måndag 18 oktober 2021

Seven years of blogging in English

A little walk down memory lane...

This blog started about fourteen years ago.

Back then, in 2007, it was all about blogging in Swedish -- naturally, since I'm a Swede living in the Kingdom of Sweden.

However, in 2014, I also started posting stuff in English. On this very site, The Svensson Galaxy.

Thus, it's a bilingual blog (and the Swedish name of it is Svenssongalaxen).


Fourteen years of blogging, seven of them with some fine English stuff... So, for the English reader, this post means looking back at what have been. (Later this autumn I will post an article looking back on the Swedish past of the blog.)


I will do it like this: going back through the contents of the blog, linking to one symbolic post per year.

And so I say:

2021: Secret History
2020: Review of McTaggart's The Field (2008)
2019: Fire
2018: Fantasy art by Robert Svensson
2017: Presentation of Redeeming Lucifer
2016: Presentation of Borderline
2015: The Ice Shield (poem)
2014: Is Obama the Mahdi?


And that was it. God willing, I will continue posting -- on this blog -- in English -- and in Swedish. Join me in the light!

Painting by Robert Svensson, showing Chinese lights over a waterfall

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