants. However, the American Republic was built by white Europeans. In politics, language, culture, law, science, husbandry and industry the North American achievements from the 18th century and on are predominantly white achievements. People of color have contributed but the white element is the sine qua non of Americanism.

Thus, to generally highlight whiteness is perfectly viable for an American with European ancestry. I mean, if American blacks cherish blackness (and American Hispanics “la Raza” etc.), then of course American whites must be allowed to cherish their whiteness. It is conceptually viable and is protected by ICERD.

- - -

This is about ethnicity, the supreme taboo of today. That is, to speak about the white race, white ethnicity, and affirming it positively.

For instance, in the Western world of today, if you like anything traditional European – Celtic, Slavic, Roman – you’re suspect because these cultures where founded, nurtured and carried by white people, Aryans.

Essentially, there is no possibility of repentance, no forgiveness – because the Globalist regime is governed by the principle of 1984: “Imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.” This is the creed of global socialism: you, as a white man, must feel shame and guilt forever. Reconciliation, salvation and redemption aren’t possible in this context.

This is the imperial ideology of today. And it’s a criminal ideology, a violation of international law. Because, to deny white people their nationality is a crime against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 15. Also, anti-white attitudes are violations of national, sovereign state-laws having this and other clauses (racism, genocide, see previous chapter) inscribed as punishable crimes.

So, again, white man affirming his white ethnicity isn’t technically a racist.

But – denying a white man the right of his ethnicity, that's racial discrimination and it’s illegal. Q.v. ICERD.

- - -

I well know that nationalists are sturdy people who fight for their right to live, usually without referring to legal clauses. And I know that talking about “racism” isn’t what nationalists normally do. Well, OK, don't call it "racism" then. Call it "anti-white discrimination".

Further, now that we have these conventions, particularly ICERD, we must see it as another weapon in our arsenal. We must use it against our enemies. Against anti-whiteism.

For, again, anti-whiteism is illegal.

Anti-white race discrimination is illegal.

We must always remind our enemies of this, reminding them of their criminal behavior when behaving anti-white.

ICERD, the anti-racism convention adopted in 1965 and signed by all the western world nations and then some, is formally defined as “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination”.

Again, note it: ALL FORMS of racial discrimination.

This convention criminalizes racism – all form of racism – including anti-white racism.

Anti-white discrimination is illegal.

Don’t you ever forget it.

So, the next time we hear of a university with “whiteness studies,” conducting them as systematic anti-whiteism, we shall go after them with ICERD.

The next time we hear that the white race is inherently evil – this shall be labeled as anti-white racial discrimination, illegal according to ICERD.

The next time we hear that “the white race is a construction and should be deconstructed,” this must be labeled as anti-white discrimination, illegal and punishable according to ICERD.

The next time we hear as much as a sneeze in the way of denigrating white people, the white race, white nationalities, we shall scream “discrimination” and go after them with ICERD.

- - -

We can go even further. We can strike back.

For instance, this is done by entrapping by our enemies by acknowledging our whiteness.

As we all know, being critical of a people is illegal these days. It’s “racism.” OK. But – acknowledging our whiteness isn’t illegal.

Therefore, we shall 24/7 proactively be what we are. Acknowledge traditional European history, culture and ethnicity, and laud and praise achievements by white men and women through history.

Books to read in this respect may be March of the Titans by Arthur Kemp as well as any traditionally themed western world book, issued before the surge of anti-white, anti-traditional nonsense arriving in the 1960s. And, of course, the radical conservative, progressive right-wing literature of today written by men like Faye and Benoist.

We shall be pro-white, proactively build a bastion of whiteness. It shall be guided by “100% love, 0% hate,” as European identitarians say.

This strain will of course be a mote in the eye, a bone of contention, a “baited gambit,” a red cape to the PC, anti-white, anti-traditional left. The most susceptible, the most easily moved of this faction won’t be able to ignore it.

They must attack it.

And in so doing, they will become criminals. Being anti-white is illegal, see above.

We thus have effected a strategic offensive (affirmatively being white, proactively pushing white history, culture and ethnicity). And then comes the tactical defensive, merely sitting in our bastion and seeing our enemies attack themselves to death against it, notifying the legal authorities of violating the convention of ICERD. Because all forms of racial discrimination are punishable, including anti-white racial discrimination.

- - -

I know that white people already are doing this, proactively propagating their cause. Traditional European nationalism and the US brand of white nationalism have been around for a long time. I acknowledge this and I – mutatis mutandum – cherish it. In this preachment, I only want to stress the proactive side of operating.

So: keep being proactive, keep pushing whiteness, and avoid denigrating statements about other races. If white people focus on being proactive, nothing can stop them. It makes them into one metapolitical, victorious war machine.

It makes them into a virtual army. An army with a ranker “not hating what’s in front of him but loving what’s behind him” (Chesterton).

- - -

So, with this “beating anti-whiteism with ICERD” syndrome, we get a new situation, a new climate in the Kulturkampf.

For, this is how it used to be: a minority person does something that exasperates white people. Next, white person attacks minority. Next, white is person labeled as racist (and harassed, stigmatized etc.).

Now, with the pro-active, “build a bastion of whiteness”-tactic we get this:

White people celebrate themselves and their specificity.

Anti-white faction is antagonized by this and attacks white people.

With knowledge of pertinent international convention, whites note this down as a violation of ICERD. Thus, the overall result: with or without actual prosecution, anti-whites are given food for thought regarding their behavior, they are intimidated with this threat of being taken to court.

So, I’d say – tables are turned.

Now it’s our turn to ask the anti-white: “Why do you hate so much?”

- - -

I just said, “with or without actual prosecution” and, “this threat of being taken to court”.
So, this complex of “going after the anti-white with ICERD” isn’t expressly about “getting anti-white operator X behind bars”. The courts of the Western world are studded with anti-whites and most probably they will, if it comes to a legal showdown, bend and dissipate the accusation against anti-white criminality into something that doesn’t stand up in court.

So, this isn’t about instigating legal processes. This isn’t about that kind of realpolitik. It’s about metapolitik.

It’s not about tangible court sentences. It’s about propagandistic arguments brought home and established in the general discussion.

The issue of “going after the anti-whites with ICERD” is about intimidation. It’s about scaring the lukewarm mainstream into stopping its anti-white behavior. I mean, “haters gonna hate,” the core of anti-whites will always be anti-white, but this isn’t aimed at them. This is about changing the zeitgeist at large, of having the white majority going from anti-white to neutral.

And lastly, when the argument is metapolitically brought home, when white people learn that (1) anti-white discrimination is illegal (2) affirming your own ethnic being is lawful; then, the pro-white zeitgeist can emerge in all its splendor.

Breaking the chains of anti-white oppression: that could be the leitmotif of the 21st century.

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