torsdag 28 januari 2016

Responsible Man (poem)


Hereby a poem called "Responsible Man". It's about a new-style hero, conceptualizing the world in a different way. Enjoy.

He wrote the rules for
the Game of Life: how to
always win, always be successful,
Winning As Propensity taught to
the people, to all and sundry, to you
and to me, my sister and my brother,
my uncle and my cousin and the village oaf.

He conceptualized military history
into ten basic tenets, condensing
History of Man into a powder, just add
water, drink it and be reanimated.

He taught man I AM, willpower and
affirming of the Inner Light, thus enabling a
liberation movement freeing earth from
alien influence. He was the first Responsible
Man, he was the rebirth of God in Man, the
founder of the First Human Civilization,
taking man to interstellar realms and establishing
contacts with positive aliens, the race of gods, raising
man to their level, creating the ultimate apotheosis.

Actionism -- How to Become a Responsible Man
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Pic is a Swedish fjäll.

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