onsdag 15 mars 2017

Wisdom of Ages

Hereby a summary of esoteric holism.

We live in the grey area of "Kali Yuga seguing into Sat Yuga". It's a situation of leaving death and iron behind, looking forward to life and light.

In this era you must match the platform.

And you will do this by acknowledging these lines from Hindu thought:
. samam sarveshu bhûteshu (BhG XIII.28) (the same in all beings)
. avibhaktam vibhakteshu (BhG XVIII.20) (the undivided in the divided)
. eko devah, sarvabhûteshu gûdhah (SvUp VI.11) (one god, hidden in all creatures)

- - -

. ashariram sharîreshu (KathUp II.22) (the disembodied in the embodied)
. tat satyam, sa âtmâ, tat tvam asi (ChUp VI.8.7) (this is truth, this is âtman, this is you)
. idam sarvam, yad ayam âtmâ (BrhUp II.4.6) (âtman is everything)
. anyo 'sâv, anyo 'ham asmîti; na sa veda (BrhUp I.4.10) ([a man saying,] "god is one entity, I another," he doesn't know)

- - -

. tat srishtvâ, tad evânupravishat (TaittUp II.6.1) (having created this, he entered it)
. yatra tv asya sarvam âtmaiva (BrhUp II.4.14) (where everything is his Self (... with what will he then reach out, hear, understand?).)
. ekadhaivânudrashtavyam (BrhUp IV.4.20) (as one you shall see it)

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