söndag 14 mars 2021

Svensson: Science Fantasy Superman (poem)


Hereby a poem. By me. The theme is supermanism, Actionism, and such.

I am superman – overman – man plus.


I am Gil Gosseyn, Jommy Cross...

Robert Hedrock, Johnnie Holt...

Sweyn Bostron, Peter Maltby...


Processing data with lightning speed.

Moving in circles around you.


I am Kim Kinnison, Jack Steelnack,

Rock Strongo, Donal Graeme...


Astounding – amazing – 


I am willpower and vision...

wishing it – wanting it – getting it – 




Superman dreaming of golden dawn –


Donal Greame, superman of Dorsai,

successful everywhere, conquering all – 

and, at last, leaving the ground and soaring...


Tam Olyn, another Dorsai, standing in

mankind’s super library, hearing the collective

voice of mankind –




Diamond, pearl... coral, amber...

silver and gold... silver and gold...


In my Karma Town palace collecting gold bars,

stacking ‘em two by two, four by four,

down hallways, hallways going on forever...


Infinite hallway, infinite gold bar,

infinite opulence... 




Triumph des Kunstes…

Heil dir im Siegeskranz...


Triumph, success, win, Sieg...


Triumph, victory, bull’s eye –

gain, killing, sweep, hit –




Going for gold –

golden gold – 


Golden Oldies, Twenty Golden Greats –

They gave him gold, incense and myrrh –

As good as gold – 


Precious gem keyboard, playing my song –

on diamonds and pearls, five of each, pentatonic –

on gold, and gold, and gold and gold; five gold bars –

and on rubies five, that’s the whole gamut – 


And the song is playing, beautiful music,

infinite opulence, infinite shimmer, endless

luster, endless sparkle...


On the fifth day of Christmas, my true love 

gave to me: five gold rings...




50 million dollar man –

Kraft, Wille, Leben – 

Künstler, Genie, Held –

Unter magisch-totemistichen Zeichen –




I am god, I am Camouflage now...

world, hear, this here is Camouflage...




I am superman...


I am Martian Messiah, Pleiadean Preacher,

Creator of Actionism, Teacher of Man...


I am Liberator of Man, Earth Messiah...


I am Science Fiction, Science Fact...


I am god. I am Camouflage.




Donal Graeme, master of Twelve Planets –

Davayan, Wanax of the World –

Aragorn, King of the World –

Gil Gosseyn, Master of the Galaxy –

Jommy Cross, Master of the World –

Carl Griffensteen, Enabler of Light – 


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