tisdag 21 juni 2022

Good Reads, 21 June 2022

Good evening.

Sun's shining... the weather is fine.

I've just read the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok. It was fine. A sturdy Nordic tale.

Other stuff that I've recently read:

Heinlein, The Roads Must Roll, 1940. A short and a re-read. It was OK, it was early Heinlein at his best... action-packed, with sociology and a little hands-on psychology thrown in for good measure.

Wells, The War in the Air. A novel from 1908, with some leisure and bantering telling of a future war, fought mainly with airships. It takes a little while until the action begins but Wells had stylistic flair, he had narrative charm; this holds true for almost everything he wrote before WWI. Then, in shock over the destruction and carnage of 1914-1918, he became a dull reformer and social engineering preacher.

Vishnu Purâna. A fine introduction to Indian myth, piety, kingship etc. It is a little like Manu's Laws, albeit with more religion and myth-making = more readable.

Édouard Schuré, The Great Initiates. In the late 1800s the French scholar Schuré wrote several portraits of great religious figures, of whom the best were those about Hermes, Orpheus, Pythagoras, and Plato. Schuré had style and flair; sometimes he got things wrong but, like Spengler, his style had a tendency to carry the day.

This will be enough for this blog post. Good day.

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