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An Interview with Jack Steelnack, Part II

I recently published an interview with "Jack Steelnack, the Steeler". Now for Part II of this talk with a New Age superman.

Q: Who are you anyway...?

A: I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. I am the Chakravartin: the ruler of the chakras, the seven rotating energy centers of the body. I am the reborn spirit previously expressed in Plotinus, Bach, Wagner. I am conscious intent, pure intent... I am the unstoppable fire. I am devoted, faithful, zealous – sworn, old faithful – true blue, true to the end. I’m divine, angelic, spiritual, eternal, heavenly, holy – transcendent, anointed, consecrated, hallowed – exalted, sanctified, beatific, blissful, glorious – godly, omniscient, sacramental, sacrosanct, transmundane. I’m the embodiment of elation, euphoria, happiness, joy, rapture – of beatitude, blessedness, delight, ebullience – enchantment, enthusiasm, exultation – fervor, frenzy, inspiration – joyfulness, paradise, ravishment, trance, transport, seventh heaven. I’m esoteric, arcane, mystical, mystic – hermetic, hidden, inner, occult – profound, secret, sibylline.

Q: Sibylline, really...?

A: Really. I know stuff.

Q: Aha.

A: And there's more. You could say: I’m the eternal golden braid of perennialism, incarnated in the 21st century. I’m here to smite evil-doers, dolts and blockheads and to strengthen the forces of light. I’m here to battle materialism and ideas of this and that, like man’s descent from apes; for, man stems from gods, not apes. At least men of my type, the Aryan type. I’m here to imbue the Western world with fanaticism and devotion. I’m here to shape up the West, put it on the road to glory, zealotry, enthusiasm – yea, verily, even to frenzy and monomania. I will make the whole Faustian world into one concentrated ray of will-thought, like a holy flame, a glorified laser beam. The whole culture will be the crucible of a spiritual alchemy mixing fire and movement, will and thought. Thus we will create the First Human Civilization, dedicated to art, science and spirituality. One of our first projects will be to terraform and colonize Mars.

Q: I see. However, there’s one thing I wonder: you speak about Will-Thought, you speak about willpower and vision – but – other gurus have spoken about this.

A: Name one.

Q: OK, I can't expressly do that. But -- others before you have spoken about Faustian grandeur, the victory of the Light etc. Like Goethe and Jünger.

A: Yes they did. And I adore those two. I base some of my thought on their thought. That’s what traditionalism is all about. That’s the gist of Perennial Thought: you adhere to an undying, eternal line of thinkers having all seen the Eternal Light. Like Plato, Plotinus, Goethe, Jünger. It’s an eternal golden braid, an eternal golden cord being weaved forever and ever.

Q. I see.

A: Good. For the other way around, a creed that would be totally original, would be incomprehensible. Whatever thought you adhere to you have to relate it to thinkers gone before you. I mean, we of the Faustian mindset tend to be prophetic, we tend to be the proclaimers of something original. That’s part of the style, the spear-driven approach of Faustian man, ever since his appearance in the 15th century earthly culture. But as for me, as a Perennialist, I also admit that I stand on the shoulders of giants. It’s just my particular mix of metaphysics, morals and politics that is unique. It’s an amalgam of the important strains of human thought, sorely needed right now to drag the West out of the quagmire it’s in.

Q: A unique mix from a unique man. You’re angelic, you’re divine; that, you said earlier in the interview. This prompts the question: are you god?

A: In a way. An old way of meditating has the mantra, ‘I am god’ in order to unify your consciousness with the all-consciousness. In this respect I am god and so are all the other spiritually conscious men. I’m a superman, a divine being, at the same time acknowledging the Absolute, ‘the top God,’ the Creator. However, God is a merger of Will and Thought striving for the light and so is man; therefore, man is divine, he ‘is’ god. Such a man-god might not be able to create out of thin air – like God – but he can do a lot, a lot more than a dejected materialist man, a virtual ape-man, an Untermensch... a mere Elementarwesen, drugged by food, drink and sex and unable to control the storm of thoughts and emotions besetting him.

Q: Is that so...?

A: Indeed. A conscious, perennially anchored Steeler is a god because of (1) having an eternal soul (2) having specific bodily proportions, being created in god’s image; he is this, he wilfully acknowledges this. To be a god in physicality, a physical angel. ‘A man is a mortal god, a god is an immortal man.’ This is the Leitmotif of our age, of the New Age, of the age I’m ushering in – for I’m the man, I’m divinely led... I am Pure Divine, Crystal Clear, Cosmic Consciousness. I’m having the divine approach in life, I’m enchanting everything, I’m seeing the invisible, seeing Beyond the Beyond, seeing beyond the conditioned. Fathoming the unfathomable. – Man is now becoming god. Man is ‘a god in being’. ‘God-realization’ is man’s most noble goal.

Q: Mmm, I see. You have an unusual theological anchoring.

A: Oh yes, I have. Like stressing the wisdom of the saying, ‘God Helps the One Who Helps Himself’: this is applicable both to persons and nations. In the latter case it means: God helps the nation that helps itself, that is willing to summon up its will to remedy its own situation. So this is the current Western condition, we have to help ourselves before we can aspire to hegemonic status. There’s no use complaining about the wrongs we have suffered; we must help ourselves! No one will help us taking that first step toward grandeur.

Q: So you are god leading the West to greatness...?

A: God with a lower case ‘g,’ yeah, that’s me. We’re walking on a golden road led by me. It was Destiny that brought me here. I will reshape the world in my image. I’m the sun and the stars, the earth and the wind, the fire and the air, and the emptiness encapsulating them all, the shûnyatâ... I am the Aesir gods, the Olympian gods, the Celtic gods... just look at the heavens, and I’m there. Listen to the wind whispering in the woods; I’m there, I’m in it; I am that ever-present immanence. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. I am the one who was, who is and who is to come; I am that I am, from everlasting to everlasting. I am wholeness and holiness, health and healing, life and love and joy forever.

Q: I hear you.

A: I’m the hero of the new age; a myth, not a man; energy, not matter. I am total man, absolute man, responsible man, vîra, Sonnenmensch. An avatar, an expression of the Aryan collective unconscious – the personification of man, the glorious embodiment of mankind, the incorporation of an eternal archetype. A space-age spiritual superman. A numen, a power, a living god. Faustian Messiah and Palearctic Preacher, the last court of appeal of metaphysics, now and forever. A chosen one. An alchemically changed man, having gone from nothing to something, from lead to gold by wanting it, transfiguring himself with willpower and vision.

Q: Interesting. We will now move to more tangible subjects. So I say: what’s your societal ideal? How will a Steeler society look like?

A: I’m the inaugurator of a holistic society – a traditionally footed society having initiation and division of labor; not like a materialistic society, like the current one, having class struggle as a lodestar. Initiation means to be led by masters, magicians and psychics in contact with extraterrestrial and cosmic forces. We’re creating a new man, we’re helping him to be realized: Homo Noeticus, the spiritual, holistic man of the future, a man possessing paranormal abilities. Magician Man, Total Man. -- We're spiritualism fighting materialism. And I guess the final battle is soon about to be fought.

Q: How will the war be fought then?

A: With intuition. With instinct, clairvoyance, divination; with ESP, feeling, foreknowledge, inspiration, premonition. With presentiment, innate knowledge, second sight, sixth sense. It will be fought with divine madness and possession; with inebriation and inspiration. It will be a spirit war, a magic war. The essence of the war will be psychic – for this, the coming war, is but an aspect of the ever ongoing frequency war we’re already in.

Q: They call you arrogant.

A: That I am. I’m unleashing a storm of energy, arrogance, self-pride, ardor, zest and vigor over the lands.

Q: Who are you, actually?

A: I am spirit, not matter... a shaman, not a clerk...

Q: You speak about tradition and the need for it – traditional patterns, traditional values et cetera. But isn’t change the defining character of the universe?

A: No. Things change, but according to eternal patterns. ‘Omnia mutantur, nihil interit’: everything changes, nothing perishes...

Q. What number can the universe be summed up in?

A. One. In line with the perennial strain of oneness, unanimity, wholeness, accord, concord – of harmony, identity, integrity, sameness, singularity – of uniformity, union, unity. In one word: Unus Mundus.

Q: What’s the ideal for 21st century man?

A: To be pious, saintly, devout, sanctimonious... to be devoted, reverent, sacred, priestly.

Q: On what grounds do you state that?

A: On the grounds of being the top Faustian preacher, revivalist and evangelist. The leading missionary, evangelizer, seer, auspex, augur, clairvoyant – the leading diviner, forecaster, magus, medium, oracle, predictor – the leading prophesier, reader, soothsayer... I see things in my dreams, I see them in my waking hours. I reveal; my word is divination, revelation, manifestation... I’m a perfected master, an accomplished soul, free from samsâra. I’m a Superman, a Man-God, Total-Man, Magician-Man. I’m in contact with Being, with Sein; I’m not just something something Seiendes. I see the eidos unmediated, direct, without the encumbrance of the material objects.

Q: Then you are god...!

A: I told you so... I’m spiritual, divine, sacred, devotional, holy – asomatous, nonphysical, rarefied, refined, supernal; I’m coming from on high, I’m ethereal, I’m celestial... I’m out of this world, having come to affect this world.

Q: OK.

A: So I say: believe in God: spera in deo. Have no fear, just believe. If you believe, anything is possible. – ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind, and your neighbor as thyself.’ – And, ‘Help yourself, then God will also help you; believe in yourself, then God will also believe in you.’ – Men who are created by God should live in accordance with the will of the Almighty. You can’t do anything unless your will and vision are in harmony with the nature of God.

Q: OK.

A: As the poet said: “I am the Holy Flame, burning all materialism to ashes..." I'm melting the glacier of nihilism...

Q: OK. Do you have any parting words for my readers?

A: I do... It’s about matters of the heart, which I haven’t mentioned yet. But I’d say, listen to your heart – the heart chakra is a stargate, a portal of compassion leading to astral realms. So stay in your heart. As they said in Metropolis: ‘the mediator between head and hand must be heart’...

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An Interview with Jack Steelnack, aka. "the Steeler," aka. "Superman in a Sidecap"

We all know Jack Steelnack: "The Steeler," "superman in a sidecap"... that's how we know him, that's some of the nicknames he goes by. And we've all seen him drive around town in his red limo, and we've all seen him standning in his red mansion looking out over the urban vistas; see the pic above...! That's him alright. So, we know him that much. But -- for a deeper probing of him and his worldview, hereby an interview with this living legend. -- Part Two of the interview is here.

We've had the honor of interviewing Jack Steelnack, superman of the new age and an upcoming politician with his Steely ideology. The text will be reproduced below in Q/A form; needless to say, "Q" means our question, "A" means Mr. Steelnack's answer.

- - -

Q: We'll start at the beginning, at the Source... so, what’s your opinion of God?

A: I’ve always believed in God. From my very youth. From when I was very young, as a kid strolling in the wilds of the outback, as "Outback Jack," God was in the skies, the rivers, the whispering of the wind in the trees... I live with God, he’s always there. I can’t understand how atheists function. I mean, you can’t get around the concept of God. To deny him on this or that formal ground is nonsense. God is a holistic phenomenon. Feel it... live it...

Q: So, you believe in a ‘divine being’?

A: I believe something like that, yeah. Divine grace, divine presence... atheists just don’t get the fullness of the divine worldview.

Q: Divine and godly... but in politics, shouldn’t the focus be on rational programs, analysis and a scientific approach to problems?

A: It goes hand in hand. I mean, we Steelers use rational problem solving and analysis. But in the final instant the decision has to be divinely led. He who doesn’t carry divine seeds within him will never give birth to a new world.

Q: So faith in God is a centerpiece of Steelism?

A: It is. I here think of the wise man saying, ‘When religion and politics travel in the same cart, nothing can stand in their way.’

Q: So, is Steelism a religion?

A: Call it what you will. It incorporates many strands that have been labeled as religion. Ultraism is about faith and devotion. It’s about dedication, charisma, zest and pizzazz.

Q: Do you believe in fate?

A: I must since I'm the fate of the world... I’m an instrument of providence. And I have a mission to fulfill.

Q: They call you a kind of shaman, a magician... what’s your comment on that?

A: I’ve been called many things in my life. Magician is one of the more polite labels stuck on me...

Q: Indeed?

A: Verily. Spiritualist, hypnotist, astrologer, exorcist of the invisible, soothsayer, alchemist... I won’t protest at being called these things.

Q: There is much whispering about the coming of a Savior, a Faustian Kingdom to come... are you that savior?

A: Something new is needed in the miasma of materialism we’ve been living in for so long. Faith, devotion, spirit-over-matter... the youth understands it. The old generation, for its part, is comfortable in its materialist indulgence. It has become comfortably numb, as the poet said...

Q: The youth, you just mentioned the youth. What’s your basic message to the youth of the Western world?

A: Believe, fight, shine.

Q: Can you explain the Steelist philosophy in one sentence?

A: I don’t explain, I reveal.

Q: OK then... can you reveal it in one sentence?

A: Well OK... that would be like: I am. Nothing unreal exists. Willpower and vision is the answer to everything. Be either hot or cold. Shine like the sun, burn like fire. Burn, holy flame...! Conversely, to always seek the golden mean and trying to be neutral leads nowhere.

Q: Thank you –

A: ... I wasn’t finished! Steelism is dedication, rapture, reverie, daze. It’s ecstasy, transfixion, transmutation – and zest, vigor, ardor, fire-and-movement, the sky’s no limit. It’s about light and joy. It’s about overcoming the forces of defeatism, death and sterility. And after all the fighting is done, after materialism is defeated, when sterility and senility is gone from the face of the earth, I have the following vision: that we’re all sitting in a lush garden, surrounded by life and light, being at peace with creation. The whole of the Western world will be a garden – a Victory Garden, if you will.

Q: In your speeches there’s a lot of talk about Will-Thought. Can you elaborate on that?

A: Will-Thought is will and thought united. It’s the strongest force in the universe. With will-thought we can change matter, we can ‘create’. Will-thought is the marriage between will and reason. Other thinkers tend to stress the one or the other, will or intellect. I fuse them. And so I’m the long sought-after synthesis of these thinkers.

Q: What’s your take on alchemy?

A: It’s part of my creed. As a metaphor. Like, reality is about the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time... we all live in the alchemy of consciousness through time. – It’s like the idea that life and thought are inseparable; thought must be subsumed under the experience of life. This would mean that life, to live, to try and try again, is paramount. To develop as a person you need to be ‘alchemically transmuted’. You must integrate life and thought. You can’t just sit and read books and think that this alone will make you wise. – And as I just said, with will-thought we can change matter. And that’s transmutation, that’s alchemy.

Q: Are you an angel?

A: Indeed – I’m an angel, a cherub, a spirit, a seraph – a celestial being, divine messenger, heavenly being: all these labels pertain to me in some way. Holy being, spiritual being, supernatural being; that’s me. My soul trembles of divine desires...! I’m celestial, ethereal, heavenly, holy, otherworldly, radiant – yea, verily; I’m saintly, virtuous, adorable, archangelic, beatific, beneficent – cherubic, devout, divine, entrancing, godly – humble, innocent, pure, rapturous, righteous, self-sacrificing, seraphic...

Q: The Steely creed speaks a lot about war. Are you starting a war?

A: We are already at war. We of the Light fight against the dark since time immemorial. It’s an immaterial war, not a tangible one. It’s frequency war, psychic war, spirit war, holy war, propaganda war, media war, info war, energy war, silent war, infra war, virtual war, spectral war...

Q: In the figurative sense, which is the worst enemy of mankind?

A: Atheism. I’d say that people become atheists because of a lack of intuition, their brains suffering from a kind of ‘crossed paralysis,’ being cut off from the invisible aspect of reality, lacking the ability to sound out their inner depths.

[And that closes the talk. Maybe we'll hear more about this Jack Steelnack figure later, maybe not. We'll see.]

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