torsdag 20 oktober 2016

Restoration of the USA, October 20, 2016

A restoration of the US governance seems to be in the offing. I've blogged about it before. Now for an update.

This is about the restoration of the constitutional US government. The regime led by Barrack Obama is an illegal co-option, in essence, a "US, Inc." Some background to this can be found here and here.

So what's happening?

As for me, LS, I just report what I read on the Sananda website.

Why? Because this site gathers esoteric info from various sources.

Now, of course you have to use diligence.

I do that.

So I'm not responsible for all the conceptual nooks and crannies of this.

I report, you decide.

And it's not about "paradise around the corner". It is, for what it seems, about a restoration of American constitutional government.

First in the latest development, we have this:

Some days ago acting President of the real, constitutional US, CJCoS Joseph Dunford, formally handed over power to his superior, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. This was probably a mere technicality. I dont know. The event took place on an Indian Reservation in Reno. The post "New Republic Update -- October 18, 2016" for instance says this about the matter, intimating that "US, Inc." is bankrupt:
President Obama and Vice President Biden were made to resign when Pope Francus released the United States of America Corporation from Vatican ownership in September 2015. The Speaker of the House therefore is next in line for said Interim Presidency per the Constitution.

- - -

In a post I just read today, "'Monumental' Republic Update, October 19, 2016," we get some more info about changes in this matter, structural changes and background on technicalities.

First, it repeats that Ryan was sworn in -- he is now apparently the 45th President of the US Republic. Even though this isn't reported in MSM -- yet -- this actually seems to be the case. The event took place on the Reno reservation for security purposes, it's said.

US, Inc. has defaulted, it is no more. Obama and Biden don't rule anymore. Therefore, this New Republic duo of Ryan-Dunford has to step in. By being Speaker of the House Ryan is third in line after Obama and Biden, and because US, Inc. has no money and has no power someone has to take charge. And the world seems to agree, as the post in question intimates, by way of the Paris Treaty. (To explain the role of that Treaty in this process, see the entry "Paris Agreement" in this post. The Paris Agreement isn't merely about climate control, it's apparently about introducing the gold standard too.)

So maybe the above said gives a clue to what's really happening in the US now.

But I don't know.

I report what I read. And further in the topical post it says that the US defence forces worldwide are aware of this transition. US, Inc. doesn't command the US Military anymore, as I've reported earlier:
Allegedly, from about the spring of 2016, the US Military does not any longer obey the commands of the formal supreme commander, ”US, Inc. spokesperson Barack Obama”. The US Military is now the only de facto and de jure operating entity left of the real Republic. Historically, the banksters didn’t manage to infiltrate the military as much as it did with all the other branches of government. Therefore, the US Military can form the nucleus of a ”new,” legal, restored government to replace the one currently usurping power, the US, Inc. governance.
- - -

The rest of the Sananda blog post I'm summarizing has some titbits. I give it in full. Read and decide for yourself what this means. Personally I figure that it means "change" but I don't know.

Again, I don't take responsibility for everything said. I just report. You decide.

And so I qoute from the "monumental" blog post:
Please now begin to accept this fact as truth in your own life, as not only will you be receiving news of this event shortly via a mainstream media source (FOX News–which was flipped to be a Republic mouthpiece a la Donald Trump during the course of the election), but soon it will also be announced that the current Presidential election cycle will be indefinitely terminated due to voter fraud and USA, Inc. government corruption.

The Constitution of the United States will once again be restored as the legal document by which the Republic of the United States will adhere to, both domestically and globally, as interim President Ryan will be making this announcement with General Joseph Dunford and his new cabinet.

By Constitutional mandate, he will be forced to assume the title of Commander-in-Chief… until another election cycle is determined and new candidates are appointed. We doubt seriously anyone will be disappointed given the negative approval ratings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… which was all by design and culminates tonight in their 3rd Presidential debate… kind of like priming the pump so to now pour out waters of truth.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate incumbent President Ryan as their party’s candidate, and the Democrats will nominate a new candidate also; however this election will be different in that campaign funds will be fixed for all candidates and parties–including third, fourth and fifth party candidates, who will get equal debate time and news coverage. Our election procedures will be changing dramatically in round two.

Be advised it will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors. The Republic will also announce they have returned to the gold standard, and gold now backs new Republic currency that Congress has already approved into law.
Then there's some more paragraphs about currency, economy and such. The whole post can be found here.

- - -

A restoration might be in the offing. As intimated in the post, the fact that the US defence forces mainly seem to be on board could calm you down. That said, of course anything can happen.

Disclaimer: I didn't invent this, I merely report. "Don't shoot at me, I'm only the piano player"...

The Restoration
US, Inc.
Henri Rousseau: "Une soirée au carnaval" (1886)

måndag 17 oktober 2016

Update on Situation, Mid-October 2016

"Change, change, it's all re-arranging..."

A new post on the Sananda website tells of the secret goings on in the US, probably changing it for the better.

I have told about this before this autumn.

See here and here.

And "do your own due diligence" as regards this. I didn't invent this, I'm merely reporting what I find interesting.

In my posts I have stressed the important role of US CJCoS, General Joseph Dunford. And the current Sananda post, "Nesara Intel Report by Veritas, October 16, 2016," tells the following of the man and his role:
General Dunford is the name to watch for. (...) Here’s what is important, very important.

The new Republic as represented by General Dunford has been fully, completely and unalterably accepted by the international community in a fully legal fashion. Though Obama takes credit for everything, it is the Republic that has been recognized and taken action at the G20, with the Paris Accord, and with the IMF, the White Dragon Family [= old Chinese aristocracy, operating out of the Philippines; LS' note] (providing the gold behind the new currency as required by the IMF), the BOC [= Bank of China, LS' note] and their excellent software programmers creating a global interface for the new international transfer and banking system – CIPS, and on and on. The highest court in the world, The Hague, has been involved closely and working with General Dunford on this transition. It is only the American public that is unaware of this currency and this governmental change.
Then we have this:
Even as I write this, the new Republic’s General Dunford, White Dragon Elders and others are pushing the final release of GCR/RV funding out the door. Behind the scenes, this is anything but quiet. General Dunford has had four attempts on his life in the last week. This last one included a sniper shooting at both the General and two Elders as they exited a building. A very, very close call, this one. Both the Elders and the General are now ready for full implementation with no more delays.
A sort of coda is what's said earlier in the post:
The transition is being handled very carefully because you can imagine a public reaction could be lively. Returning to our Constitution is not without its own cost, just as our Founding Fathers experienced in their own dilemma in fighting tyranny.
The whole post can be found here.

- - -

The US governance is about to be restored to its former, constitutional glory. The regime Obama represents is illegal, a co-opted scam. A key role in restoring the Republic is made by Joseph Dunford (and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan).

This is the theory I've presented previously this autumn and the current post confirms it.

US New Republic
Wordlist for the Restauration
US, Inc.
The Role of Trump

söndag 16 oktober 2016

The New Improved Sun (poem)

I wrote this poem.

I'm in love with her and I feel fine --
living in this midsummer century --
praying at the watering place of good peace --
under the new, improved sun.
Far-out words, eh, awe-inspiring poesy of the melodical sort, eternally swinging-singing lines for a new era of humanity? Oh, the humanity...

It's a poem about faith and hope, Svensson style. It expresses what I feel today, very much so.

Jünger and the Craft of Science Fiction
SF Seen from the Right
In Swedish: David Nessle and his Fiction
Pic: a house in CityCity.

fredag 7 oktober 2016

Bildreportage: Gustav Adolfs kyrka, Sundsvall

This is Gustav Adolfs kyrka in Sundsvall, Sweden, built in 1894. The pictures were taken by me at a recent visit. Enjoy.

Säbrå kyrka
Gideå kyrka

onsdag 5 oktober 2016

Svensson: A Trip to Hell (short story)

This is a story by Lennart Svensson, author of "Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait" and "Borderline". -- Imagine that you were a devil worshiper having found the way to Hell. Then of course you'd like to go there, actually take that sinister road to that grey area. So here's a story on the subject, a horror goodie right out of the Svensson freeze box.

He was a devil worshiper going to Hell; indeed he was. He was finally to meet His Master for a cosy fireside chat and maybe get an idea or two about satanic extravagances – how, in short, to Raise Hell, to create Hell on This Earth.

He was called Bill our worshiper, looking like the most of us, not wearing a black cape or anything outlandish, or should I say nightlandish. No, nothing like that...! However, for the rest he was a full-fledged Satanist, aesthetical variety. That means: he was no modern, "downright dark" Ripsus de Foy-follower he, oh no; here we had classy stuff, like Milton, The Temptation in the Desert, The Book of Job and the cover of Judas Priest’s ”Sad Wings of Destiny” as inspiration; fire and brimstone and red velvet. Our Bill was a romantic worshiper, nevertheless sworn to Evil; he was the real deal, I can assure you that. He chose darkness before light, evil before good, and he did it with style. A hell-bound dandy, if you will.

And now he was going to Hell to meet His Master. You might wonder how he had found the way – but let’s just say that he had, that’s enough for our story. And so one day he went away over spectral landscapes, across an unholy land with purple bushes and weird flowers and yellow clouds in the sky – and suddenly he saw a tree in the distance, a certain tree his informant had told him would be the passage to Hell.

The tree was the gateway, strangely so. But this was nothing other than The Tree of Evil, The Radical Root of Reeking Ressentment; it grew up through the dimensions, through the astral spheres which surrounded Earth and whose downmost level was Sheol, Abaddon, Gehenna, Hell – that is, the lowest of the Eight Heavens and thus situated above Earth.

Bill, for his part, approached the tree, smelling of strong resin and hung with metallic yellow and red fruits. This seems promising he thought, metallic food is inedible, it’s sick, man...! So this must be the gate to Hell. He then searched the trunk for an entrance, eventually finding an aperture and going inside – and, once there, he saw a spiral staircase leading upwards, the tree being hollow with a flight of stairs inside. ”So I’d better ascend it then,” he thought.

- - -

Said and done; Bill started to walk up the stairs, round and round and up and up. Everything became a blur, a purple haze, and after forever he found himself standing on a misty moor, black mountains lining the horizon and the air heavy with sulphuric scents. He treated his lungs with the air, eagerly inhaling the stale evaporations and feeling alive, wonderously alive – and more evil than ever. Finally he was on the outskirts of Hell, soon he would meet His Master, at last he would become evil for real, a true practitioner and not just some scholarly worshipper...!

He walked over the lands, crossed desolate moors, walked over meadows with Hadean flowers and eventually came to a town: a black burgh, built by demons. Here it was all basalt, porphyry and volcaneous minerals, it was cornices adorned with ruby and sickly green statues, it was smooth pillars and echoing valves. Walking aimlessly along in the city Bill eventually came to a square with a palace as a backdrop, a dark obsidian front, shiny black glass adorned with pillars, acroteria and an inviting staircase leading to the entrance.

Fearlessly he walked up to the structure and entered, going through empty halls and soon coming to a library bathing in a grey light. Browsing the shelves and seeing works by de Sade, Abd al-Hazred and Crowley, nodding knowingly at the spines Bill felt like being at home. Hellish Heimat for sure!

- - -

Bill continued thorugh the halls and along the corridors, eventually coming to a great hall with dark pillars, smooth floor and high, pointed-arch windows with gossamer veils letting in a grey light. On a throne on a dais a figure was sitting, a figure with a tattered black suit, unkempt dark hair, a not so well-trimmed beard, bushy eybrows and a haggard look in his face. Despite the worn look Bill felt that this was his Master, so he bowed and said:

”Mr. Satan, I presume...?”

”Yeah, that’ll be me,” the being on the throne said.

Bill was overjoyed, started to jump around and dance, singing Maiden's ”666 – The Number Of The Beast”, followed by highlights from the Black Sabbath, Demon and Mercyful Fate songbooks. The enthroned being listened politely and then asked him to sit down on a little stool below the dais.

Expectantly Bill obeyed, saying:

”I’m your obedient servant, here to praise you...”

”But I’m finished as an artist,” The Devil said.


"Indeed. For you know, ever since the dawn of time we Hellish Angels have battled against the Heavenly Host; asuras versus devas you can call it, dark angels versus good ones – and believe you me, we’ve done a lot...! We’ve done our darndest to lead Man astray, teaching him devilry such as murder and adultery while devas have taught him arts and morals. We have gone for passion and melancholy, devas for piety and joy – and we, finally, seem to have lost the game.”

”Oh no, you can’t have!” Bill said. ”Earth is more miserable than ever, with warring in the Middle East, famine, overpopulation and pollution and –”

”True,” The Prince of Darkness said, ”Man still has his free will, and maybe me and my kind have inspired to that which you mention. But only indirectly so, for our reign is more or less over, finished and kaput, concerning the astral planes. You passed through Gehenna City on your way here, right? It was a boomtown once, a city teeming with hellish life, but now it’s just an empty ruin; that’s symbolical for our whole cause. Hell's Angels have ascended and switched sides. Only me is left. And my human stooges are done with, man is liberating himself and acknowledging the Light. The evil Cabal having ruled the Earth since the fall of Atlantis is kaput; the Money Masters are out of money, their fiat currency schemes are no more because now the forces of Light have issued gold-backed currency in the form of the Chinese yuan. Google "CNY" if you don't believe me.”

- - -

Bill nodded at The Devil's words and beheld the light from the windows, a faint astral light seeping in through the veils. He thought: if The Devil seemed to bask in its glory, at least not shy away -- well, then it was seriously bad. Bill started to get the picture, to realize the sordid state of Evil. He said:

”So what shall I do then, poor devil worshiper that I am? Can’t I inspire you to some evil machinations, to challenge God and tempt Jesus and all those things you were so good at in the past?”

”No, you can’t,” The Devil said and produced a piece of jewellery he was holding, green with red interior. ”Because here I happen to hold The Holy Grail, given to me by a knight in shining armour. And with this object I will seek passage to Heaven. Be the last Hell's Angel to ascend.”

”Indeed,” Bill said frostily to hide his astonishment. ”So why don’t you go there right away then?”

”I will, I will. I just have to gather myself before the meeting: to meet your Havenly Father after all these years, that’s not so simple. And to meet The Brother whose earthly, transmogrified blood is in the gem, in this selfsame emerald that I hold – that’s not so simple either! But I will go, by telepathy I will request for an audience. I hope they receive me and hear me out, I sincerely do. Well, you just have to be honest, I guess. I’ve washed my hands in it.”

- - -

Bill didn’t like what he heard, on the contrary: where he sat on the stool he sighed and rested his head in his hands, rubbing his temples in despair. This hadn’t gone well, his long awaited meeting with The Prince Of Darkness – on the contrary, it was a disaster! Instead of meeting a vigorous, gloriously evil Principality he just saw a pathetic old has-been, mentally worn out. It was the aesthete in Bill which revolted against it all; not only was there a lack in malignancy, no, above all there was a lack of style. Where was the Blakean, Miltonian Lucifer with all its melancholic beauty...? The Woodroffian Devil of Judas Priest album cover fame, a handsome Adonis spreading his wings of desire...?

Sic transit gloria inferni...

Bill sobered up and wondered what to do. Maybe just return to Earth – and pretend like nothing, above all not mentioning anything about the sordid state of their Master to his devil worshipping friends. The truth wouldn’t go down well with them.

Oh, what to do... but maybe he himself could assume the role of The Devil! That might work; he could be a surrogate devil, an Ersatz Evil, safe from intervention from higher planes since The Devil himself had thrown in the towel and switched sides... And forsooth there was no shortage of devilry on Earth; still Man made war, murdered and committed adultery like there was no tomorrow. Still drugs were abused, still children were left astray, still criminals were saluted like heroes and the gospel of atheism was preached here, there and everywhere – at the academies, in the press and in the arts. To be frank it seemed like a heyday for devilry!

- - -

Bill had had enough. He got up from the little stool and said to His Master:

”Well, goodby then, Mr. Devil. Still I revere you but for future times we'll have to do without you. If we’re going to create Hell On Earth we’ll have to do it by ourselves.”

”Seems so,” The Devil said. ”Man has a free will. Goodbye.”

He leaned back in his throne, enjoying the rays of a sun that for a moment shone through the hazy veils. Bill for his part shunned the light, not liking either this astral light nor the earthly light of day. He left the hall and went into a cabinet of the palace, visualising the Earth he had come from, longing himself back to the earthly night – and in a moment he was lying at the foot of The Tree of Evil, The Radical Root of Reeking Ressentiment, his passage to Gehenna. Shedding the dust he got up and made his way back to our world, in two minds but at the same time confident about the devilry he was about to carry out. Still there were possibilities to create a Hell on Earth, because -- as the Devil had said -- Man still had a free will.

There was in fact nothing to prevent war, adultery and murder galore! The road to ruin was all clear! So Bill danced away to familiar lands, shouting to an imaginary audience:

”Out in the fields, my brethren and sistren, let’s harrow the lands with drinking, fighting and swearing! Evil be my Good! Fire and brimstone!”

Svensson: Borderline (2015)
Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait (2014)
Short Story: Going After the Saurian Baddies

måndag 3 oktober 2016

Wordlist for New Republic, Disclosure and Liberation of the World

This is a wordlist for a cosmic process about to unfold. It's about rectifying the US (and, eventually, the European) governance, about uncovering lies and about liberating the world from the power-mad group hitherto ruling it. Read about US, Inc., petrodollar, Ryan, Dunford, New Republic, disclosure etc. etc.

ASCENDED MASTER: persons like Saint Germain, Djwhal Khul and Paul the Venetian, human beings that through successive lives have worked through their karma and ascended, becoming a constantly conscious, constantly enlightened being, there to help mankind from their position in the higher realms. They can project their astral body onto "our world" or be contacted through channeling. Saint Germain is the protector of some of the funds enabling NESARA (q.v.). More about ascended masters in this post.

CABAL, THE: the evil "elite"-group holding the world in its grip by means of financial, political and media-wise control. It's the "deep state, shadow government, the Powers That Be"-aspect of current politics, implying that this group is ruling us with lies, fear and deception. The forces against this are elements like US New Republic (q.v.), ascended masters (q.v) and human lightworkers (q.v).

CNY: Chinese Yuan. Reportedly, the Yuan is now the world's reserve currency instead of the (petro)dollar. (For PETRODOLLAR, q.v.)

DISCLOSURE: to make public the "deep state" secrets of Westworld governments, like cooperating with aliens, false flag events and cloning programs.

DUNFORD, JOSEPH F.: born December 8, 1955, Dunford has a background as a US Marine, like commanding the 5th Marine Regiment during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. On July 29, 2015, Dunford began service as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCoS), US’s top military. As a four-star general Dunford is the highest ranking US military officer, as such a needed focus of authority for the regime change at hand. While the banking, judicial and media sectors have been infiltrated by the Cabal the military has reasonably well withstood this, making it the only extant legitimate branch of the Constitutional USA. -- As for Dunford, service in the field and the nickname ”Fighting Joe” intimates that this is a Responsible Man, as such sorely needed to step in and take power from the regime of evil that too long has plagued the US – from the illegal ”corporate US” regime that stole the Republic from the people in 1913. Now the power will be transferred from this US, Inc. to a resurrected USA, based on the 1789 Constituition and the Bill of Rights. -- As CJCoS Dunford is second in command to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (q.v.), Dunford thus being a de facto Vice President of the USA. For example, when Dunford visited Turkey some weeks ago to speak to Erdogan after the Turkish coup, Dunford acted on the behalf of the New Republic, not on US, Inc. The same happened when Dunford visited the G20 meeting in China in September, 2016; reportedly, Dunford signed all the important papers, not Obama. Here's a blog post about the New Republic.

GESARA: a global variety of NESARA (q.v.).

LIGHTWORKER: a reasonably enlightened human being spreading information about the conspiracy of the Cabal (q.v) and the means to defeat it.

NESARA: acronym for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. It was passed by the American Congress in 2000 yet never officially proclaimed because of obstruction by the Cabal. In this Sananda website entry (where it's called "National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act") it's delineated as a reform package doing away with the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS and the shadow government, implementing changes like forgiveness of debt and abolishing the US income tax. NESARA returns Constitutional law to all courts and legal matters, creates a new US Treasury rainbow currency backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals, ending the bankruptcy of the United States initiated by Franklin Roosevelt in 1933; forbids the sale of American birth certificate records as chattel property bonds by the US Department of Transportation; initiates a new US Treasury Bank System in alignment with Constitutional Law; retrains all judges and attorneys in Constitutional Law; ceases all aggressive, US government military actions worldwide; establishes peace throughout the world; releases enormous sums of money for humanitarian purposes. The latter funds can also be called Saint Germain funds since they are guarded by this ascended master (q.v.). Another link, to the website Golden Age of Gaia, delineates the spiritual aspect of NESARA plus some of the basic info above.

PARIS AGREEMENT: the Paris Agreement on Climate Change Treaty (drafted in 2015) was signed in April 2016 and proclaimed in October, becoming effective a month later, in November. Reportedly, it has the world-wide reintroduction of the gold standard imbedded, hidden in this treaty so as not to alarm the public. Here's a Sananda website quote as a pointer to its real nature: "the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is actually the RV masqueraded as a global environmental treaty". (RV = re-evaluation = putting the world's currencies on a gold backing.)

PETRODOLLAR: since the early 1970s the US dollar isn't goldbacked, instead a false demand for dollars is created by the custom of all oil in the world (until about now) being sold in dollars.

RENO TREASURY: the restored US Republic reportedly has a new treasury in Reno, Nevada, and a new currency as US Notes backed by natural resources and gold supplied by ancient Chinese, Philippine based Royal Dragon families. The Dragon Family placing of their gold in Reno excused the huge, 17 trillion dollar US national debt; reportedly, this happened by the end of March, 2016. The New Republic Treasury is situated in an Indian Reservation in Reno, Nevada, because this is a free trade zone. -- In 2015 the New Republic was leased 100 billion in gold by the Chinese Elders by which the New Republic can trade with US Treasury Notes, not ”in the street” but internationally. Next, an interest free currency, like the one John F. Kennedy wanted to create in 1963 before he was killed, might be created in the form of United States Notes. This will be something else than the currently in use "Federal Reserve Notes" (= US dollar) which is backed by nothing, only "the international trading of oil" (see PETRODOLLAR). Source for RENO TREASURY etc.

RYAN, PAUL DAVIS: born January 29, 1970, Ryan is a Republican and the Speaker of the House, as such third in line after the President and the Vice President. And since these two latter (Barrack Obama and Joe Biden) only serve the illegal "US, Inc.", Ryan at the time of writing is de facto in charge. As for "an unelected official having previously become president" we have Gerald Ford who served 1974-77. Thus Ryan could any time officially declare Obama as out of office and himself, Ryan, assume power as the legal President of the USA (and establish NESARA -- q.v. -- and declare a postponement of the presidential election). However, more likely Ryan will wait until after the regular November presidential election before he does that. Until then, the charade of Obama as President continues -- but -- Obama is not the President of the USA, only of "US, Inc.". Here's a blog post about the New Republic.

TRUMP, DONALD: born June 14, 1946 this Republican presidential candidate might know about items such as US New Republic and the need for NESARA (q.v.) -- and if so, he might not become President even if he wins the election. Instead, he might step down and let Ryan (q.v.) take charge and proclaim a new election with new candidates, to be held after 120 days. In this respect, Trump might be "the John the Baptist of the New Republic," as speculated upon in this blog post.

US, Inc.: the co-opted American republic, deceptively made into a corporation. This was done in 1913 if not earlier (1871, 1845 or 1812, depending on the perspective). The so-called "President" Obama is only "spokesperson for US, Inc." and not "the President of the United States of America". More in this blog post.

US NEW REPUBLIC: short for "a restored North American republic, founded on the 1789 Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as opposed to the US, Inc. currently running North America". Here's a blog post about the New Republic.

Cooper: Behold a Pale Horse (1991)
Wilgus: The Illuminoids (1980)
US New Republic
September 19, 2016 Update of Benjamin Fulford's Latest Rumors etc.
The Role of Trump
Late September Update
US, Inc.: Background
Henri Rousseau, "The Repast of the Lions"

söndag 2 oktober 2016

"USA" Is Gone, Now It's Only "US, Inc"

Rectifying the US governance is indeed intricate. It's a quagmire of deception, fraud, chickanery and legalese big time. For instance, the official US is now a corporation.

Some days ago we said: “the Corporate US (“US, Inc.”) is a co-opting, illegal regime having ruled the US since 1913, maybe even earlier (1871, 1845 or 1812, depending on the perspective).” So what’s the story? Is the USA a corporation and not a country? To clarify this subject is a challenge indeed, a legal quagmire, a case of investigating chickanery, fraud and lies on a cosmic level. However, one author having grasped the nettle in this respect is American judge Anna von Reiz.

Anna von Reiz used to serve as an Alaskan Superior Court judge. Now, she’s a Common Law judge. At the time of writing she lives in Big Lake, Alaska. She has presented us with some interesting concepts, useful in the striving for a New American republic, a restored constitutional government.

According to Anna von Reiz the New Republic will be based on Common Law / Law of the Land and not the Law of the Sea (= Admiralty Law) which is what the US federal government is based on.

In short, what von Reiz seems to mean, is that in the 1950s and 60s (if not earlier, as intimated above and which will be clarified below) the US was “incorporated” = made into a corporation. When you incorporate something you move it from the Law of the Land to the Law of the Sea, which is international in character. In the long run, this has enabled the running of the US as a huge scheme, a racket; with Admiralty Law, the US has been deceptively incorporated. The government has not informed the US citizens about this. Judge Anna means: to go back to Common Law (and the Constitution) is a cure to these ills. The people has to acknowledge the cosmic corruption of the elite, making it accountable for its crimes. For its part, the process against the banksters on Iceland in the wake of the 2008 economic collapse is a role model for the process rectifying the West and the US.

- - -

Reiz means that it’s possible to restore American assets to the American people by refusing the legality of the corporate government, instead having the New Republic as the true American sovereign government. Reportedly, the Bank of International Settlements and the World Court have agreed to this.

In short, the matters ahead according to Judge Anna are:
. to restore the true American Republic
. to restore the freedom of the people granted us by having a free will, given to us by God
. the civic freedoms have been robbed from Westworld and US citizens by fraud, deception, threat and intimidation for over 100 years by a criminal cabal posing as “the societal elite”; it’s a case of legalese, chickanery and fraudulence on all official levels and all this must be rectified in due legal order
- - -

Now let’s take a look at the specific writings etc. of Judge Anna. She means that the real, legal United States of America, founded in 1789 with the Constitution as main document, since has been co-opted and surreptitiously turned into a gangster-run company, “US, Inc.”. How this came about will be shown below. The sources to this summary are the von Reiz interview (currently unavailable) "Americans Free at Last – the Ties Have Been Permanently Broken," the YouTube presentation of her book “You Know Something Is Wrong When” and the books Robinson, David E.: "Disclosure 101 – What You Need To Know," Create Space, 2014 and Riezinger [sic], Anna Maria: "You Know Something Is Wrong When – An American Affidavit of Probable Cause," Create Space, 2015. Her website is to be found here.

First, let’s look at the book called “Disclosure 101 – What You Need to Know” by David E. Robinson. It has the somewhat strange caption, “For Anna von Reitz” [sic]. However, this is von Reiz territory, decidedly on topic for this chapter.

There’s a lot to clarify in this. But let’s say that the Constitution of 1789 and the Bill of Rights was a firm foundation for a sovereign state. Then came attempts by the Cabal to co-opt it into a devious corporate scheme. The plans came to fruition with the case of Abraham Lincoln’s election to the office of President. According to Robinson Lincoln, as a member of the Bar Association, wasn’t eligible to serve as President of the United States – so instead, they ran him for the office of “President”. In legal and official documents, the presence of such quotations marks (and CAPS) are of fundamental importance, enabling all sorts of surreptitious behavior and scams. – Lincoln then entered this US Company he was the president of into bankruptcy on April 24, 1863; by this, he reportedly handed over the American future to banksters led by the British Crown. When trying to rectify this he was murdered.

- - -

Put simply, after the Civil War America was reconstructed as the United States of America, Incorporated. It was bought by the Federal Reserve Banks in 1912, treated roughly and again bankrupted – by Franklin Roosevelt, in 1933. And then reconstructed again, in the usual surreptitious manner; se Robinson p 9 for details. The IMF, the UN; all were part of setting up trust companies with new official sounding names (like “UNITED STATES (minor)” and deviously dropping the “minor” in public contexts), all in order to plunder the American people and by transaction the whole planet, by financing illegal wars and murder wholesale. These legalistic schemes, this play of words with “UNITED STATES” etc. can be seen as a case of “attempted identity theft of an entire nation and its people” (ibid p 12).

The Cabal plays dirty, acting deviously with legal chickanery and fraud. In contrast, we have the United States of America founded in 1789 by real people, made up of free, responsible citizens endowed with critical discernment and free will. Now they are taking back their Republic.

The shadow government of the US has had a field day applying the Law of the Sea in making the US, in most official aspects, into a company, not a political body. The Cabal rule is a case of deception, fraud, intimidation and MSM brainwashing.

In opposition to this the New Republic is to be based in the 1789 Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In short, a return to Constitutional Law And, with this, and end to regimentation and MSM propaganda, a return to sanity and normality, to a governance where (in JFK’s words) “the strong are just, the weak secure, and the peace preserved”.

And finally: countries being deceptively incorporated doesn't stop with the US. Even my native country, Sweden, nowadays reportedly is a corporation registered at Securities and Exchange Commission in the US. As such, of course, another case of big league deception and fraud.

US New Republic
YouTube Interview with Judge Anna
Update on World Situation

torsdag 29 september 2016

Nya Tider och samtidsdebatten

This is about a Swedish weekly, Nya Tider. -- Veckotidningen Nya Tider befinner sig just nu i en brännpunkt.

Alla som hänger med i debatten vet det: tidningen Nya Tider spelar roll. Dess medverkan på bokmässan i Göteborg 22-25 september 2016 blev en katalysator för mycket. Det fick PK-Sverige att gå i taket.

Hur ska man då sammanfatta det hela? En bra sammanfattning av turerna gavs för sin delav postaren "Emanuhabb" på Flashback. Det var i tråden "Janne Josefsson och Jan Helin debatterar SVT:s oberoende":
1. Nya Tider får inte vara med på Bokmässan.
2. Nya Tider får vara med på Bokmässan.
3. Diskussioner uppstår om huruvida det var rätt att Nya Tider fick vara med på Bokmässan.
4. TV-inslag med Vavra Suk och Henrik Arnstad, där fegfjanten Arnstad vägrar debattera, och inslaget därför i stället blir en intervju med de båda.
5. Jan Helin säger på ett redaktionsmöte på SVT att människor som företräder ”extrema åsikter” (enligt vems bedömning?) inte ska få deltaga i debatter i SVT.
6. Jan Josefsson och Nike Nylander debatterar med Jan Helin i Aktuellt-inslag. Helin gör ett mycket förvirrat intryck, och kan inte inse att han återigen gjort bort sig totalt. Han har inte alls begripit vad inslaget handlar om, avbryter upprepade gånger för att byta samtalsämne, och pratar ensidigt om människors värde, vilket inte alls var ämnet för diskussionen.
7. De som sett Aktuellt-inslaget inser att Helin är en illasinnad idiot som försöker begränsa yttrandefriheten, och är synnerligen olämplig som chef på SVT.
Som sagt, vad Nya Tider gör spelar tydligen roll. Denna (förhållandevis) lilla veckotidning driver det svenska etablissemanget till vansinniga krumbukter.

Varför sker då detta? Vad gör denna tidning som är så nämnvärt?

Man är ju bara en oberoende tidning som skriver om nyheter som MSM ignorerar, såsom invandrarbrott och problem med mångkultur. Därtill är det debattinlägg om en rad inrikes och utrikes frågor, det är vetenskapsnytt och reportage om krig i MENA, vissa av dem på plats av utsända reportern Sanna Hill.

Summa summarum lever NyT och har hälsan. Gå hit för att prenumerera. Till exempel kostar det 293:- för ett halvår.

Prenumerera på NyT
Min Jüngerbok

Update on World Situation, September 29

To rectify the world will take a long time, it seems.

The process of “rectifying the world” has two elements, economic and political. As for the former, it’s called “the re-evaluation of currencies,” giving fiat currencies a gold backing, in short, the RV. A lot of posts on the Sananda website is about this, about a seemingly imminent RV.

However, in an update I just read we get clues saying that a political rectifying has to take place before any serious RV comes around. For instance, the post says: “We were told that each middle eastern conflict must be placed on an irreversible pathway towards resolution before the RV would be released.” And that Russia holds off in contributing gold to a gold-backed yuan “until military issues are resolved and the cabal surrenders.”

This is a key phrase, I figure. You don’t reform and reshape the world simply by putting currencies back on the gold standard. You don’t clean out an evil cabal just by issuing a new currency. Serious political work first has to be done. However, this will take some time since the cabal / NWO still rules the world. The current American governance is in a grey area where New Republic interim president Joseph Dunford has some authority, backed by the military (which currently refuses to do NWO’s bidding) – but – until Obama steps down the hands of the New Republic are tied. A Trump victory in November might pave the way for the New Republic. Might, nota bene.

Sananda Update September 27, 2016
The Real Role of Trump?
US New Republic
Collage by the author of the article, Lennart Svensson

lördag 24 september 2016

Blog Post about New Republic, Late September 2016


I'm a free man. No one can tell me what to write and not to write. Even beyond the laws on Free Speech there's the fact that I, Lennart Svensson, by acknowledging my Divine Light Within, the soul spark, am a both free and responsible man. By being a conscious, responsible human being freedom is my very property.

I'm a free man, I write what I write using my inborn and cultivated discernment, balancing Will, Thought and Passion wherever I go. I write and I blog and recently I've been blogging about "the New US Republic". I've hinted at the shenanigans making the USA into a corporation, I've mentioned the liberation from this. Now I have this, read on the Sananda site, in the same vein intimating that the current presidential election is just a show. Forces behind the scenes are preparing a move away form this deplorable reality show and toward a restoration of the Republic.

- - -

These are rumors and I present them as such. For instance, things may change unexpectedly and disrupt the below intimated order of things. However, what is absolutely true in this is that the current US governance is corrupt and has to change. Trump maybe knows this, Hillary might be against it. And the rumor I gathered on the Sananda website on September 22, 2016, is this:
As for the US Presidential elections there’s a few things to consider before making a decision on what’s really happening. First, it’s out understanding that the USA, Inc’s form of government has defaulted per ruling from the World Court, meaning, the office of President we all grew up with is no more because the form of government we all grew up with is no more. Second, both the DNC and RNC are remnant entities created by the old USA, Inc. intended to control the candidates that you the mass population of the USA voted on. Thus, neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump, nor any candidate presented in the current election scenario can win an office that legally no longer exists. Fourth, to replace the now default USA, Inc., like in any bankruptcy, a work though plan had to be created and approved by the World Courts in agreement with the USA’s major financial creditors where were China and Russia (via our US Treasury Bonds). Those countries asked that the old Republic of the United States be resorted per the original US Constitution circa 1776, and as a result, quietly without public mention, leaders for the Republic of the United States were selected and seated without attention. These leaders have been running the affairs of Americans for nearly two years now without mass knowledge (for everyone’s protection).

In October, or perhaps a little before, public knowledge of this restored constitution Republic will be made known, and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be removed from consideration as potential Presidential candidates. The election cycle will be lengthened per Congress’ authority, per the original Constitution, till January 3, 2017. New candidates will enter the arena, that have been pre-approved by the Chinese, Russians and World Court in agreement with the temporary leadership of the temporary leadership of the Republic (General Joseph Dunford).
Again: this is unsubstantiated rumours. Use your own due diligence when reading this. The gist of it, however, is that the US governance is corrupt and elements like "Trump wins" will not change that.

And please, if you "don't like this," then don't resort to name-calling and outing or whatever is your behavior pattern when facing the unknown. There aren't many in the world having a clue about the above intimated scenario. So be glad that you're now "in on it" and that you might witness the greatest event for a very long time, the liberation of the world from a power-mad, materialistic regime.

God willing, more updates on this process will follow.

US New Republic
The Role of Trump
Sananda Update, 22 September 2016
Södra Sundet, the Southern Sound. Click on the picture and you might spot a family of swans in the middle of it.

This Post

You are now reading This Post.

The other night I dreamed of an attic with two coffins in it. The light was sharp and the lids were open. It was vaguely unsettling as such -- but -- I sometimes like to return to images like these, they calm me down in an odd way. Not that I indulge in weirdness, though. It's about embracing, not indulging.

- - -

Trying to capture Leviathan, the Midgard Serpent, something elusive: that's the process of art. Hereby a sample in critcal contemporary style, attempting to describe a certain feeling.
It was a metal harsh reality, a bronze shimmer on a statue, the deep sapphire blue of the sky and a twilight luster over the things. It was a pathos-filled existence, neither “good” nor “evil”. Arno had long since left dualism behind. He wasn’t a saint but he was a man who strove towards liberation from indignation, indulgence and bitterness. Patrol with an SPW and a rifle squad, scout over A to B, getting to grips with the enemy, observe and report... this was Arno’s reality and he affirmed it fully. -- One word summed it up: elegy. And “elegy” for its part isn’t equal to “lament,” not exclusively. It’s a mixed feeling of euphoria, longing, passion and something undefined thereto, possibly the “apateia” of stoics.
- - -

I'm thinking about making a casserole. It will be based on red lentil pure, Chinese cabbage, onion, celery, broccoli, all fairly chopped / minced. At the end addition of minced (and peeled) tomato. To this some pasta. At the beginning some rapeseed oil and salt, no more seasoning required, it's in the ingredients. It's alchemical.

- - -

Iconic cars I've driven: (1) Saab 900 1985: practical and sporty, best Swedish car ever (2) Fintail Mercedes 200 1965: under-motorized yet impressive by its sheer gestalt. (3) Volvo 240 Combi 1984: barring the primitive rigid rear axle, in every other aspect the ultimate family car.

- - -

The quotable element of prose is poetic and the quotable element of poetry is prosaic. Like, some poetic prose description from the former and some wise words from the latter.

- - -

Hereby a telling excerpt from a Svensson fantasy. Maybe it speaks for itself, maybe not, I dunno. Anyway, here it is:
Later that day, the Ledung camped on Crow Field, a savannah of dry grass and the odd shrubbery. In the distance they clearly saw the Vortex in the sky, the eye of evil sucking the life blood out of Ballisto and the whole Earth Kingdom, the symbol of Magador’s still negative presence. And below the vortex, on the southern tip of Ballisto, fully discernible from the Ledung deployment, the castle of Rohoosanna rose, a dark structure looming as a portent of evil, a dense gathering of towers, vaults, pillars, bridges and domes, a veritable castle-as-a-town, a hard to grip structure of structures. -- Dondelion called for Spacius. When his guru had arrived he asked him: ”Now what?”
- - -

As intimated by Jünger you shouldn't say things like, “I wasn’t made for these times.” Instead you should positively change the times, shape the zeitgeist with your Will and Thought.

Svensson's Biography
Ernst Jünger -- A Portrait
Science Fiction Seen From the Right (2016)
Infantryman of the Future
Shunter on Övik Central Station

Montague Keen


The only spiritual writer also aware of the anti-white nature of TPTB is Montague Keen. The other day (Sananda website September 6, 2016) he for instance said:
I have drawn your attention before, to the fact that there is a concerted effort to destroy the white race. It is the white man who stands up to the Cabal and sees them for what they are. The white man is the thorn in the side of the Cabal, preventing them from taking full control of the Earth.
Keen had more to divulge. In the preceding paragraph he, for example, said the following. Details aside it might give some context to the topical idea:
The recent attempt to start World War III was foiled by Angela Merkel who found the courage to stand with the German people and refuse to allow them to be the victims of a false flag invasion. She deserves protection and respect for her bravery in daring to say NO to the Cabal. You are all indebted to her. The Cabal always follows a pattern; World War I and World War II started in Germany, and true to form, they wanted World War III also to begin there, and then blame Russia for it. They do not like to be thwarted and will take revenge. Watch carefully what happens next. Their plans to wipe out Europe will have to be altered.
Earlier this year (Keen's homepage, July 10, 2016) Keen said this about white man being threatened (caps in original post):
Your world today is on the brink of change, a change bigger than any one of you can imagine. The brave people of England who voted for Brexit, took the first step to expose all that is wrong in the Cabal’s plans for Europe. Brexit has HALTED THE EXTINCTION OF THE WHITE MAN that the Cabal was rushing ahead with, in the hope that you would never notice their real motive for flooding Europe with so-called refugees, paid for by the Cabal. There is an evil force on Earth whose tentacles cover the whole world, and they control the masses through FEAR. They ensure that only those who take orders from them are allowed in government. They rely on false flag events to infuse fear and control, and they control your governments, your armies, and your police.
Keen might not be an overall radical but the knows the anti-white nature of TPTB and this has a great marginal utility, telling people of the usually PC spiritual community that mass-immigration is wrong and essentially evil.

As for Keen in general he's an elderly Irishman. He has written The Scole Report (2011), an investigation into paranornal phenomena published by the Society of Psychical Research. For its part, SPR was founded in 1882 to study paranormal occurencies like spiritism.

No Risk for Major War
US New Republic
Swedish Mystique
Keen on Sananda Site


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